The Big Reveal!

Ok guys, here it is!
 I took some before and after pictures of the new house & I’m ready to post them & show y’all finally. The before shots were taken about a month ago right after the owners moved out. As you can see in the pictures they didn’t have the greatest taste in wall colors and such. I have spent the last month painting pretty much every day…and not just the walls, but the doors and trim too which takes for ever! Now, I haven’t had much time to decorate & I had family coming into town last weekend & more family coming next weekend, so after I finished painting I had to make a mad dash to unpack as much as I could & just throw stuff on the walls to try to make it look more homey and not look like we just moved in. I still have a little more painting to go & much much more projects & DIY crafty decor stuff to make & do, so please just kind of ignore the decor for now. Ready?! Here we gooooooo!
As always, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them too 🙂
Here is the living room before. Please note the nasty yellow wall and super dirty trim.

And here it is after! I went with a nice neutral grey color & painted the trim a nice crisp white so it looks brand new! I still need to make some curtains for the windows but first I have to dig out my sewing machine & figure out where my crafting area is going to be.
Another before of the living room from another angle. You can see more of that ugly yellow color & an even uglier brown trim! Who the heck picked these paint colors? 

And after….ahhhh, much better I think. I love the grey & it will look so much better with some cute curtains. What color should I do?
Before, a view of the dining room from the living room. More yellow with brown trim, plus a gross brown wall straight ahead. Seriously, enough of the yellow & brown!

And after. I went with a nice warm white for now. I might change it up & add some color later but I just wanted the other colors gone & I had tons of this white on hand. Any suggestions for colors?
Before, a view of the dining room from the kitchen. Ew ew ew. Need I say more? I love that built in shelf, but again with the color…

And after! Please pay no attention to the internet modem just sitting on the floor with all of the cords coming out of it. I’m going to put it somewhere else & disguise all of the ugliness, but for now I’m fine with it just sitting there.
Before, the hallway. I absolutely love all of the cupboards & drawers for linens & bathroom stuff but the brown makes it look like 70’s style or something.

And the hallway after. Now this isn’t totally done. I got rid of the ugly brown wall there, but as you can see the drawers and cupboards are still brown. I haven’t decided if I should just do them white too or if I should maybe go with the grey color from the living room, or maybe something else altogether. Suggestions?
The bathroom beforeoh dear lord. The bathroom was hideous! Check out the gross palm tree wallpaper stuff. They totally had a palm tree and pineapple theme going on in here that was not very cute.

And the bathroom after. I’m still not done in here either. I need a new shower curtain & this was all I had on hand. I’m gonna go with brown & teal blue in this room so I’m thinking a nice teal patterned shower curtain would be perfect. And notice that the palm trees are gone! I need some more decor in here because it’s super plain looking. 
Before, the other wall in the bathroom. This is mostly to show the awesome palm tree decor they left for us and so you could see how dirty the walls & trim were in here. I almost gagged!

And after. The trim looks brand new now & I scrubbed the rust & dust off of that vent. Again, it was so dirty. How do people live like that? It boggles my mind!
Soooo, what do you think so far? Can you see why I’ve been so busy the last few weeks? Keep in mind I did this all on my own while my husband was at work & I also had my 2 little ones here. You’ll notice that I didn’t post any pictures of the bedrooms or the kitchen, and that’s because they aren’t done yet. I don’t think I’m going to paint Ayden’s room because it doesn’t really need it. I already repainted Lily’s but I forgot to get a before shot of hers, and my bedroom needs painting too. The kitchen is going to take a little longer because it has some pretty awesome wallpaper that I have to take off. Yep, more wallpaper trim stuff like in the bathroom. I told you they had really bad taste in paint colors and decor! I want to get he kitchen done before I have family visiting next weekend, so I better bust my little butt this week!
Any who, I couldn’t wait to show you guys my hard work! Can’t wait to show you what else I come up with for some new fresh DIY decor. 
I better get going…we’re off to watch the UFC fights tonight with all the guys and their girlfriends/wives from my husband’s shop. Should be a fun time & Shayne’s favorite fighter, Anderson Silva, is fighting. He’s going to be so anxious all night hoping that his favorite guy wins! He’s so funny 🙂 That’s why I love him!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend & have fun!

xoxo, Melissa

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