Best Self-Watering Planters

If you have been growing houseplants for a while, maybe you’ve heard about self-watering planters. With these, you don’t need to water the plants every day, but still, your plants will thrive. Sounds pretty good for a lazy gardener, right?

Buying Guide for Self-Watering Planters

So, what should you look for when buying a self-watering planter?

1. Wicking type

Usually, self-watering planters use soil wick or rope wick. A porous medium like a cloth rope draws water from the planter’s reservoir into the surface. If you want a flexible set up, the rope wicks is an ideal choice, because it can be placed anywhere within the pot. Alternatively, soil wicks rely on the soil only to transfer water. The upper pot usually features drop-downs, which dip soil portions on the bottommost, into the reservoir. This wicking type is best for mature plants and extended root systems.

2. Drainage holes

Before you buy self-watering planters, it’s also essential to consider the drainage holes. The planter with porous water reservoirs must be your ideal choice to prevent root rot. Choose planters with drainage holes that rest above the reservoir

3. Visible water gauges

The water level indicator can help monitor the water level and the need for a refill if it drops below the recommended level. This one must be transparent and with high precision.

  1. Matching shape and size

Self-watering pots come in all sizes and shapes. Where you want to put the planter and the type of plant you want to add to it is what you must consider.

Best Self-Watering Planters

Well, if the self-watering planter is well-designed, you can count on it to keep your plants hydrated on the roots, not on the leaves and upper soil where most of the water may end up evaporating. However, there are many self-watering planters out there that do a little more than drip water all over the floor or become clogged and leave your plants to dry.

Here are some of the best self-watering planters you can find on the market:

Where to Buy
Glowpear Urban Garden Self-Watering Planter
Vencer 10.8 Inch Plastic Square Self Watering Planter
Lechuza Classico Color 43 Self-Watering Garden Planter
Mkono 3-Pack Self Watering Planter


1. Glowpear Urban Garden Self-Watering Planter

Glowpear Urban Garden Self-Watering Planter is a superb, reliable, self-watering planter that keeps plants thriving. It comes with an inbuilt drip tray that ensures indoor and outdoor surface protection. Considering its size, it looks best for patio, balconies, decks, courtyards, and spacious indoor spaces. It works best for growing flowers, herbs, veggies, and fruits.

This planter has an iconic, durable construction featuring a contemporary design aesthetic that makes the planters beautiful. It is made of 100% recyclable, BPA-free, and food-safe materials. It’s also available as a mini planter and a wall planter.

2. Vencer 10.8 Inch Plastic Square Self Watering Planter

If you’re looking for a shallow yet full pot, the Vencer 10.8 Inch Plastic Square Self Watering Planter is a great choice. This kind of planter is best for certain plant species with shallow root systems like begonias, whose roots tend to spread to the sides rather than downwards.

The great thing about this self-watering planter is it comes with a water-level indicator to let you know when it’s time to fill the reservoir. It’s also super easy to refill. You can go up to 12 weeks without further watering. This planter can be used both indoors and outdoors, and the simple design can suit most modern homes.

3. Lechuza Classico Color 43 Self-Watering Garden Planter

For tending large houseplants and small trees, the Lechuza Classico Color 43 Self-Watering Garden Planter is your best choice. This planter is simple in design, yet advanced in functionality. It’s a typical round planter for housing table plants to broad patio accents. It features a signature water reservoir that waters your plants as needed, plus the water reservoir level can be easily monitored via the water-level indicator.

Also included with this planter is the specially-formulated plant substrate from Lechuza, which separates the potting soil from the reservoir, aerates the roots, and regulates water supplied for your plant. It keeps your plants healthy and well-provided with nutrition. This makes this planter great for foliage, annuals, and blooming plants. This pot is available in nutmeg, slate, and white colors.

4. Mkono 3-Pack Self Watering Planter

If you’re a fan of simplicity and minimalism, perhaps you’d love to see your houseplants planted in the Mkono 3-Pack Self Watering Planter. This is a set of three self-watering planters with a double layer design that helps in storing excess water in the bottom of the pot. It’s fun and functional, and the water supply will last for days without further attention.

This planter enables optimum air distribution to keep plant roots healthy. It’s made of durable and long-lasting PP plastic planter, making it suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It also features an inner basket that acts as a maximum water limit level. You can choose from three sizes: small, medium, and large.

Where to Buy
HBServices USA Self-Watering and Self-Aerating Planter
Cole & Mason Fresh Herb Range Self-Watering Potted Herb Keeper
Nancy Janes 3-Tier Stacking Self-Watering Planter
Window Garden Aquaphoric Self-Watering Planter


5. HBServices USA Self-Watering and Self-Aerating Planter

A poorly designed self-planter causes root rot, but the HBServices USA Self Watering and Self Aerating Planter can prevent that. This is a self-watering and self-aerating planter, which works to keep the root system from being flooded continuously and minimize any upkeep while eliminating common problems associated with other self-watering planters. Since it’s self-aerating, there’s no need to keep poking holes in the soil to maintain air circulation.

The deep reservoir dish in this planter is designed with studs on the bottom to keep it from making circular water stains that are usually created by flat-bottomed planters. It’s made of UV-stabilized plastic and UV-resistant pigment. It’s also BPA-free, with a smooth and glossy finish.

6. Cole & Mason Fresh Herb Range Self-Watering Potted Herb Keeper

Looking forward to planting your own herbs at home? Consider investing in Cole & Mason Fresh Herb Range Self-Watering Potted Herb Keeper. Actually, it’s nary of an investment because it’s super affordable. This planter has room for three herbs, but it can also work for other small houseplants as well. Its simple, rectangular design with a modern vibe makes it look great inside a contemporary interior.

This planter is highly functional in keeping your fresh herbs fresher for longer. The nifty felt pads separate the water reservoir from the plants, making sure they won’t drown. It also ensures less water evaporation as the vessel is covered. The water reservoir can be easily refilled with its handy pour spout.

7. Nancy Janes 3-Tier Stacking Self-Watering Planter

If you prefer a stacking pot, the Nancy Janes 3-Tier Stacking Self-Watering Planter is for you. This multi-tier set allows you to create an incredible floral display. This planter features three tiers of planters, three patented self-watering grids, a tray for staking, a chain for hanging, and an instruction manual.

Don’t worry about the different levels, as one plant won’t be overwatered compared to the other. These pots come with a patented design that allows it to self-regulate so that moisture will be evenly distributed. This planter is great for apartments, dorm rooms, and balconies where space for multiple pots is limited. It’s available in four colors: black, stone, terracotta, and Tuscany.

8. Window Garden Aquaphoric Self-Watering Planter

Looking for pretty cute planters to add color and life to your interiors? Consider getting the Window Garden Aquaphoric Self-Watering Planter. This is a handy, self-watering pot that’s perfect for small plants like herbs, tropical foliage, African violets, seeds, and succulents. One of the best things about this planter is it’s available in different fun colors, such as slate, blue, chartreuse, pink, purple, red, and wine, plus your usual neutrals like white, black, and charcoal – in matte or glossy finishes.

This planter comes with a handy water level indicator to let you know how much water is left in the reservoir. It features a distinctive passive hydrophonic action to form desirable water and oxygen levels in the root zone. This allows the plant roots to sprawl and breathes within the planter. Another bonus to buying this planter is that you get two quarts of fiber soil so you can start planting right away.