Best Teeth Whitening Kits: A Buying Guide

Smile is one of the most beautiful expressions of emotions. A smile translates a lot of emotions and thoughts. While making your face appear prettier, it also gives away emotions like shyness, happiness, love, warmth, welcoming, fondness, and even a reflection of your lifestyle. However, a yellowish smile can give away tea, coffee, or nicotine stains.

In this time and era when you can find absolutely anything on the internet or in stores, teeth whitening kits are a blessing for getting rid of those yellow mellow smiles. Teeth whitening kits are a set of chemicals and instruments that help whiten your teeth without having to wait in the queue at your dentist’s for hours.

What Does A Teeth Whitening Kit Do?

An at-home teeth whitening kit is the perfect replacement of a tedious wait for your dentist’s appointment. It consists of a gel, a mouth tray, strips, and a paste or powder that does the trick for you without any professional assistance.

The gel solution in the teeth whitening kits is mostly bleach that helps remove the stains. The whitening strips, however, are dipped in carbamide or hydrogen peroxide to restore the brightness of your teeth. The latest and developed teeth whitening kits come with LED light technology to speed up the process.

One of the most common complaints received after a teeth whitening process is of increased sensitivity because they also remove the enamel off the teeth. This is why the latest and developed teeth whitening kits come with teeth whiteners that help rebuild the enamel.

Effectiveness of the Teeth Whitening Kits

While the teeth whitening kits provide a perfect solution and replacement of your dentist’s appointment, they cannot totally replace your dentist. If you have other dental problems, such as a cavity, then have it checked by your dentist first. Cavities render your teeth more prone to sensitivity, and in such cases using teeth whiteners is not advisable. It might increase your sensitivity.

Now, whether the results of teeth whitening kits are permanent or not, it is an unpredictable thing. Yes, the manufactures do claim their effectiveness for some time, but that is also for the time being. Their effectiveness largely depends on your lifestyle choices – whether you choose to leave caffeinated drinks or nicotine or not. However, if you are in any doubt and do not want to take chances, then you should apply it after every 3 to 4 months.

What Should An Ideal Teeth Whitening Kit Feature?

Are you on a hunt for a beautiful, flawless, white smile that impresses people around you? If yes, then take help from the following points as to what you should be looking for in a teeth whitening kit:

  • Pain Tolerance

Sensitive teeth are very painful. They render you helpless in eating freely and keep you in an awkward mood all the time. If you are going through something similar, then get a teeth whitening kit that is specially made for sensitive teeth. Such teeth whitening kits are carefully made to restore the enamel in your teeth after whitening.

  • Whitener – Gel or Strips

Now, this is where you have to decide according to your choice. There are numerous brands out there offering teeth whitening kits that have whitening strips or gel. Comparatively, considering the needs of all the people alike, some teeth whitening kits have charcoal powder as the teeth whitener instead of gel or strips.

If you prefer a more natural ingredient for whitening your teeth, then go for the charcoal powder. It is vegan-friendly and is made of all-natural ingredients.

  • Flavor

Anything remotely related to applying inside your mouth should have the element of taste in it. This is what almost all the teeth whitening manufacturers considered and came up with various flavors for you. Always check and consider the flavor mentioned on the product. Check to see if you are okay with that or else get the one that you desire.

Note: If you are among the many who have no preference of taste and want to get done with it, the search for a teeth whitening will be a lot easier as you can skip this part altogether.

  • Price

No matter how much budget you have selected for your dental procedures, do not get in the trap of exceedingly high prices that deliver nothing. Although the best quality teeth whiteners might be on a pricier side, still there are brands that prefer customer loyalty over high-end prices.

The point is that you should do thorough market research based on price and quality, and then make an informed decision.

Points to Consider When Finalizing a Teeth Whitening Kit

  • Quality

Nothing should compromise your health and hygiene. Always ensure that the teeth whitening kit you are going to buy is made of quality ingredients. This is usually made sure by considering the reputation of the brand in the market. Do not go for new brands that have no customer reviews yet.

  • Customer Reviews

When you are going to buy an item that is expensive and will be used to carry out a dental procedure, you should always dig around for people who have used it already. Reading customer reviews about a product significantly helps in making a choice.

Now that you have an idea about what a teeth whitening kit actually does, what does it contain, and what things to consider when buying one, it is time to enlist some of the top-rated teeth whitening kits in the market. These kits are listed based on customer reviews. So, wait no more and get your confident smile restored.

Where to Buy
GLEAM & GLAM Teeth Whitening Kit, 24/7 Dentist Care Support, LED Light, 36% Carbamide Peroxide Gel, Trays, Case and Travel Pouch. Whitening Pen Included! Professional Tooth Whitener
GLO Brilliant Complete Teeth Whitening System Kit With LED Light and Gentle Heat Accelerator for Pain-Free, Long Lasting Results
bright on Teeth Whitening Kit with 9 Premium Hydrogen Peroxide Pens and 20-LED Accelerator Light, Brighten 3x Faster Than Strips - 12 Month Supply, USB, USB-C, microUSB & Lightning Adapter
Crest 3D White Dental Whitening Kit, Professional Effects Whitestrips, 44 Count (Pack of 1)
Cali White Vegan Teeth WHITENING KIT, Zero Peroxide, Organic Botanical Gel, HISMILE, Sensitive Smiles, Made in USA, All Natural System: 2X Syringes, LED Light, Comfort Fit Tray, Case, 2X Custom Trays
MySmile Home Teeth Whitening Kit, 10 Minute Express Fast Results for Teeth Whitening at Home, Non Sensitive Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light, Carbamide Peroxide, 9 Treatments
Pearl Teeth Whitening Kit with Blue LED Light System, 3 Whitening Gel Syringes, 2 Dental Trays (44% Carbamide Peroxide) - Instant Brighter Pearl Smile at Home by Grace & Stella Co


