Best Pet Food Storage Containers

If you have pets at home, there are high chances of you storing food for them for days when you don’t have time to prepare it yourself. In case, you have big pets, it is ascertained that you keep some food stored in your pantry through-out the year since buying food every meal time is next to no. Pet food is a life saver for both you and the pet; however pet food can only be stored for long enough if it kept in the right environment and temperature; away from humidity, air and pests. Mostly, pet food comes in plastic bags made of toxic plastic, unhealthy for your pets, hence here comes the role of airtight containers for pet food storage. 

What defines proper pet food storage?

  • The material should be appropriate. It should be capable of repelling harmful entities and keep the food dry.
  • Pet food always needs to be fresh. The storage must aid you in this regard.
  • Moreover, it should be accessible and easy to operate.
  • This accessibility must be limited to humans. Animals should not be able to get near the food if it is stored.
  • The storage must guarantee protection from infection and disease-carrying vectors.
  • It should promise and deliver on quality. Food storage systems usually are made of low-grade plastic. Customers who choose such storage units suffer. Hence users must look for high-grade plastic or better material.
  • Another aspect of food storage which is required is portability. Some pets, like birds, are taken with you so a portable storage unit will help in taking food along.
  • You need durable storage. Buying multiple units will cost a lot, so durable storage is recommended.
  • Pet food storage should be strong enough to protect spills. No one wants to waste food.

The best units will always fulfill all the requirements underlined above. The market does not allow compromise on quality. Food storage manufactures consider everything to make sure the food is fresh, dry, and safe from external threats.

Pet food storage containers are easily available in different sizes. These containers feature airtight sealing that keeps bacteria, fungus, air, humidity and most importantly, pests away from the food, maintaining its freshness and taste for a longer time. Although you can use one for both, having separate containers keep the food fresh, nutritious and eatable for a longer period of time. 

Have a look at some of the options we have searched for below:

BIG Containers for BIG Dogs

Where to Buy
Incredible Solutions 95200 Pet Food
Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Storage Container
Vumdua Dog and Cat Food Storage Container
Komax Biokips Large Food Storage Container | 20-lb (11-L) Dry Food, Flour, Rice Container | Pet Food Storage Container | Dog Cat Food Bin | Large Containers With Lids & Scooper | BPA-Free


1. Incredible Solutions 95200 Pet Food

If you have a humongous pet that eats more than you can store, you need this incredible solutions pet food container. The container can store up 10 lbs of food and comes with a snap-tight lid lock that keeps the food air, moist and pest-free. The plastic material of the container which is also FDA approved is transparent so that you can check the quantity of the food left and store more without worrying to have finished.

2. Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

Another of the Vittles Storage Unit Series, the Outback is an effective tool. It is efficiently designed and can be placed in most places, including kitchen cabinets. The effective design keeps the food dry and free of moisture, keeping it fresh. The material is also of a significantly higher quality reduces chances of external threats.
Further, the material is approved by the FDA. Another prominent feature is the reduction of odor from the food. The opening is also designed to allow quick and easy withdrawal and storage of food.

3. Vumdua Dog and Cat Food Storage Container

We all prefer one container for all our needs. Also, some pets may require bulks of food at times. So keeping this in mind, we recommend this storage unit. This airtight pet food storage jar features an enhanced rubber seal cover to keep treats fresher for longer. Keep your pet’s food tidy and well-organized, out of reach of prying paws. Unlike glass pet containers, which are easily broken, this cat food container is composed of food-safe, powder-coated galvanized steel that will not break even after extended use. Even mischievous pets will be unable to open the container. There will be no more unattractive cat food bags to deal with. The charming kitty treat jar is an eye-catching focal point whether displayed on your tabletop or stored in your cupboard.

4. Komax Biokips Large Food Storage Container | 20-lb (11-L) Dry Food, Flour, Rice Container | Pet Food Storage Container

This is a stackable large food storage container that is airtight ensuring the pet food is fresh and safe. The container is made of BPA-Free and PP recyclable materials, dishwasher safe, and heat-resistant as well.  Aside from the superb pet food dispenser, there’s also a scooper freebie in every purchase. It can hold up to 2olbs of dry food, rice, and flour enough to keep your furry friend full while you’re on the go.   

Small Dog Food Containers

Where to Buy
Amici Pet Maltese Metal Food Canister, 140oz
Harmony Stainless Steel Treat Jar
IRIS Airtight Pet Food/Treat Storage Container Combo
Van Ness 10-Pound Food Container with Fresh-Tite Seal
PISSION Pet Food Storage Container with Measuring Cup
2 Pcs Pet Food Storage Container with Pour Spout and Measuring Cup
Pour and Store Plastic Dispensers Set of 3 Food Storage Container


1. Amici Pet Maltese Metal Food Canister

This pet food storage is durable and made with a tight -lid fitting to ensure that dryness, moist, and fungus stay away from the pet food and the pet container. It has a trendy design that features a glossy white background, gold lettering, blue green color lid, and a bone shape knob.  Since this is a metal pet food storage, you are assured of using this for a long period of time. 

