The boxes are piling up

Ok, first things first. Look at these little cuties enjoying their summer.






I love this one. Eyes closed because it was so bright


It’s almost moving day!
We should be getting into our house on Saturday or Sunday & I have so much to do still. Actually, I’ve barely started. And actually, I probably shouldn’t even be blogging right now, or even be on the internet at all. Seriously, it’s like I have no self control at all. Or I’m lazy. Thankfully it is a very short move (right across the street!) so I can kind of just throw everything into boxes at the last minute and call it good, right?! Right
So what will I be doing tomorrow and Friday instead of packing? Painting! Pretty much the whole entire house needs to be repainted and I told the homeowners not to worry about. Why, you might ask? Because I’m insane. And a control freak. And apparently I think I have all the time in the world to do all of this crap and still be a good mom and wife with a horrible aching back. Ok, really, I guess I felt a little bad for the homeowners because they are in the process of totally renovating their new house and I felt a little guilty when I stopped by the house to check something and found my landlord’s fiance slaving away in nearly 100 degree heat painting the master bedroom. (Normally I probably wouldn’t feel bad for a landlord having to paint their rental house, but keep in mind these are my incredibly nice, awesome neighbors who have never been landlords before). I told her to just get all of their stuff out of the house, clean it as best they could, and leave all of the painting stuff and I could do it all. Honestly, I enjoy painting. Do I sound crazy? Like I said, I’m a control freak. And I’m a clean freak, and I really enjoy doing things like that myself so that it’s done correctly, which means my way. So when I went to double check on something again in the new house today I got a really good, close look at all of the bedrooms, the doors, the trim, the closets, etc and realized that there is a lot that needs painting. Pretty much everything. Every single surface in that house needs to be painted. It’s going to be a lot of work, but this is one of those times when being a stay at home mom really pays off because I can do it whenever I feel like it with no work schedule to get in the way and it will give me a nice big project to keep me busy. Now I just need to choose colors. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to choose yet, but like I said before, I’ve got plenty of time.
Also, if anyone has any tips on removing wall paper, please let me know! There is a very hideous palm tree print border going around the top of the bathroom walls. Palm trees people. There is also a very old and very un-cute Asian symbol border in the kitchen too. Yes, un-cute is a word, just trust me on that. Seems like my very nice neighbors had a very wide range of tastes. They also had bright yellow walls in the dining room, a brown wall in the living room, and taupe color in the hallway and bedroom. Not my style at all, but I will make it my own soon enough. Should I take before and after pictures? I don’t know if I should. You’d probably see the before pictures and be like “You’re going to live there?!” I’m pretty sure I’d lose all of my followers. Let me sleep on that one and I’ll let you know.
Even with all of the crap to do we are so excited to get in to our new place. I wish it could just be done now at the snap of my fingers. I can’t wait for everyone to see it when everything is painted, decorated, and unpacked. Also, you all are going to die when you see the backyard. It is so gorgeous it looks like a friggin’ manicured park!
Ooh ooh! Is anyone else on Pinterest??? I’m new and just figuring it out, but add me here so I can steal admire all of your cute ideas 🙂