GLEAM & GLAM Teeth Whitening Kit

This teeth whitening kit by Gleam and Glam is carefully made by a veteran dentist. It is incredibly efficient and contains 36% carbamide peroxide, which effectively controls sensitivity. If you are concerned about increased tooth sensitivity as an aftereffect of teeth whitening procedure, then this kit is the best you can have. It also has a blue LED light that speeds up the whitening process.

The best feature of this teeth whitening kit is that it comes with a pouch and a whitening pen to carry around when traveling. Now you can whiten your teeth on the go! Also, the mouth tray in this kit is customizable; so, no more working around with big mouth trays that slow down the process.

GLO Brilliant Complete Teeth Whitening System Kit 

This teeth whitening kit by GLO is the perfect combination of technology and efficiency. It features a combination of heat and blue LED light to provide the glow you want in your teeth. Never lose your confident smile with this whitening kit in your life. It takes around 8 minutes to complete the teeth whitening process with this kit. The warm glow from the heated LED light is the most pain-free process you ever went through.

Continuous use of this 8-minute teeth whitening procedure will help you regain that flawless smile of yours without rendering you helpless with sensitive teeth. Interestingly, the kit is available in four colors to choose from.

Bright on Teeth Whitening Kit by Smile Direct Club 

Now, this is what you can call a revolution in the dental field. This teeth whitening kit by Smile Direct Club accompanies 9 LED teeth whitening pens that are perfect for keeping in your bag all the time. You can use it in your office, restroom or anywhere you want. It works by synchronizing with your smartphone that enables the LED accelerator to carry out the teeth whitening procedure.

According to the manufacturer, you should use this whitening kit for one week to 6 months if you want a continuous bright smile. However, it only takes four pens to remove the toughest stains on your teeth.

Plus, if you are a mint-lover, then this is the right product for you. Also, this product is made of all vegan ingredients.

Crest 3D White Dental Whitening Kit

Talk about leaving old stains behind instead of old habits. This Crest 3D teeth whitening kit claims to remove your yellow tooth stains as old as 14 years. It is on our list because it is the easiest to use. You just have to peel the strips and apply it on to your teeth once a day for 30 minutes only – nothing more nothing less.

The process might be unrealistically quick, but the results are unbelievable. The Crest 3D teeth whitening kit features an anti-slip feature in its strips so that you do not just sit idle and wait for the whitener to do the trick – you can walk, talk, or move about while this dental whitening kit does its job.

Cali White Vegan Teeth WHITENING KIT

For all the vegan souls out there, if you have been looking for an all-natural alternative for whitening your teeth then look no further than Cali White Vega teeth whitening kit. It has zero peroxide or other chemicals. It is made of all organic substances to brighten your smile and your day.

The main ingredients in this vegan teeth whitening kit are baking soda and cranberry seed oil that help whiten your stained teeth. Additionally, it contains Aloe Vera and Chamomile to relieve your teeth from sensitivity and to strengthen them.  For flavor, they have added Xylitol and Organic Peppermint Oil that double as a natural antiseptic and tastes better than most other flavor gels.

MySmile Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Armed with an LED accelerator, the MySmile home teeth whitening kit is the best solution for a white and bright smile. This kit promises and delivers super-fast results. It is accompanied by nine sets of whitening treatments containing 18% Carbamide Peroxide. This whitening kit is an excellent choice for removing age-old stains of tea, wine, or nicotine.

The LED light in this whitening kit has an integrated timer for carrying out the process. If you were in search of a good quality teeth whitening kit that is within your budget and delivers what it promises, then this MySmile Home Teeth Whitening Kit is the best.

Pearl Teeth Whitening Kit

Do you want instant results that brighten up your smile and clean your teeth from all the stains? If yes, then get your hands on the Pearl teeth whitening kit. It gives perfect results after 1 or 2 applications. It contains 44% carbamide peroxide for providing quickest results.

Forget your worries about having increased teeth sensitivity after whitening process with this Pearl teeth whitening kit, as it cares for your teeth in the most professional way. Each set of pearl teeth whitening kit includes one LED light, batteries, two whitening dental trays, three whitening gel syringes, and a detailed instructions pamphlet.

Final Words

Your teeth require attention as much as any other part of your body. Quality of your teeth makes or breaks your smile. Stained teeth can adversely affect your smile and your impression on others. Never compromise on your confidence and regain the lost brightness of your smile by investing in a teeth whitening kit.

A quality teeth whitening kit will help you save from the hassles of a dentist appointment while being economical. Whether you like to have a purely organic blend of ingredients to treat your stained teeth, or you would do well with the chemicals – all you have to do is choose the product that suits your needs and budget. Smile bigger with a brighter set of teeth!