Best Room Temperature Sensor for Your Home

Do you ever have those days where you feel too cold or too hot? Do you have a habit of checking your city’s current weather and temperature online to deduce why you feel this way? Ever wonder if your thermostat is doing its job and regulating your house’s temperature properly? Checking the temperature outdoors isn’t really an accurate estimation of the temperature inside your house, which is why you may want to invest in a temperature sensor for yourself.

These temperature measuring meters do exactly that; measure and display the current temperature indoors. However, they can also come with a few extra bells and whistles attached, something that may or may not be of interest to you. Below we’ll first discuss briefly what you should be on the lookout for, and any extra features you may be interested in, followed by a list of some of the better options available on the market today, featuring at least some of the additional features we talk about.

Buying Guide for Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors nowadays aren’t just thermometers strapped to a wooden block. Differing models and variants come in all shapes and sizes and with all kinds of neat features bundled in. So, the first thing you should be asking yourself is just how many of these features you actually require. If you just need a temperature sensor whose screen you’re going to glance at once or twice a day for a couple of seconds, then you’ll do just fine with the most basic temperature sensor in the market.

However, if constant temperature monitoring is something you think you’re going to need, then perhaps you should consider a temperature sensor that has a big, bright display. Maybe a temperature sensor that has a dedicated app, so you can monitor your house’s temperature from wherever you are. Or, maybe, a really fancy temperature meter is what you want. Something that not only displays the temperature on a big screen, but also the weather outside and temperature predictions as the day goes on in addition to humidity levels in your house.

One more thing you should know before buying a temperature sensor is that these sensors need to be installed in such a way that they can accurately measure the temperature. This means not installing them next to doors or windows that are frequently opened, not installing them above a ceiling fan or below central conditioning ducts, and neither on the ceiling or in shade or in direct sunlight.

Where to Buy
MOCREO Upgraded Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer, Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor Hub with App Alert & Data Export, WiFi Temp Gauge Monitor for Freezer Alarm Home Greenhouse Cigar Humidor 2Pack
AcuRite Monitor for Greenhouse, Home or Office(3 x 2.5 Inches) Room Thermometer Gauge with Temperature Humidity, Digital Hygrometer Indoor
La Crosse Technology 308-1414B-INT, Black 308-1414B Wireless Atomic Digital Color Forecast Station with Alerts
AcuRite 02027A1 Color Weather Station with High Low Temperature and Humidity with Moon Phase, Dark Themed (02027A), Black Display
Goabroa Mini Hygrometer Thermometer Digital Indoor Humidity Gauge Monitor with Temperature Meter Sensor Fahrenheit
SMARTRO SC92 Professional Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Digital Hygrometer Room Humidity Gauge Temperature and Humidity Meter & Pro Accuracy Calibration


MOCREO Indoor Thermometer

To kick off the list, let’s look at MOCREO’s indoor thermometer kit. These sensors aren’t just temperature sensors; they’re also hygrometers, which means they measure the humidity in a room as well. These sensors don’t have a built-in display you can glance at however. They require you to use the dedicated app even if you’re right in front of them, which might be a turn off for some people.

One of the nicer features of this temperature sensor bundle is that fact that you can set desired temperature ranges in the app. The sensors, while actively monitoring a room’s temperature changes, are also always on the lookout for abnormalities. So, if the temperature levels go beyond or below your specified parameters, the sensors will send an alert to your phone via the app, keeping you notified in real time. And, up to a 2-year record of your temperature readings is stored on the MOCREO cloud service, displayed in simple graphs for your ease.

AcuRite Room Temperature Gauge

Sometimes, simple is better. If you subscribe to that philosophy, then you’re going to love the room temperature AcuRite has got for you. It’s small, doesn’t stand out too much, and displays all of its readings very clearly on a display screen. Everything is laid out for you in a simple fashion; temperature alongside highs and lows, and humidity on a bar that goes from blue to green to red. It can also be mounted wherever desired without much issue. And though it may not seem like it from its images, it does support Celsius mode as well.

La Crosse Technology Indoor Temperature Station

When La Crosse Technology calls it a station instead of a sensor, they mean it. This thing is the exact opposite of the AcuRite temperature sensor above. Its screen is big, there are colorful images for all kinds of weather conditions outside, indoor temperature and temperature trends along with outdoor temperatures and trends are displayed clearly. Time, date, and outdoor and indoor humidity levels are also displayed. Furthermore, it automatically keeps adjusting the time so you don’t have to for daylight savings. It really has it all, except for a dedicated app, which is a shame.

AcuRite Indoor Temperature Station

Just because AcuRite makes minimalistic temperature sensors doesn’t mean they can’t make stations of their own. This specific product does everything the La Crosse Technology station listed above does. Indoor and outdoor temperatures and their trends, indoor and outdoor humidity levels and their trends, weather displays along with weather forecasts, and of course the current time and date. However, this one doesn’t come with a dedicated app either.

SMARTRO SC92 Professional Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Digital Hygrometer

Continuing the trend of temperature stations,  SMARTRO comes with this comprehensive hygrometer with the size almost the same as a tablet PC. The extremely colorful screen displays everything you’d need; indoor and outdoor temperatures, indoor and outdoor humidity levels, the current weather, and it is also equipped with a comfort level indicator. You may use this wall-mounted, on top of a table, or you can stick its magnetic back to any stable surface. 

Goabroa Mini Indoor Temperature / Hygrometer Sensor

And to top off the list, let’s stop with the advanced temperature stations, and instead list the simplest product on the list. If you couldn’t care less about outdoor temperatures, dedicated apps, and fancy graphical visualizations of the weather, this mini sensor is just the thing for you.

It’s tiny, extremely basic, and has no extra features bogging it down. Buy it, put it down somewhere, and you’re done. Until of course, the batteries need replacing. The only downside to this sensor is that the larger part of the display focuses on the humidity levels, while the temperature is shown in the corner, which might not suit you if temperature is your main concern. But for simplicity’s sake, it doesn’t get better than this.


And that concludes the list. That broadly covers the types of temperature sensors available on the market today, barring slight visual changes here and there. If you need a basic sensor, a flashy sensor, or something in between, we’re sure this list has got you covered. Interested in more cool and useful things for your house? We’ve got an ever-expanding collection of articles about them; like the top 10 smart door locks, or smart plugs for your house. Keep checking back for more helpful lists and buying guides like this.