Best Home Security Equipment

No matter where you live and how well off your neighborhood may be, there is always that slight worry in the back of your mind whenever you leave your house unattended. Ever since the dawn of societies and joint communities, the process of coming home only to find that it had been broken into and that some of your possessions are now missing has been an all too common experience for many. Naturally, people responded with measures they devised that would help keep their home secure against would-be thieves.

These measures started out with simple modifications to their doors (i.e. locking and bolting mechanisms, walls around the perimeter of their house, guard dogs that would keep a lookout, and more recently with the advent of automatic burglar alarms and other security systems that keep your house safe. These modern security systems come in various types, and are well worth the initial expenditure for the peace of mind they give you and because of how adept they are at their jobs. So, let’s discuss the types of security systems on the market today and what you should be looking out for when purchasing one, followed by a list of some of the best home security systems you can buy right now.

Buying Guide for Home Security Equipment

Before getting into the details and features of various home security systems, let’s talk about the two major factors you will have to consider before purchasing a home security system. Will your security system be monitored, and will it be a wired or wireless package? The second one isn’t too difficult to decide upon. You will almost always go for a wireless security system, as wired systems are not only outdated by now, but also suffer in case your phone landline goes down. Both types of systems are also of course susceptible to power outages; where they then switch over to backup batteries.

The first one is the more interesting factor to consider and debate about. Every security system is either a monitored system, or a non-monitored one. Monitored security systems are those in which there are always personnel that are manning the offices where the security system triggers alarms. So, though you will also be notified on your phone or app when your security system detects an abnormality, these personnel will be there to instantly review the situation and decide whether or not to alert the local authorities.

Some people aren’t comfortable with monitored home security systems, and prefer their non-monitored variants instead. In this case, you and you alone will be notified if your security system thinks something is amiss, and you yourself will have to review the situation and decide which course of action to take. This leaves your house solely in your hands, and keeps your privacy, which you might be very keen on.

After these two decisions have been made, you will want to look at the security systems themselves and decide which one suits you best. You can have a security system that merely trips motion sensor alarms, a security system that also keeps an eye out via security cameras, or a security system that makes use of both technologies and then some. Many security systems nowadays come with a plethora of interesting features you might find are worth the extra money. Let’s look at some of those.

Some home security systems provide you with door and window sensors. This way, it’s not just motion sensors placed around the house that are keeping an eye out, but even just the opening and closing of doors and windows will be enough to warrant sending an alert to you when you’re out. There are also doorbell cameras which have now become very common. These cameras allow you to peep at who’s outside your door without them realizing, which can be a very useful thing.

Some home security cameras now even come with the ability to detect shattered glass. These systems are listening to their surroundings all day long and, if and when they pick up on the sound of shattering glass which might signal a break-in attempt, send out an automated distress call to you or the monitoring agents. Then there are also security systems that automatically turn your house’s lights on and off to trick would-be burglars into thinking that someone is home.

And lastly, when it comes to features at least, you would also want to research what kind of central control your home security system can provide. For example, is it able to get alerts to you quick enough on your phone? Does it have a dedicated app that allows you to not only manage alerts, but to also monitor your house remotely? And of course, you will also have to consider the terms of service that may or may not come alongside your home security system of choice; which include but are not limited to policies regarding successful burglaries as well as costs and fees for installation and contract terminations respectively.

Where to Buy
SimpliSafe 9 Piece Wireless Home Security System w/HD Camera - Optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring - No Contract - Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
Ring Alarm 14-piece kit (2nd Gen) – home security system with optional 24/7 professional monitoring – Works with Alexa
Swann Home Security Camera System, 8 Channel 8 Bullet Cams, 4K Ultra HD DVR, Indoor/Outdoor Wired Surveillance CCTV, Color Night Vision, Motion Sensor Lights, Alexa + Google, 2TB HDD, SWDVK-855808WL


1. SimpliSafe Home Security System

For a very reasonable price, this home security system from SimpliSafe almost has it all. Not only is it super simple to set up by yourself, it also integrates neatly with your home assistant of choice – either Google Home Assistant or Amazon Alexa – to keep your home smartly secured and at your service 24/7. The system also gives you the choice to opt in for professional 24/7 monitoring for a measly price tag, and comes bundled with cameras that have stainless-steel shutters for when you require privacy and motion sensors with a range of 30 feet. The bundle also provides you with 24-hour backup batteries, and SimpliSafe promises the first month of professional monitoring free of charge. And, you can cancel your contract anytime you want without incurring any fees.

2. Ring Home Security System

Another very good kit, Ring’s home security system comes bundled with elegant looking control panels, eight contact sensors, and two motion detectors. It also provides you with a range extender should you require its need. The option for professional 24/7 monitoring also exists and can be yours for just $10 a month. The dedicated app makes keeping your in check a breeze, and the whole system can also pair with Amazon Alexa for seamless control from anywhere in your house.

3. Swann Home Security Camera System

For good old-fashioned visual security, consider Swann’s home camera security system. It isn’t outdated by any means however; it simply functions through a ton of smart cameras that do the whole motion detecting, heat detecting, and alarm triggering for you. With 4K video capture, a 2 Terabyte hard drive, and seamless Cloud integration for online video storage, you really can’t go wrong with this bundle. It also connects with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant for even better and easier control over everything. The cameras are also smart enough to distinguish cars from people, and thus cut down on false alarms as well.


Those are without a doubt some of the strongest kits of home security equipment you can get yourself right this instant. What ultimately matters in this type of purchase isn’t how flashy the kit you’re buying is, but how well it suits your needs and if you understand the pros and cons of a particular system. We’ve got other similar articles to help you as well in case you need it; like our guide on the best stun guns for defense and our guide on how to secure your home from thieves, the latter of which might especially interest you if you came to this article.