Best Indoor Plants for Your Home Office

If you’ve set up a nice workspace for yourself at home, well done! Working from home has several benefits, including flexibility of schedule, more quality family time, and the savings from not commuting every day. Perhaps one of the best parts of such a setup is that you get to design your own office space. No more boring cubicle, but bright, welcoming spaces you can decorate to your taste.

One great option for a home office is indoor plants. Having plants in your home office can enhance the air quality and appearance of your work space. This can help to improve your mood and your productivity as well. Read on to find out how you can add a little green to your home office by getting one or more of the following indoor plants. Also, read here to find out the ten reasons why every office needs plants & flowers. 

Where to Buy
Spider Plant
Parlor Palm
Snake Plant
Peace Lily
Air Plants
Chinese Evergreen
Aloe Vera


1 .Spider Plant

This is a beautiful plant with green and white stripes, small enough to go in a hanging pot or a shelf. It’s excellent for brightening up the smallest home office, so don’t worry about not having enough space.

The spider plant can also make do with occasional watering and whatever sunlight filters in through your windows. There’s hence no need to make special accommodations for light or take the plant outside in order to make sure it gets the sunlight needed for proper growth.

2. Parlor Palm

This is less of a plant and more of an actual little palm tree! While it’s a bit on the large side for using indoors, it’s an excellent way to create a natural barrier for your office. You don’t have to build a wall in order to set out a space for yourself. This parlor palm will give you a lovely tropical feeling when it’s bitterly cold outside! Like many indoor plants, this palm doesn’t need a lot of sunlight, so don’t worry about where you keep it.

3. Snake Plant

This option is much like a spider plant. It can survive on its own even if you forget to give it water every day. What it would do is provide an attractive display no matter how you choose to decorate your home office.

This plant grows mainly leaves that seem to stand tall on their own. There are attractive stripes of a yellow-green shade that brighten up the leaves’ borders. You can place one in the corner to brighten up your space or have a few placed together for a natural low partition.

4. Fittonia

This is also referred to as the mosaic plant or nerve plant. It’s great for placing in home offices where you’ve installed fluorescent lighting. This is actually the best kind of lighting for the fittonia plant.

Its leaves are a bit large in size and sport a unique look. It almost seems as if they’re inside out. While many may prefer a neater plant, this option could be an excellent conversation piece or just something to break up the work monotony.

5. Philodendron

The philodendron will give a lush, luxurious impression. It comes as a vine and also as a non-climbing plant. If you don’t have the greenest thumb around, this is one of the best options to start off with.

While the plant itself may be quite hearty, it does require a certain amount of bright and indirect sunlight. It’s recommended that you have a home office with at least one large window to accommodate this plant.

6. Peace Lily

You may want a touch of natural prettiness in your home office. If that’s the case, you may like the sweet white blooms of the peace lily. It actually prefers the shade, so you don’t have to worry about your office not having much natural light.

However, you would have to make sure that you’re up to watering this plant regularly. It needs a moist soil bed which shouldn’t be left to dry out.

7. Air Plants

If you a more exotic plant that requires the least amount of effort, air plants are a great option. They don’t even need soil, which can create a mess inside your home.

You can display air plants in several ways, making attractive displays on wood or interesting rocks. They can also make quite an impression in something like a glass mason jars! This could be the ideal choice for the tiniest of office nooks.

8. Chinese Evergreen

You’ll get a great visual display with the Chinese Evergreen, as it’s got green leaves tinged with red. It can survive in low light and any kind of environment you’d give it. However, it’s not too fond of the cold, so you’d want to have keep office at 55 degrees or more all the time.

9. Aloe Vera

This is a sort of cactus that comes in all sizes, even those small enough to place on your desk. They’re have a natural air filtering system that can remove benzene and even formaldehyde from your home office. This way can have a type natural air purifier without the noise or expense.  What’s more, the gel of these aloe vera leaves is a well-known remedy for burns, cuts, and other skin ailments.


Once you get your home office set up, any one of the plants listed above would be an excellent choice for sprucing it up. However, be sure to choose one that you can actually take care of, or get some that don’t require much attention.

These plants would be sure to give you a lot of benefits, so you should take care of them as well. Overall, this addition would hopefully enhance your productivity and well as your satisfaction with choosing to work from home.