Best Snacks for Kids Parties

Planning a summer birthday party or get together for your kid? We are sure you have a lot on your plate; from invitation cards to games and food snacks, you want everything to be perfect and loved by kids. Let’s make your work easier. We bring you some of the best snacks for kid’s parties. Our collection is a mix of sweet and savory, fruit and wheat snacks, gummies, crisps and juices to make your menu fulfilling and delicious.

Where to Buy
Dont Go Nuts Nut-Free Organic Snack Bars
Pepperidge Farm, Goldfish, Crackers
Nabisco Cookies & Crackers
Unicorn Poop Candy (Jelly Beans)
Keebler Grahams Bug Bites Snack Packs
Ips Protein Chips BBQ Flavor
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
GoGo squeeZ Applesauce on the go
Perky Jerky More Than Just Original Turkey Jerky
Jelly Belly Thank You Jelly Beans

1. Don’t Go Nuts Nut-Free Organic Snack Bars

This is a pack of 12 soft, chewy and mouthwatering chocolate chip granola bars that no kid would say no to. As the winner of ‘Best Kids’ Product’ Delicious Living 2017 Best Bite Award, this organic snack bar is free from gluten and other preservatives including nuts; making it an excellent choice for school lunch and kiddy parties.

2. Pepperidge Farm, Goldfish, Crackers

This is a superb variety pack for small kid’s parties. It includes a collection of baked Goldfish Cheddar, Goldfish pretzels, Goldfish Baked with Whole Grain Honey Grahams. All products are fresh, delicious and healthy, with no artificial flavors and preservatives.  You can’t go wrong with this classic!

3. Nabisco Cookies & Crackers

This is a combo pack of Nabisco Teddy Grahams Honey, Teddy Grahams Chocolate, Mini Chips Ahoy!, and Barnum’s Animal Crackers. These fun shape cookies and crackers are loved by kids and it doubles the party activities with play, learn and eat. Fresh, sealed and delicious in taste, even adults wouldn’t resist them.

4. Unicorn Poop Candy (Jelly Beans) – 24 Party Favor Bags for Kids Birthday – Candy Fun Packs

These colorful fruity flavored unicorn poop jelly beans are a perfect addition to your kids’ parties and goody bags. Each big pack contains 24 fun size packs with 14 beans in each. A reasonable and delightful choice for adults and kids.

5. Keebler Grahams Bug Bites Snack Packs

Keebler Garahams is cute bite-size cinnamon graham crackers for kids and adults. Available in four different shapes; caterpillar, butterfly, dragonfly and ladybug, each one is made of whole grains and absolutely nutritious for kids. A wonderful addition to theme parties.

6. Ips Protein Chips BBQ Flavor

If you are looking for an alternative to those unhealthy fried chips, then this will serve you good. IPS Protein Chips contain no fatty oil or salt. They are neither fried nor popped so they tend to be rich in protein and fulfilling for kids and adults. Available in four different flavors to give your kids delicious and healthy choices.

7. Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks

From a brand tried and tested worldwide, these are Betty Crocker’s delicious, fruity chewy gummy treats. Great for kid’s parties, these gummies have center filled juice and gummy, fruity from the outside, enriched with vitamin C and real fruit flavors. 1 snack box contains 20 pouches.

8. GoGo squeeZ Applesauce on the go!

Made from 100% real fruits, GoGo Squeez is a healthy and refreshing choice for picnics, school lunch, and kids parties. They come in convenient squeezable and re-closable pouches for easy and safe use.

9. Perky Jerky More Than Just Original Turkey Jerky

This turkey flavored savory snack is loved by kids and adults. Tossed and cracked with black pepper and lemon juice, you can use them on salads, tacos and also serve as an Hors d’oeuvre! Each snack pack contains 12 mini packages, sufficient for a medium sized part.

10. Jelly Belly Thank You Jelly Beans (30 Pack 1 Ounce Bags) Assorted Flavors – Great Party Favors… 

this is a perfect way to say thank you to all the little kids. A sweet treat of jelly beans, Jelly Belly Thank you Jelly Beans are free from gluten, kosher and low in calories. Each box is a mix of 20 assorted fruity flavors.

