Best Outdoor Rock Speakers

If you like to indulge in audio equipment for your home, perhaps you have been familiar with the term outdoor rock speakers. For those who are not familiar, they are not speakers made to enhance rock music; they are speakers that look like rocks! They are designed to camouflage in your landscaped yard, patio, poolside or garden. If you like jamming out in your yard but you don’t want unsightly speakers to get in the way of the natural aesthetic, rock speakers are a great sound machine of choice. Since these are meant to be placed outside, they are waterproof, weather-resistant and more often than not, shock-resistant.

Here are some of the best rock outdoor speakers you can find:

Where to Buy
Klipsch AWR-650-SM Indoor/Outdoor Speaker
Sound Appeal SA-POP8-CN Pop RoK Outdoor Rock Speakers
Niles RS6 Pro Weatherproof Rock Loudspeaker
Sound Appeal KiDRoK Outdoor Rock Speaker
OSD Audio RX550 2-Way Outdoor 100-Watt Rock Speaker
Theater Solutions 2R6G Rock Patio Speaker
Theater Solutions 2R8L Outdoor Rock Speakers
OSD Audio RS670 2-Way High Power Outdoor Weather-Resistant Rock Speaker

1. Klipsch AWR-650-SM Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

Whether you’re adding some finishing touches in your garden or trying to make your pool area livelier, Klipsch AWR-650-SM is a great outdoor sound system to pick. To blend in with your landscaping, they are available in two colors: sandstone and dark granite.

They really look like real stones and can be located only if someone tripped over or saw their wires. Yes, it’s wired and it needs to be connected to an amplifier or receiver. It comes with a 3-foot cable pre-attached and can be used to connect to wall sockets or amps. The speaker has an average weight and is completely weatherproof and UV-resistant.

This speaker produces premium-sounding music that is tonally balanced to produce a natural sound. It can be operated as stereo or mono and brings a punchy bass and crisp treble with its dual 6.5-inch woofers and dual ¾-inch tweeters. However, it comes as one item only, so if you want a set, you have to buy another unit separately. Buying two of them can be a significant expense. But if you really value music and have money to spare, then this can be a reliable investment.

2. Sound Appeal SA-POP8-CN Pop RoK Outdoor Rock Speakers

This one’s a fairly small speaker that produces a loud, clear sound that are shaped like rocks. Unlike the one from Klipsch, the Sound Appeal SA-POP8-CN POP RoK 8.0-Inch Speakers come in a pair. It comes in sandstone or gray slate, so you can choose whatever fits best with your garden or landscape. It is made of a highly-durable layered material that can withstand elements like rain and temperature changes.

You can play music on it through Bluetooth with a range of 100 ft. using playback devices like smartphones or tablets. But they still need a cable connected to a 40-watt amplifier to play music and help ensure everyone at your party can hear the music. You can also purchase these speakers without the Bluetooth function, and connect using a 3-foot cable to your music system or TV. You can even use these rock speakers as a sound system for your outdoor theater.

Sound-wise, the speakers produce quality music as it can handle good range of bass and makes the high notes clear, without harshness and distortion. The audio is produced through 1-inch tweeters and 6.5-inch woofer. The mini design of these speakers is deceptive – you won’t expect that it can provide big sounds which can surely wow your guests.

3. Niles RS6 Pro Weatherproof Rock Loudspeaker

The Niles RS6 Pro is one of the most realistic rock speakers you can ever find. Its design is so unique that it features super-realistic bumps and irregularities, as compared to other rock speakers that look like hewn blocks. In addition to that, this rock speaker is also designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions, with weather protection that surpasses military standards. It’s really durable like a rock. It comes to a single speaker available in sandstone, slate gray and coral finish.

More than the outer body, the main selling point of this speaker is its audio performance. It does balanced audio, with bass, treble and mid-range sound crisp and clear. The treble is detailed, and the bass sounds powerful, even at low volumes.

These speakers have the sensitivity of 89dB, making it a loud speaker, so it can easily entertain a mid-sized to a large party. Another good thing about it is that it plays directionally, so you can just let it face your house so you won’t end up annoying your neighbors.

