BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac: the best handheld vacuum {review + giveaway!}

*This post is sponsored by BLACK+DECKER but my love for the Pivot Vac is all my own 🙂

Last week, I got a sweet little package on my doorstep.
It was like Christmas all over again.
It was my new Pivot Vac from BLACK+DECKER!
Now, if you’ve read my blog at all you know that I’m a clean freak, and I’m a sucker for cleaning products and gadgets. I even posted just a few weeks ago on Facebook asking my readers about vacuums (because I’m in desperate need of a new one). So when BLACK+DECKER reached out to me I knew it must be fate.
I could not wait to open this bad boy up. I took it out of the box, admired it for a few minutes, and then set it on it’s charging base so it could get all revved up and ready to clean.
While it charged, I read up a little on the features of the Pivot Vac.
Here’s what I learned:
• Innovative, patented nozzle pivots to clean up high, down low and even in tight spaces. The nozzle also features an on-board brush and extendable crevice tool.
• Its high performance motor provides superior suction capability when compared to other BLACK+DECKER cordless hand vacs
• The cyclonic action spins dust and debris away from the filter keeping suction power strong.

• 3-stage filtration system with a pleated filter design offers the highest level of filtration to help prevent clogs and improve air exhaust.

•Wide mouth design scoops up large debris.

Sounds awesome, right?
You can read more about the features of the Pivot Vac here.

It didn’t take long to charge, so I set to work cleaning everything I could find.
First, I had to try that amazing little brush on the end of it and see how it worked for pet hair. We have a very fat, hairy kitty cat that sheds a ton. She has a favorite spot on the arm of the couch where she likes to lay in the sun all day. The cat hair is literally the bane of my existence, so I was very pleased to see how quickly and easily the Pivot Vac loosened and sucked up all of the cat hair. I ended up doing the entire couch and I was shocked (and a little disgusted) to see just how much cat hair came off the couch. Check out this before and after:
{click to enlarge}
This little brush is amazing!
The next place I wanted to try it on  were the stairs. Oh, how I loathe vacuuming the stairs with my big, bulky vacuum, especially now that I’m pregnant! It’s almost like a hazard, because I have to lug the huge vacuum out, balance it on the stairs, hold onto it so it doesn’t fall down the stairs (and take me with it!) and get the hose out. It ends up being a workout, which is why my stairs are never very clean. What’s worse is that at the bottom of my stairs is the laundry room where the litter box is, and the cat tracks little bits of litter up and down the stairs. It really grosses me out. But the Pivot Vac was really easy to use and I had the stairs clean in no time. The little concentrator worked great to get in the corners where dirt, debris, and kitty litter like to hide!
{click to enlarge}
Next up, I needed to try out that pivot action. I’d been procrastinating getting rid of this little cobweb I noticed above the bathroom door for a while now. Mostly because cobwebs creep me out, and I didn’t know how to get it down without touching it. The Pivot Vac made quick and easy work of that too, and then I went around the entire house getting all of the doorways and the tops of the trim, where a ton of dust likes to collect.

By this point, the dirt bowl was looking pretty full (though I still had great suction) so I decided to empty it. Cleaning out the bowl and the filter was super easy. The dust bin popped right off and I emptied it into the trash can. I was pretty amazed at how much dirt, hair, and debris it collected! Even with all of that dirt in it, it never lost suction or got clogged. My old vacuum’s hose was constantly getting clogged.


One of my personal favorites about the Pivot Vac is how lightweight and easy it is to use. There are no cords, no attachments to lose, and it’s not hard to move from mess to mess. It’s so easy to use that even my kids have gotten in on the cleaning action. They are at the age now where they have daily and weekly chores to do, and we’ve incorporated the Pivot Vac into our cleaning routine. They aren’t so good at sweeping up messes or vacuuming their rooms, but now they can do it all on their own with the Pivot Vac, and they think it’s so fun. They were literally fighting over who would do what chore- a mom’s dream!
The amount of places I can use the Pivot Vac around the house is really endless. Besides the furniture, stairs, and doorways, I’ve also used it in the car, the bathroom floor (especially around the toilet), around the litter box and cat food bowls, under the kitchen table, kitchen rugs, in my sewing room (great for little scraps of fabric, thread, & paper), and it makes quick work of unexpected messes that the kids tend to make (spilled cereal, cracker crumbs, cookies, dried mud and dirt tracked in from outside). I’m not joking when I say I’ve been using my Pivot Vac just about every day since I’ve gotten it!
Now, here’s the really fun part. Because I genuinely love the Pivot Vac so much, the people at BLACK+DECKER were generous enough to send me two of them- one for myself, and one to giveaway to one of my lucky readers! Isn’t that awesome?! You can enter on the Rafflecopter widget below, and the winner will receive their very own Pivot Vac from BLACK+DECKER, valued at $79.99.

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So what do you think? Could you use a Pivot Vac in your life?
What would you use it to clean with?
Make sure to enter the giveaway! Good luck.