Best Wifi Controlled Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Are you trying to give your old kitchen a new look? Thought about making it a high-tech kitchen? You don’t have to do much but just add some high-tech gadgets and lighting to your kitchen cabinets, and we assure you that your guests will be wowed. These trendy, WiFi-controlled, wireless kitchen cabinet lights will not only add colour to your kitchen, give your ambience a whole new look but make your lifestyle a lot more convenient and comfortable.

Take a look at our guide and some of the best WiFi controlled kitchen lights to make your decision.

Buying Guide for Kitchen Cabinet Lights

Light type:

There are different kinds of under cabinets available in the market and their difference lies in their fixture. There are light strips, that are longitudinal can be customized according to your cabinet size. These are available in normal to low voltage and designed used to illuminate irregular cabinets. Best light strips are those that come with linkable fixtures; which means all light strips will be connected and controlled by a parent fixture.  

Tube-like lights with larger diameters are Rope Lights. These are available in 12, 24 and 120 volts variants. Rope lights are not very attractive and require proper installation under the cabinets.

Puck Lights are the most attractive light type. They come in different designs and match your kitchen paraphernalia. They are easy to install under the cabinets or placed on shelves and if you want to alter its position, they are flexible to do so. They are ideal for focused, spotlighting.

Tape Lights are small LEDs on a tape strip that you can easily stick under your cabinet with a peel-and-stick adhesive tape. They provide uniform lighting, save space and energy however their wiring requires professional assistance.


Under-cabinet lights are available in three installation modes; hardwire, plug-in and battery operated. Plug-in wire lighting is the one that connects with a power wall socket. it is easy to install and pocket-friendly. On the other hand, hard-wire lighting connects to the existing wires in the house but you require an electrician for installation.

The easiest to install lights, without any professional expertise is the Strip and Rope lights. Look for lights that are easy to a plug-in or prefer to buy battery operated lights for easy use.


Under-cabinet lights come in two voltage variations; normal that is 120 V and low that is 12 or 24 Volts. If you want to fit more lights in a small cabinet, you should consider buying low voltage lighting. Low voltage lights emit less heat but require a transformer that you will have to install either inside the cabinet or into another remote circuit.

Also, keep in mind that normal or low voltage lighting doesn’t affect the quality of light or the life of the lights, so you can fearlessly buy one any voltage.

Brightness and Dimness:

The latest edition to lighting is the dimming capability that allows you to control the brightness and dimness via remote or smartphone control. These lights are a bit pricey but they save energy and a lot more convenient.

Energy Efficient:

LED lights are the most energy efficient and produce less heat as compared to other options. Xenon lights are energy efficient too, but they produce more heat. Other available options are halogen and fluorescent lights that produce no heat either.

Best Kitchen Cabinet Lights

Where to Buy
Kitchen Cabinet Lighting
Nexlux LED Strip, Alexa Echo Controlled
LEIMI WiFi Smart LED Strip Lights
Sanwo LED Lights Strip Kit
Focondot 4 Pack Puck Lights
MIBOTE LED Light Strip

1. Kitchen Cabinet Lighting, Megulla Smart Wifi RGBW LED Light Strip with Timer and Dimmer, 59in, IP65 Waterproof, APP Control by Smart Phone, Works with Alexa and Google Home

The Megulla Smart WiFI light strips provide smart home control of your kitchen cabinet lighting.  These strips are easy to install and can be controlled by your smart phone as well as via Alexa and Google Home.  Megulla is multifunctional; you can change the colors, dim the lighting and use the timer mode.


  • Superbright LED options
  • Easily compatible on Android and IOS smartphones
  • Easy scheduling
  • Over 16 million available colors

2. Nexlux LED Strip, Alexa Echo Controlled 16.4ft Wireless LED Light 

Nexlux is a high-tech WiFi controlled LED rope light for kitchen cabinets. It operates with Alexa voice control system where you can speak to control the light. It comes with an easy installation kit that includes a WiFi controller, a mini IR remote, 4 pin connectors and a power adapter.