Where to Buy
MAMEE Monster Biskidz - Whole Wheat Thin Crackers for Kids
Dont Go Nuts Nut
Somersaults - Crunchy Nuggets Sunflower Seed Snacks 
Bissli Pizza Flavored Crunchy Wheat Snack
Cheez-It Baked Snack Mix
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, Scooby Doo Snacks
AirHeads Candy Individually Wrapped Bars, Non Melting, Blue Raspberry
Annies Organic Snack Mix, Assorted Crackers and Pretzels
Whisps Cheese Crisps, Single Serve Bags
Annies Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks


11. Don’t Go Nuts Nut-Free Organic Snack Bars

Don’t want those sweets and fruity snacks? Try out these wholesome and nutritious blueberry granola bars. Rich in minerals and vitamins, they contain no harmful ingredients and totally nut free, so you don’t need to worry if the kids are allergic to peanuts. A kid-friendly size for little ones to finish happily.

12. MAMEE Monster Biskidz – Whole Wheat Thin Crackers for Kids

These thin and crispy low carb wheat snacks come all the way from Malaysia. Each cracker is full of vitamins, calcium, and DHA for a healthy and wholesome meal. Either you add them to your party menu or put inside the goody bags, kids are certain to love every bite of them.

13. Somersaults – Crunchy Nuggets Sunflower Seed Snacks 

Summersault crunchy nuggets are one of the best options to a keep as a main course for kid’s party. Baked with sunflower seeds and grains, they contain protein, fiber, and vitamin E to serve as a delicious health-giving meal. Available in Dutch Cocoa, Pacific sea salt and salt & pepper flavor.

14. Bissli Pizza Flavored Crunchy Wheat Snack

Bissli is yet another delicious and savory wheat snack that your kids would to munch all day long. With no preservatives or food coloring, they are 100% vegan and kids would feel no different from any other ordinary crisps. Bissli comes in different sizes, shapes, and flavors to make your party table interesting and tempting.

15. Cheez-It Baked Snack Mix

If your kids like cheese, they will love these real cheese crackers; a mix of pretzels, toasted bread slices, wheat squares, and cheesy rice balls. Yes! All these in one box. Perfect fulfilling and nutritious party box that kids can share and enjoy.

16. Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks

These are fruity flavored gummy snacks for kids’ parties with no preservatives, gluten, and fats. Enriched with vitamin C, they are a great source to keep kids energized and refreshed through-out the part. Each pack contains 30 fun-sized kiddy packs.

17. AirHeads Candy Individually Wrapped Bars, Non-Melting, Blue Raspberry

Airheads are chewy fruit candy with no allergens, gluten or fat, but only real blue raspberry flavor that won’t melt in your mouth. Flavor and softness that stays till the end. A perfect treat size for kids, this whole pack contains 36 individually wrapped bars, so you can easily distribute to all.

18. Annie’s Organic Snack Mix, Assorted Crackers and Pretzels

Annie’s brings to your menu, assorted crackers and pretzels, made with real cheese and organic wheat flour. Wholesomeness in every bite, no gluten, no color, and no preservatives, these crackers and pretzels are so delicious that your kids won’t resist them, and you might need a few extra packs to keep.

19. Whisps Cheese Crisps, Single Serve Bags

Why just say cheese when you can eat cheese crisps, made of real cheese and no other preservatives or flavors. Yes, this is Whisps Cheese Crips in parmesan and cheddar cheese. Mouthwatering and nourished with protein and calcium, the crunchiness is enough to tempt any kid and adult.  

20. Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks, Berry Patch, 18 Pouches

This is a jumbo-sized pack of 5 fruit snack pouches, with each pouch containing 18 small packs. If you are planning a summer party for kids, this is refreshing and juicy with real fruit juices and no inorganic ingredients. Bite-size and easy to chew, these snacks will be loved by all ages. Find your favorite from strawberry, raspberry, grapes and berry patch.


We’ve made your party menu easy so that you enjoy and cherish these moments with your little ones and not worry about snacks and treats. You will find some great options sure to make your party guests and kiddos smile!