Best Video Doorbells

If your concerned about who is at your front door, a video doorbell can be a great solution.  It is always very important to keep your home safe especially when you have young kids and guests at your home. Video doorbells can show you a clear picture of the person standing at your door. Since it is safety equipment, you should not compromise on its quality.

Below are few of the best video doorbells for your homes. Take a look at these and decide which one would be suitable for your requirements.

Where to Buy
Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell in Satin Nickel
itTiot Video Doorbell
Vodool Video Doorbell
PHYSEN Waterproof Wifi Doorbell with Camera
Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Video Doorbell with WiFi Extender

1. Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell in Satin Nickel

Ring is one of the most popular companies when it comes to doorbells. This is one of the best ones being offered by the company and is recommended by Amazon as well. Have a very clear picture of who has rang your doorbell. There is an option for recording videos as well as live view. Other specifications and features of the camera include a wide angle and night vision. The doorbell even works with the Amazon’s Alexa which helps in bringing in more convenience for the users. The doorbell comes with a speaker, microphone, and a camera which allows you to hear, talk, and see anyone on the door. The camera provides

With motion sensors, you will get an instant alert each time someone presses the bell. The best part about having this doorbell is the fact that the company gives you a lifetime purchase protection of this bell. If it gets stolen, they will replace it for free. Ring will also give you a 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. It is a weather-resistant doorbell which will not break down anytime soon. It is available in three colors of Venetian Bronze, Polished Brass, Antique Brass and Satin Nickel.

2. itTiot Video Doorbell

If you are looking for something smart, you should go for the smart wifi doorbell. It requires a simple and easy setup with no cabling etc. as it works with Wifi. The inbuilt camera can provide high definition videos of 720 pixels to the users at any time. The camera also works with night vision that makes it even better. With microphones and speakers, you can speak and hear the message of the person at your door. The videos can be recorded in a memory card and you can even have a view of the live video. Wide viewing is possible because the camera angle is 166 degrees.

The customer service is great and this is something to which the customers agreed as well. It comes with a pair of chime bells as well to notify the arrival of a guest. The package comes with a  Quick installation Guide. However, one must keep in mind that this is not a weatherproof doorbell unlike the one mentioned above.

3. Vodool Video Doorbell

Vodool video doorbell is just another amazing one that has the smart featuring of Wifi connectivity. Simply install the GosBell application on your device and you will be all set to go. You can even connect it to other smart devices such as Alexa by Amazon. With a smooth video experience at 720P, the camera provides astonishing results. Hear and speak with your guest with the enabled mic and speaker. Darken it out completely and your camera will still be able to spot it with the night vision technique.

There is a PIR motion detection system as well which makes it even more secure for the home owners. The bell will record audio and video if someone gets near to it so that you can get to know of any unknown visitor. There is a 32GB micro SD Card slot as well which could help you store longer videos. You can also rely on the cloud storage servers to record and store further videos. No wires or cables are required to install this as it only requires 4 AA sized batteries. Most customers seemed to be satisfied with the features of this doorbell. Give it a try.

4. PHYSEN Waterproof Wifi Doorbell with Camera

PHYSEN brings you another weather resistant video doorbell. With a two way audio support system and microphones at each end, you can communicate to the visitor easily. There is a wide angle camera of 160 degrees lens. The camera can provide very high quality optimized results of videos with 720P. It is very easy to set up since all it requires is a Wifi connection and you can control it with ToSee application available on both Apple App Store and Google Play. With some amazing motion detection sensors, the doorbell will automatically keep a snapshot and recorded video of any visitor or any unexpected movements.

Infrared Night vision support helps you in seeing outside even when there is a power cut at night. Don’t worry because this doorbell is going to be a really secure one for your home. It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery. The entire package includes 1*Camera doorbell transmitter, 1*Receiver, 1*Mounting bracket, 1*USB cable, 1*Safety screw, 4*Screws Expansion bolts, and a handy User manual as well.

5. Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Video Doorbell with WiFi Extender

The only one in our list that can give you a fish-eye perspective is this video doorbell. Having an angled lens of 180 degrees, you can see everything happening outside and nothing stays hidden. There is a full high definition display which will get you a clear picture of the visitor. This feature is quite helpful in the case of criminal attempts. It comes with a Wifi extender as well that helps in expanding your wifi range enabling it to act much better when it comes to motions and recordings. You will receive alerts whenever there is a motion around the doorbell or someone rings it. Highly sophisticated sensors do this job.

You can use the SD card slot to store the videos or you can use the cloud based plan. The cloud saves your videos for up to 36 hours for free. Additional plans are available as well.  The product also includes 60-day refund, 3-year limited warranty and lifetime US-based tech support.


Home security is something really important and no compromise should be made on it. Based on customer reviews and tests, we have provided you information on the best video doorbells. Get yours today and secure your home in no time. Make sure that before making your final purchase, you take a detailed look at the features of the product and analyze whether they suit you or not.