Nexlux is multifunctional; you can change the colors, sync the lighting with music or add an

Timer mode to wake you up and all of this can be done through one application. Interestingly, Nexlux can be controlled by one person or by a group of persons in one house.


  • Available in 16.4 and 32.8 ft.  wireless strip
  • Easily compatible on Android and IOS smartphones
  • 150 LEDs in one strip
  • Waterproof in nature

3. LEIMI WiFi Smart LED Strip Lights

Leimi is a smart LED light that will glow your kitchen and add convenience to your lifestyle. It is super easy to install and requires no hub or bridges for connection. It works on Alexa voice control system and the easy to use application can be run by any Android or IOS system.

Apart from kitchen cabinets, Leimi can be adhesively pasted to others surfaces as well. The multi-scene application and customization features allow you to change colours, add special scenes and set-up timer mode for your lighting. Add-on feature of this brand is its 2-year LED warranty and 1-month money back guarantee but chances are rare that you wouldn’t like this lighting.


  • 6.60 ft. light strip
  • Contains 60 LEDs
  • Compatible with Alexa voice control
  • Controlled by Tuya application

4. Sanwo LED Lights Strip Kit

If you’re artistic nature demands a wide range color variations in one light, Sanwo Rope Light strip is your color palette. With more than 16 million colors and tones, you can change the lighting according to your mood and occasion. Sanwo functions via WiFi and Bluetooth technology and requires no network management. You can control your lightings form anywhere in the house via your Android phone, iPhone, iPad or iWatch.  

Unlike other single-sided adhesive tapes, this lighting has double side tape, its sticks well and very flexible to shape. Comparing with other LED strips, Sanwo is brighter and also suitable for home decoration, weddings and shopping malls for an illuminating display.


  • 32.8ft/1 roll rope light
  • Bluetooth controller
  • 24V power adapter included
  • Made of fine quality plastic and waterproof material

5. Focondot 4 Pack Puck Lights

These are one of the best under cabinet puck lights for kitchen and wardrobe. You can manually control the light by pressing the dome or use the remote control from up to 10 feet in the house. One pack contains four wireless battery operated lights; each easy to stick with the 3M adhesive pad. Since these are operated with batteries, you don’t need to uninstall the whole light but simply rotate the dome to replace the batteries.   

Focondot lights give only two color options, warm white and col white light however you can adjust the brightness and dimness up to 10 levels and preset the timer to save energy and batteries.


  • Power: 0.5W 
  • Voltage: 4.5V 
  • 12 months warranty
  • Each kit includes 4 LED puck lights with stickers, remote control and fixture screws
  • Instruction manual included

6. MIBOTE LED Light Strip

Mibote LED light strip is another vibrant choice to brighten your kitchen cabinets. Like other LED light Strips, this one also understands human voice demands and operates with Alexa voice control system. With a wireless IR controller, you don’t have to worry about tangling with wires and knots. You can also choose color variations, adjust the dimness and sync with lights all with this one wireless controller or by downloading a simple application on your smartphone.

Mibote has been a reliable option because of its satisfied reviews and all users claim that the light actually works very well. Also, it has a triple action control system which makes it safe and multi-operational. If the remote control is far away, you can have access through your WiFi device or simply grab your phone.


  • 2 rope light rolls with 150 tiny LEDs in each
  • Voltage: DC 12V
  • Package contains 24 keys remote controller, WiFi controller, pin connectors, power adaptor
  • Offers 16 million color options
  • 1-Year Warranty and lifetime technical support 


There are plenty of high-tech kitchen cabinet lights available in the market but only a few options are WiFi controlled and most of them LED strip lights. Even if you kitchen is built already and you can’t make much alterations, you can simply install these lights and give life to your old kitchen.