Best Stun Guns for Self Defense

Taser guns are used by law enforcement to subdue their targets. This self-defense tool is not just for police but for civilians too. If you are looking for a better self-defense tool than pepper spray, you can use stun guns or teaser devices to defend yourself against an attacker. You can use them for defense when you are leaving late from work or walking the dog in some wrong neighborhood. You can keep it in your bag or coat of your jacket or coat.

What is the difference between a Taser Gun and Stun Gun?

The stun guns are close-range devices. They require you to be near to the attacker. It gives a painful shock to the attacker. In this way, it discourages further contact with the attacker.

Taser guns use projectile motion to attack the attacker. You can use it from a distance as compared to the stun gun. A taser gun is as painful as a stun gun. It incapacitates the muscle functions. In this way, the attacker cannot move. Taser guns are expensive than stun guns because of their projectile and incapacitation elements.

Buying Guide for Stun Guns

Stun guns are short-distance taser gun with the capability of muscle disfunction. It allows you to defend yourself in any situation. Before buying any stun gun, you should consider the number of volts every stun gun produces. If you have tried the smaller number of volts of the stun gun and you think that they don’t affect much on the attacker, then you can go for a larger number of volts in your stun gun. It will help you to defend yourself better.

If you have countered a situation where the attacker uses your stun gun to attack you, then you should be looking for the stun guns that come with disable pin. If the disabled pin is removed, the stun gun cannot be used against you. Some of the stun guns are more portable than others and they provide more volts than the previous ones. Some of the stun guns come with an alarm sound or bright LED flashlight.

What is the purpose of alarm sound and bright LED flashlight? The answer is that the alarm sound makes the attacker run away from the crime scene and the police. The bright LED flashlight when pointed towards the eyes of the attacker, can make him blind for few seconds and in meantime, you can attack the attacker with stun gun volts.

These are the factors that you should consider while buying a stun gun. We have mentioned some of the best stun guns for self-defense. It will help you to choose one for yourself or your family or friends to gift them.

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1. Safety Technology Runt 20 Million Volt stun Gun w/LED Flashlight & Disable Pin – Purple

This rechargeable 20,000,000-volt stun gun is having an LED Flashlight and wrist strap disable pin. It comes with a disabled pin, which works for your self-defense. If an attacker manages to wrestle away the stun gun from you, the wrist strap will remove the disabled pin. In this way, the stun gun cannot be used against you. You can also wear it like a cell phone. It comes with a heavy-duty nylon belt loop.

The super-powered protection comes from the microtechnology that Runt uses. 4.5mA of Stopping Power (attacker) when it is fully charged.

2. SABRE Compact 1.6 µC Stun Gun Flashlight 

SABRE one of the number one pepper spray brand is trusted by police and consumers. It provides its customers with stun guns that provide extreme stopping power. It delivers a 1.60 µC charge which is strong and intolerable pain. The safety switch ensures that there is no accidental discharge. It maximizes your self-defense.

It can defend you up close or at a distance. It produces a 95 dB zapping sound and a 120 Lumen bright LED flashlight. You can carry it easily in your purse, or loop on a belt for instant access. It comes with a holster. For every time protection, it comes with a rechargeable built-in battery.

3. JC UNIVERSAL – Pen Style High Power Stun Gun Self Defense Protection Tool in Black

Carrying a pen daily to your workplace does only one work, that is writing. This pen comes with a high-power stun gun for self-defense. You can use it in emergencies as a tactical pen. The size and dimension of this tactical pen are almost like a real pen. It comes with a pocket metal clip, aluminum casing, and USB charging port. There is a battery strength indicator scale that helps you to know if it is charged or not.

The slim size and enough power make it a good tactical pen for self-defense. It comes with a 25KV output voltage for self-defense.

4. Streetwise Security Products SWLR26GB Lightning Rod 26 Million Stun Flashlight

Streetwise introduces a Lightning rod 26,000,000 sun gun combined with a flashlight. The power of this stun gun is more 80 percent more than other similar models. If the attacker does not stop, from the jerk of stun gun. Then you can use the 180-lumen XPE LED light is three times brighter than the light used in most stun guns.

5. VIPERTEK VTS-195 METAL Rechargeable Police Stun Gun LED Flashlight + Taser Case

It consists of a 300-lumen bright LED light with a heavy-duty stun gun. It can be used as self-defense or a tactical flashlight with a stun gun. The high voltage stops the attacker from further contact. It does not cause a permanent injury or any health issue, regardless of other medical issues with an attacker. It will take one to two seconds for muscle spasms and the dazed mental state of the attacker. It comes with a Type III Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy body with Anti-roll Design. The bulb hours are 100,000.

6. Bling Sting Handheld Stun Gun for Women with Wrist Strap 

A stun gun especially for women because of the décor and fashionable design of the stun gun. For women, apart from being a powerful product, it is not less cute. It is packed with 950,000 volts. You would defend yourself with this fashion-focused stun gun. It comes with 3 lithium batteries for a longer duration and higher protection. Safety switch prevents accidental discharge. Wrist wrap protects it from accidental dropping.

7. JC UNIVERSAL Smart Cell Phone Stun Gun – 14,000,000 Volts Function in LED Flashlight and Loud Alarm

Do you want to carry your stun gun every time? No problem, because JC Universal provides a smart cell phone stun gun with 14,000,000 volts. In a situation of danger, take out your stun gun and pretend to make a call, if that danger or attacker comes nearer, use the stun gun on the top of your phone cover. In other cases, you can sound the alarm, which will make the attacker run from the scene. You can easily charge it with a USB charging port and cord.

8. ZAP Walking Cane 1 Million Volt Stun Device with LED Flashlight

It is a blunt force striking weapon along with a stun device. It consists of 1 million volts of stopping power. It comes with a super bright LED flashlight which will help you to blind the attacker. There is a built-in rechargeable battery with a case of the stick.


Depending on the choice and requirements for self-defense, the stun guns mentioned in this article will help you for self-defense in any situation. All of the stun guns are portable and durable. If you want a fashion-focused stun gun, then you can buy Bling Sting Handheld Stun Gun for Women with Wrist Strap or if you are gifting it to your old parents then you can buy ZAP Walking Cane 1 Million Volt Stun Device with LED Flashlight. In other cases, you can buy the required volts output stun gun according to your requirements.