4. Sound Appeal KiDRoK Outdoor Rock Speaker

Sound Appeal makes a number of outdoor rock speakers and they are serious with the business. These KiDRoK speakers are smaller than Pop RoK (that’s why they are called KiDRoK), and they come as a pair. You can easily hide them in your garden and surprise your guests when they blast music. They are tough speakers that hold up well in the face of different weather conditions. The back side of this speaker really looks like a rock, but the front is a bit uniform and can give away the look that it’s more than a rock.

Even if these are small, these speakers hold a 1-inch tweeter and 5.25-inch driver that brings powerful sounds that you might not expect from their size. It produces tonally balanced sounds between bass, mids, and treble. You won’t encounter any distortion at high volumes as well.

These small rock speakers have a power handling capability of 100 watts. Connect it to an 8 Ohm amplifier and play up your favorite playlist to the entire pool.

5. OSD Audio RX550 2-Way Outdoor 100-Watt Rock Speaker

The OSD Audio RX550 is a powerful speaker that looks like a roughly hewn rock block and is available in four different colors: brown, granite, gray and slate. It has a tough silicone seal enclosure that can withstand extreme temperatures, rain, winds, fogs and the like.

When it comes to the sound it produces, remember that this is a two-way speaker. It comes in a pair wherein one rocks a 5.25 polypropylene woofer and the other housing a 0.75-inch stamped aluminum tweeter. The first one takes care of the lows and the latter tackles the highs and the mids. Some bass notes will be missed by this speaker, but it can be a good thing when entertaining your guests in your garden or pool as you can be able to talk to them.

These speakers come with a long, 5-year warranty to ensure you how confident the manufacturer is with their product. You can choose to connect these speakers to an amplifier or even an iPod dock. It comes with 3 feet of speaker cable; extra cables can be purchased.

6. Theater Solutions 2R6G Rock Patio Speaker

Theater Solutions 2R6G Rock Patio Speaker is an ideal choice for people looking for a less expensive option (since these types of speakers don’t come cheap). These speakers are completely waterproof and can last a long time even without additional protection. They are multi-layered with silicon to ensure they stay waterproof. But it’s still best to cover them with some tarp and fasten with a cord during the winter.

These pair of speakers can deliver clear tunes with clear highs and a surprisingly good bass considering its low price. It is equipped with a 6.5-inch butyl rubber to surround woofer with poly-mica cones and 1-inch Ferro-fluid-cooled soft dome speakers. They can handle between 10 to 200 watts each, with a frequency response of 60 Hz to 20,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 96 dB.

These speakers must be connected to an amplifier to provide the volume and sound clarity you are looking for.

7. Theater Solutions 2R8L Outdoor Rock Speakers

These 8-inch speakers from Theater Solutions are well-built and gives you the best bang for your buck. They come cheap but they are impressive enough as a rock speaker. They are sold as a pair of speakers made with silicon-encased leads to ensure that it will be waterproof. The rocks look very life-like.

Theater Solutions 2R8L Outdoor Rock Speakers come in a pair because it’s a two-way speaker, with one acting as a woofer and the other as tweeter. It has emphasis on the bass and treble, with a clear midrange and balanced tone. Like the 2R6G, the tweeter is Ferro-fluid filled, and the 8-inch woofers are made with poly-mica drivers.

The speakers cover a frequency range of 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz and work with an impressive 250 watts per speaker – this means they are rated at 500 watts all in all.

8. OSD Audio RS670 2-Way High Power Outdoor Weather-Resistant Rock Speaker

Coming as a pair, this 2-way speaker from OSD Audio is designed to really look like a rock. The RS670 Outdoor Rock Speaker is available in brown, gray, granite and slate. The body is constructed to withstand all different weather situations like snow, rain, and even intense sunlight. However, it can fade over time, so it’s best to keep them in the shade. It provides you an excellent value for money as it comes in a lower price compared to other rock speakers, and it comes with a high standard.

Sound-wise, these speakers are exceptional. They produce balanced sounds with excellent bass response. This speaker set is equipped with 1-inch tweeter made of polyamide and aluminum coating, and a 6.5-inch woofer made of polypropylene cone and sealed voice coil. These are rated at 150 watts and a sensitivity of 91dB.

Each speaker weighs 12 pounds and comes with 3-foot cables. If your speakers need to be placed further than these, you can purchase additional cables. This speaker is not wireless, and must be powered by an amplifier or sound system.