Best Multivitamins for Cats

Cats are mainly carnivorous, which means they need meat to survive. Felines can take their share of vitamins from some grains and veggies, but they certainly can’t go without consuming any protein. Your furry friend requires plenty of exercise, a balanced diet, and multivitamins to become a healthy cat. Regrettably, our furry friends don’t have medicare, and a lot of owners don’t know much about what constitutes entire vitamins and diet. The right healthy food to fend off infections demands the best multivitamin for cats regularly. 

Most of us have taken some sort of vitamin or supplement either continuously or to take care of a short-term illness. Just like people, can felines benefit from vitamins too? Just like the human wellness industry, some pet dietary supplements brag about their effectivity which may not be as they say they are. It’s highly recommended to check with a vet before including anything different to your cat’s diet.

As a cat owner, it’s smart for you to be dubious of any multivitamin supplement ensuring a miracle, but that doesn’t suggest that there aren’t any effective products at all. Not sure which supplement is right for your pet? Here are the current best cat supplements on the market.

Where to Buy
In Clover Fresh Digest Daily Digestive Aid and Immune Support Supplement for Cats
Pet Naturals - Daily Multi for Cats, Daily Multivitamin Formula with Taurine, Arginine & Biotin
Nutramax Professional Line Cosequin Joint Health Supplement
VetOne Advita Powder Probiotic Nutritional Supplement for Cats
L-Lysine Chews for Cats, Immune and Respiratory Support Supplement, 60 Bite Sized Chews (3.74oz)
Max and Neo 100% Pure Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats
Rx Vitamins for Pets Phos-Bind for Dogs & Cats - Supports Normal Function & Health of Kidneys


For Overall: 

In Clover Fresh Digest Daily Digestive Aid and Immune Support Supplement for Cats

This all-natural powdered formula keeps the cat’s immune system strong and also it aids in the digestive process which is crucial fo healthy metabolism and growth. It’s a natural enzyme powder and prebiotic that helps in hairball control, stops litterbox odor,  and also for healthy stools. 

This cat supplement contains organic prebiotics which provides a healthy intestinal balance, and it works really fast. 

For Kittens: 


Pet Naturals – Daily Multivitamins for Cats

Normally, kittens don’t need nutritional sustenance as much as their seniors do, but a couple might require a supplement. The bite-sized Pet Naturals Multivitamins for cats come in a naturally-flavored, organic chicken liver chew specially developed to support an active lifestyle in curious and fun to play with cats. It contains 20 essential elements, including the essential amino acid taurine, that cats need to live a healthy life.  

Pet Naturals Multivitamins for cats is a great addition to your cat’s daily food intake to fill nutritional gaps.

For Joints: 

Nutramax Professional Line Cosequin Joint Health Supplement

Does your cat have arthritis or different joint issues? We suggest that you get the Nutramax Cosequin as it contains a blend of chondroitin sulfate, manganese, and glucosamine that helps protect their bones and produce cartilage.

The amount you can sprinkle onto their food once a day highly depends on your cat’s weight. You can pour one or two capsules every day for around a month and after, just every other day as maintenance. Apart from joint support, Nutramax Cosequin can also aid with your cat’s bladder health.

For Digestion: 

VetOne Advita Powder Probiotic Nutritional Supplement for Cats

The VetOne Advita Powder Probiotic is great for your cat that’s struggling with digestive issues. This powdered supplement is specifically formulated to relieve cats’ diarrhea. This probiotics supplement for cats contains pre-biotic inulin and four active, live culture, including at least 200 million of colony-forming microorganisms in each packet. Also, it is fortified with vitamins A, C, and E.  You may also want to consider liver support for cats you own.

For Immune Support: 

Pet Naturals L-Lysine Chews

This is the number one cat supplement to boost up immune support. Your cat will surely enjoy these naturally flavored chicken liver chews. The Pet Naturals Chews contain the amino acid l-lysine, usually given to cats to repel infections.

Additional ingredients include calcium, rye flour, oat, barley, and brewer’s yeast. Your cat can have one chew per day to help support their respiratory health and immunity. Be sure to check in with your veterinarian first before adding the supplement to their diet.

For Skin and Coat: 

Max and Neo 100% Pure Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats

This product contains wild Alaskan salmon oil, rich in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. Simply add one pump to your feline’s food daily to maintain a healthy, soft, and shiny coat and skin.

Besides, the Omega-3s from DHA and EPA can improve your cat’s heart health, support its immune function, and lubricate its joints. The Vitamin E in the salmon oil also supports more shiny hair growth and helps in skin conditioning. What makes this even more outstanding is that it gives a fraction amount from every bottle sold to pet rescues and charities. 

For Seniors: 

Rx Vitamins for Pets Phos-Bind for Dogs & Cats – Supports Normal Function & Health of Kidneys

Cats grow old, too, regardless if they do have “nine lives.” Your furry pets are not exactly invincible. When they reach old age, one of the health issues that you need to prevent, as much as possible, is the kidney problem. Kidney failure is among the leading causes of cat’s death all over the world. But you can do something to not include your cat in that statistic by giving them this senior cat vitamin formula made by the trusted RX Vitamins Store. This contains a hypoallergenic supplement called Phos-Bind that is known to help support the normal functioning of the kidney even if your cat is not getting any younger. Its main ingredient, Aluminum Hydroxide- acting as a phosphorus binder is responsible for significantly reducing phosphate levels to keep the kidneys healthy. 

Apart from this vitamin formula for senior cats, you can also find products online that contain brewer’s yeast that help repel fleas. Cats, especially the older ones, must keep away from fleas because this parasitic organism causes horrible itching when it bites. And because senior cats are hypersensitive, they may do incessant scratching that may result in open wounds that may worsen when get infected.