2. Harmony Stainless Steel Treat Jar

This stainless steel lid jar is a perfect treat to your kitchen if you have pet treats lying here and there in plastic bags. The lid is sturdy and seals well to lock the freshness of the treats and ensure that the smell doesn’t leak out and around. Not only is this useful but also pretty appealing in its steel finish and classic detailing. Not recommended for dishwashers, only hand washing will extend the life of this jar.  

3. IRIS Airtight Pet Food/Treat Storage Container Combo

This is a combination container with one 12QT storage box for treats and one 33QT box for dry pet food. Both the containers have lids with snap-lock latches and airtight seals. The larger box also has wheels for easy mobility and the small box can be stacked on the larger one. These containers are good to keep in the pantry, or even carry along if you and your pet are avid travellers. 

4. Van Ness 10-Pound Food Container with Fresh-Tite Seal

This is the best option for small dog and cat owners who want to store a small quantity of pet food. Van Ness food container employs a revolutionary Fresh-tite seal technology that ensures the food will stay fresh for a longer period. This is US-made and FDA-certified safe product for pets. 

5. PISSION Pet Food Storage Container with Measuring Cup, Pour Spout and Seal Buckles Food Dispenser for Dogs Cats:

This is the unit for all those who require a moderately sized appliance.
We need to store food in different sizes. Sometimes, the size may be smaller if the pet requires less food. This is perfect for those intending to save on buying a large unit. The measuring cup provided enable accurate measurements to be taken off the amount. It also comes equipped with a pour spout. This means that getting food out of the unit is easier than ever. The ergonomic handle allows for easy transportation. The double silicone seal keeps pests away, including rats. The transparent body features allow you to check up on the food without having to open the unit. 

6. 2 Pcs Pet Food Storage Container with Pour Spout and Measuring Cup by Running Pet 

This container cum bottle is purposefully designed to cater to both indoor and outdoor needs of pet owners. The container comes with two airtight lids, enclosed with a pour spout, measuring cup and carry handle.  With a capacity of 2.5L of dry or wet food storage, this container is light itself, portable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe for daily use.  

7. Pour and Store Plastic Dispensers Set of 3 Food Storage Container

This pack of three pet food storage containers will bring a lot of convenience to your daily life. These containers are made of heavy-duty and BPA-free plastic and come with an easy-to-pour, big spout that gives accuracy while spilling pet food. The containers are compact to fit inside your kitchen cabinets and are a good travel companion for your pet as well. These are the respective dimensions of the containers: large (10″ L x 4 1/2″ W x 11″ H), medium (8 1/2″ L x 4″ W x 9 1/4″ H) and small (6 3/4″ L x 3″ W x 7 1/4″ H). 

Travel Dog Food Containers

Where to Buy
The JDP Co. Travel Dog Food Container with Detachable Travel Dog Bowls
HETH Dog Travel Water Bottle
Leashboss Collapsible Dog Bowls
DryFur Pet Carrier Food Water Dish


1. JDP Co. Travel Dog Food Container with Detachable Travel Dog Bowls

Here’s another portable food container set for travel pets. It comes with two detachable bowls; one for water and the other for dry food. While it is compact in size and can fit into your hand carry, it can store up to 6 cups which is approximately 1.5lbs of food. This set will remain durable for a long time and become your travel companion provided you don’t clean it in a dishwasher. 

2. HETH Dog Travel Water Bottle, 2 in 1 Portable Dog Water Dispenser and Food Container

This 2-in-1 dispenser cum container is a must-have for all those pet owners who travel frequently. both the container and dispenser contain leak-proof cushions that seal the lids and prevent spilling. They are made of eco-friendly materials, that are BPA-free and absolutely healthy for pets. Since this container cum dispenser is designed to give you portability and convenience, they are slim, sleek and compact, taking very little space in your bag or purse. The dry food container can store up to 250gms of food and the water disperser can carry 350 ml of water easily. 

3. Leashboss Collapsible Dog Bowls – Two Large 64 Ounce Folding Travel Water and Food Bowls

This foldable, lightweight and compact food container is a useful little thing. It is designed to fit into any bag pack, purse or suitcase and can store up to 64 oz of water or 8 cups of food. The interior of these containers is made of waterproof material and the drawstring closure ensures there is no leakage. The side convenient clip also allows you to simply hang it to you bag while hiking, camping or running. In this price, you get two foldable bowls which is certainly not a bad deal. 

4. DryFur Pet Carrier Food Water Dish – Spill Resistant – Hook On Cups (Set of 2)

These hook on cups are for pets that fly often with their owners. Each cup is made up of transparent material which allows you to check the food/water level and can hold up to 10oz. Since these are Airline approved, they feature Spill Resistant Rim that prevents liquid from spilling and hooks on one side of each cup to place them on the inside of the pet carrier. You can easily refill these cups with food/water and wash them as per your convenience. Days when you arent travelling, you can simply use these dishes to store pet food. 


If you make your decision on the factors underlined above, you will be able to store your pet food in the best way. Pets are our companions, and they deserve the best. The products shown above will help you store your food and providing your pet with quality food that will help him stay active and happy. By getting the above-mentioned products and choosing what you want wisely, you can play a huge role in showing care towards your dog.