Best shredders to give away as a holiday gift

Do your love ones constantly struggle to destroy paper containing sensitive information like SSN and credit card numbers? You can assist them in safeguarding their secrets by giving them a document shredder as a holiday gift. This useful item will ensure that your peers’ personally identifiable information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.  

Fortunately, document shredders are a quick and simple way to gain a peace of mind when it’s about dealing with confidential information. Incredibly, they’re not just reserved for the office, which certain models designed for the everyday household.

Several folks strive to think of unique and diverse gifts that’ll serve as a surprise for recipients. If you’re one of them, you can be certain that a document shredder is completely unexpected. Below is a look at the best document shredders that make the perfect holiday present.

Where to Buy
Fellowes Powershred W11C
Swingline 300X Stack-and-Shred Document Shredder
Royal 1840MX
Quill Brand Crosscut Shredder
Rexel Style Plus Confetti-Cut Shredder
Bonsaii DocShred C156-D


1. Fellowes Powershred W11C

The W-11C is a medium sized model that is perfect for using at office or home. Its cross-cut function can destroy 11 paper sheets in a single go, along with credit cards and handle staples. It has a 4.75-gallon handle-based lift-off head. There’s also a big wastebasket that doesn’t require a lot of cleaning. Additionally, Fellowes Powershred W11C can continuously function for a period of five minutes, after which it has to cool down.

What makes it stand out? It has a patented safety feature called the “SafetyLock” that deactivates the shredder for added security.

2. Swingline 300X Stack-and-Shred Document Shredder

This shredder has level P-4 safety, which means its cross-cut style is ideal for mass destruction (perfect for someone who’s managing an office). There’s also a “pin-secure” document chamber that keeps the progress secure as the shredder functions. Users are also bound to love its Auto Feed – just stack, close and enjoy. Swingline 300X shredder can destroy 8 sheets on manual feed and 300 sheets on auto feed. Auto shredding can be applied to several things aside from paper, including CDs, credit cards, and DVDs. Moreover, the shredder is one of the most intelligent in its range, boasting self-cleaning cutters and jam clearance for hassle free shredding.

What makes it stand out?  It has a app called SmartTech app. This particular app delivers status updates in real-time from the shredder to the user’s Android or iOS device, such as “Paper Jam” and “Job Complete”.

3. Royal 1840MX

Royal 1840MX has several features that make it special. For example, 18 pieces of sheets can be shredded in one go into tiny 5/32-inch x 1 1/8 inch shreds. Different slots are given for shredding different items, which aren’t limit to paper. Anyone you gift it to will be able to destroy credit cards, DVDs, and CDs. Additionally, there’s a 8 ½ gallon wastebin with an easy slide out function in the front that enables users to see when the shredder is loaded and needs to be emptied. Plus, all shredders from this manufacturer go through quality checks at Royal’s factory. Overall, the sturdy functionality and classic design of this shredder makes it a perfect addition for all home and office environments.

What makes is stand out?

The design of this shredder makes shredding easy and effortless. Its big opening that spans to ¾’ is located in the front, which makes feeding paper sheets to it a breeze.

4. Quill Brand Crosscut Shredder

If you want to give away a shredder that can quickly do its job, look no further than Quill brand’s crosscut shredder. It can destroy 15 sheets of paper in one go. The paper entry is 11/16”, so you can even throw in large stacks of paper to be eliminated. Additionally, it can destroy credit cards, standard staples, and a lot more. All of that makes this shredder an ideal fit for those working in small spaces or individuals who’re going to college and want to shred paper they’ve printed in the past few years.

What makes it stand out? The size and shape of this printer is quite elegant. It’s almost as good looking as a smartphone, so it’ll be an ideal tech item to wrap and gift away.

5. Rexel Style Plus Confetti-Cut Shredder

This cross-cut shredder from Rexel can destroy 7 sheets of paper at one time and has 12L capacity. Though it’s not designed for a person who undertakes heavy duty shredding, it can compete with models from AmazonBasics when it comes to delivering lowest page load (maximum). Also, the perfectly formed shredder doesn’t give off an industrial feel when its kept at home. It’s perfect for occasional use, and can also cut through credit cards and other similar items.

What makes it stand out? It’s one of the most stylish shredders out there. It’s also one of the few that’s available in white color, which makes it a perfect addition for someone who has recently designed a minimalistic home/apartment.

6. Bonsaii DocShred C156-D

This cross-cut shredder can destroy A4 sized sheets with its shredding capacity. Any paper you put through it will be cut into tiny particles that measure (5*45mm) or 1/5 * 25/32 inches. C156-D from Bonsaii can shred everything from staples and credit cards to clips and DVDs. Another highlight of this shredder is the manual reverse function; it prevents paper jams. Users would also discover a thermal safety system that secures the motor from heating up to a great extent.

What makes it stand out? It comes with a useful handle design that’s present at the top portion of its housing. Also, if the shredder jams up because of excessive shredding, the manual reverse function of the Bonsaii DocShred C156-D can help clear things out.

Bottom line

With a document shredder on their desk, they’re more likely to destroy unwanted paper immediately, rather than putting it in a random place or tossing it into the dumpster accidentally. Besides, they and their children will enjoy watching stacks of parking tickets, credit card promotions, and outdated coupons being cut into tiny pieces of nonexistence.

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Best shredders to give away as a holiday gift