Birthday Gifts Ideas Your Kids Can Make


    Birthday parties can be pretty exciting for your kids, especially if their friend or classmate invites them over. One thing your kids will excitedly look for is that perfect gift for their friends. Usually, they will ask you to go to the toy store and look for a particular toy or object perfect for their friend. However, instead of purchasing toys and things from the store, you can help your kid make handcrafted gifts for their friend. Fortunately, doing that specific alternative will add a personal touch for the present; plus, your kid will learn an additional skill as they grow up.

    Personalized Gifts Kids Can Make

    For the longest time, teaching kids to make personalized gifts will help them boost their creative thinking. This technique will also provide a more sincere approach to giving gifts since it will not be hard to understand that made personally.

    1. Colored Vases:

    If you’re recycling your good ‘ole milk jars, this is the best time to use them. 

      • What You’ll Need:
        • Paintbrushes
        • Recycled Glass Jars
        • Acrylic Craft Paint
        • Paper Plates
        • Series of round objects.
        • Masking Tape
      • You can start imagining a design for the vase itself; then, you can put the masking tape around the jar that you don’t want the paint placed. You can use the rounded object to place dots around the glass jar for a more fun design. Make sure that you let it dry off properly.

    2. Personalized Cord Keepers:

    As true as it sounds, most kids today have a mobile phone, tablet, or a laptop – sometimes even all three. With this in mind, it’s a no-brainer that they would typically have an earphone with them at all times. So, why not create a personalized cord keeper/organizer for them?

    • What You’ll Need:
      • Scissors
      • Small Velcro Dots
      • Template
      • Felt
      • Pencil
      • Hot glue
    • With your template, you can start tracing them off on your felt. Once done, you can start cutting out the traced area and properly fold it into place based on the template. Glue the Velcro dots into place and wait for them to dry off. You can also add decorative buttons or googly eyes for more fun-looking aesthetics.

    3. Personalized Bags:

    Kids have a lot of things; by a lot, we mean a lot. They would often pick stuff down the road and keep them inside their drawers or cabinets. So, you won’t go wrong in gifting a personalized bag or case to their friend.

    • What You’ll Need:
      • Plain Bags/Case
      • Scissors
      • Stencil Brushes
      • Acrylic Craft Paint
      • Spare Cardboard
      • Felt
      • Glue
    • You start by placing your spare cardboard inside the bag; with this, you can correctly trace the design on the blank bag. Have your kids create the design and cutouts they want for the bag. Once done, help them secure the cutouts in place with glue. Make sure to let the paint dry off if there are any.

    4. Sweet Compliments:

    Nothing is better than a sweet compliment, both literally and figuratively. This gift consists of chocolates wrapped around a paper filled with compliments. So everytime they will munch down the deliciously sweet chocolate, they’ll be reading some lovely compliments as well.

    • What You’ll Need:
      • Small-Sized Mason Jar
      • Mini Chocolate Bars
      • Decorative Papers
      • Scissors
      • Tape
    • You can place designs around the mason jar to match it with the colors of the decorative papers. Then, write sweet notes on the paper; have a great day, I love you, you’re doing great today, are some you can write on them. Once done, cut them into small pieces, enough to be wrapped around the chocolate bars you purchased. Secure them in place with the tape and make sure the paper won’t fall off. Lastly, place them inside the jar and maybe tie the glass jar with a ribbon.

    Creativity in Gifts

    Personalized gifts may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when it comes to kids and their friends, nothing is more special than a personalized gift from them. It will allow the kids to enhance their creativity when it comes to artworks and handcrafted items; plus, you’re helping the environment by doing some recycling rather than buying new plastic waster from the store. Teaching kids this kind of skill will indeed be carried over when they grow up, so make sure they’re doing it often.

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