Birthday Gift Ideas for Office Co-Workers

Is your co-worker’s birthday approaching and you’re searching for the right birthday gift idea for him or her? Don’t worry! We’re here to help. Finding the right gift can go a long way in cementing a strong relationship with the people you work with every day. So, a nice present for them on their birthday will help you show your fondness and also show that you care about them. Below is our list of some awesome birthday gift ideas for your co-workers.

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Nanda Home Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels
Exefit Desk Pedal Bicycle Exerciser
Noise Reducing Earmuffs
Mini Bluetooth Speaker
Encouragement Sculpture
MaxGear Leather Business Card Book Organizer
Office Gifts Desktop Clock, Metal Pen, Pencil Holder

1. Nanda Home Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels :

To help your co-worker avoid coming late to work, you can gift them this alarm clock on wheels, which really does run away. How? It can jump from a 3-foot high nightstand, running in different directions and beeping until they wake up and get out of bed. They can set the snooze time and also control how long they want it to last. This can be a fun and humorous gift especially for someone who may have a tendency to be late.

2.  Exefit Desk Pedal Bicycle Exerciser :

This mini exercise bike is designed for leg and arm cycling exercise and can be used under the desk while you work.It is smooth and quiet during use and has adjustable resistance. The device comes with tools and a user guide that helps assemble it in four easy steps. For co-workers are fitness focused or trying to meet certain fitness goals this can be a great gift idea.

3. Noise Reducing Earmuffs :

This noise canceling headset can help contain noise so that they can focus with out distraction. The earmuffs carry a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 20, protecting the eardrum from noise interference and enhance worker comfort, concentration, and work efficiency. This can be very helpful for noisier work environments.

4. Mini Bluetooth Speaker :

If your co-worker has a private office this can be a great little gift. And, they may not necessarily use this speaker while in the office, but it can be great for picnics in the park or when visiting friends. The ultra-compact speaker is equipped with a powerful 5W audio driver that delivers high-quality sound. With it, they can free their music from phones, tablets, computers, and other Bluetooth enabled devices and enjoy music all day. The battery life is up to 10 hours on a single charge.

5. Encouragement Sculpture :

This desktop sculpture can help co-worker to be persistent and inspire them. The sculpture is titled “Persistence,” and it bears the message, “Work every day as if your dreams depended on it.”

6. MaxGear Leather Business Card Book Organizer :

This business card book organizer has 40 pages, with three cards on each page and they can place cards back to back, allowing up to 240 business cards in total. It is a professional way to help keep your co-worker organized in their networking.

7. Office Gifts Desktop Clock, Metal Pen, Pencil Holder :

This pen holder is different from the conventional pen holders on the market. It has a unique design inspired by the Z-curve of the racing road and a gorgeous metal appearance, making it visually appealing. Its base has a cotton flannel, which reduces the friction between the pen holder and other objects. It is simple, yet elegant.

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Ceramic Pot with 4 different Artificial Succulent Plants
Mindspace Office Desk Organizer with 6 Compartments
OMEM Multi Color Aquarium Set
Office Ultrasonic USB Humidifier
Executive DecisionMaker
Perpetual Calendar
Cubicle Space Heater

8. Ceramic Pot with 4 different Artificial Succulent Plants :

You may have heard the benefits of putting indoor plants and succulents in the office. They beautify the space, help reduce stress and bring positive vibes. You can gift your co-workers with ceramic pots with fake succulents planted on real rocks. These potted plants can be placed on the office desk or around the computer to beautify the surrounding and improve their mood.

9. Mindspace Office Desk Organizer with 6 Compartments :

An uncluttered work space makes work more efficient. This item can help keep your desk clean and organized. Usual school and office items like pencils, pens, staplers, sharpeners, binder clips, sticky notes, pins, notebooks, postage stamps and other miscellaneous items will be neatly and safely stored in six compartments of different sizes.

10. OMEM Multi Color Aquarium Set :

This multi-color aquarium set can help relax your co-worker’s mood. It features a rare type of spherical algae, lovely turtles swimming beside the sunken boat and bring the underwater world right into a bottle. It signifies longevity blessing to your co-worker, and it is very easy to maintain.

11. Office Ultrasonic USB Humidifier :

Indoor air can sometimes be too cold or too hot and stifling, and this can cause various health problems. The good news is that your co-worker can use this ultrasonic humidifier to add moisture in a dry office. A short press starts the mist emitting and long press turns on the mood light; both features are easy to control. It also spreads the benefits of aromatherapy oils to fight stubborn fungus and bacteria, while humidifying dry air.

12. Executive DecisionMaker :

This is a fun gift that shows the kind of decision making happening at the higher levels of the organization. To have fun with it, they can spin it around and see where it stops. There are decisions like “Sit On It” and “Pass the Buck.” Kind of like what really happens at the “top”.

13. Perpetual Calendar :

This calendar looks great and also serves a purpose. It is a conversation starter within the office. Your co-worker can either put them on their desk or mount them on the wall. All they have to do is move the magnet to point to the right month and day.

14. Cubicle Space Heater :

If they always complain about cold, you can help them warm up with this cubicle space heater. It is designed to help just one person keep warm, not the entire office. The personal heater will keep them warm even if the other offices are cold.

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TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp
SPOLEY Toys for Desk, Newtons Cradle Magnetic Balls for Adults Stress Relief
Portable Power Bank Dual Output

Other gift ideas for office co-workers include
TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp, SPOLEY Toys for Desk, Newtons Cradle Magnetic Balls for Adults Stress Relief and Portable Power Bank Dual Output.

We have given you some great birthday gift ideas for your co-workers that will keep you in their good graces. Remember that a great present to a co-worker can go a long way to cementing a strong relationship. Plus you work with them every day, a fun positive gift is always much appreciated.