Best Healthy Relishes and Sauces for Dressing up Chicken Dishes

Chicken without the right dressing can be very boring and bland. No matter how well-cooked, tender, and juicy the wings, legs, and breast fillets may be, the scrumptious flavor and desire to eat comes from the spices and sauces you pour onto them. Of course, removing chicken from your menu means missing out on proteins, and that’s not a healthy option. But you can always dress up your meat with sauces and relishes that are healthy and strangely tempting. 

The below list is a compilation of such chicken dressings. These are made with fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices to give an instant boost of flavor to any meal. Have a look:

Where to Buy
Super-Hot Chili Sambal
Mr. Spice – Organic Ginger Stir Fry Sauce
Stonewall Kitchen Cilantro Lime Dressing
Todd Bosley’s World Famous Green Tomato Relish
Harry & David Pepper & Onion Relish with Zinfandel
Meadowcroft Farm Old Fashioned Nanny’s Sweet Chow Chow
Ballymaloe Tomato Original Relish
Ragin Cajun Fixin’s Jalapeno Relish
Cranberry Blood Orange Cognac Chutney
Wu Japanese Ginger Dressing

1. Super-Hot Chili Sambal

Made with non-GMO ingredients such as Thai chili, garlic, and ginger, this Super-Hot Chili Sambhal will bring an Asian flavor to your chicken meal. Neither so hot nor sweet, in fact, moderately spicy; you might find the flavor similar to Sriracha but with more nourishment and taste.

2. Mr. Spice – Organic Ginger Stir Fry Sauce

Mr. Spice ginger fry sauce for chicken dishes is a sweet treat to your meals. With no additional salt, gluten, or wheat, it is not only a delicious stir-fry sauce or marinade but also a delightful dip that goes well with wings and chicken strips.

3. Stonewall Kitchen Cilantro Lime Dressing

This lime dressing is great for elevating the taste of salads, guacamole, or spinach. And, of course, this is also perfect for chicken, scallops, fish tacos, and other seafood dishes.   This product is made by the award-winning Stonewall Kitchen Family of gourmet brands, so expect the best quality.

4. Todd Bosley’s World Famous Green Tomato Relish

If you want ‘real’ green tomato relish with real peppers added, this is the best item for you.  You can use this to add flavor to any dish you serve during events or gatherings. And this relish is even more perfect for sandwiches, and you can also put this on top of your meatloaf. Indeed, an excellent alternative for ketchup and other low-quality relish products you can find on the market! Try and find out why this is called the ‘World Famous.’

5. Harry & David Pepper & Onion Relish with Zinfandel

Although the main ingredient of Harry and David Pepper and onion relish are very ordinary, the extraordinary flavor comes from Zinfandel wine. A sweet, peppery, and bold blend of tomatoes, jalapenos, and red peppers, it tastes great with chicken, cheese, and ham.

6. Meadowcroft Farm Old Fashioned Nanny’s Sweet Chow Chow

Meadowcroft follows a traditional family recipe of old relish. With green tomatoes, onions, peppers, and cabbage, it’s an all-natural vegan sauce that gives a sweet and savory flavor to all kinds of poultry dishes.

7. Ballymaloe Tomato Original Relish

Ballymaloe tomato relish is chef Myrtle Allen’s famous ‘Ballymaloe House’ recipe. It is a blend of sun ripped tomatoes and spices. It gives a sweet and sour taste to meals. Besides being healthy and nutritious with no artificial additives, Ballymaloe is also very long-lasting to store in the pantry.

8. Ragin Cajun Fixin’s Jalapeno Relish

If you are fond of jalapenos and like your chicken dressed up in sweet and spicy flavors, you must try Ragin Cajun Fixin’s relish. It’s not only enjoyable with chicken but also tastes well with eggs, cheese toast, and pizza.

9. Cranberry Blood Orange Cognac Chutney

This sauce by Wozz Kitchen is a strange yet delicious combination of cranberries, oranges tossed in cognac liqueur, and fresh spices. It gives a sweet and spicy flavor to poultry dishes without adding any preservatives or artificial flavor to it.

10. Wu Japanese Ginger Dressing

An authentic Japanese restaurant recipe to change your bland chicken dishes and turn them into finger-licking delicious meals. Made with ginger, garlic, and onion, it’s tangy, healthy, and different from other ginger dressings. A flavorful blend of taste, aroma, and delicate texture.

Sauce or Marinade: Which is better? 

Marinade Sauce
A marinade, such as Mr. Spice Organic Ginger Stir Fry Marinade, is a liquid spice solution that you have to soak your chicken in.  A sauce is a semi-liquid spice mixture that you serve with food to enhance its taste. 
You have to use marinade before cooking.  You can serve sauces with chicken or fried food for the people to dip in and eat.
The marinades help tenderize the chicken and soak in all the spices thoroughly in the meat.  Sauces are mainly added to foods, such as fried chicken or chicken sticks, to moisten them and add flavor. 
Marinades have to be added to the raw meat or chicken. They have acidic ingredients, such as vinegar or citrus juice in them. Sauces are made by taking out the pulp of the main ingredient. For instance, a tomato sauce is made of tomato puree. 
You can use the leftover marinade as a sauce to add flavor to another dish. However, ensure to cook it first.  Sauces are best used in smaller quantities and do not need to be cooked. 

Tips to Use Hot Sauce  


  • Hot sauces make the most delicious chicken dressings. You can mix it with a tad bit of oil and vinegar and make the perfect vinaigrette. 
  • Another thing you can do is to skip adding the vinegar if you get your hands on a vinegar-based hot chili sauce. 
  • You can also add a little bit of hot sauce to some Mexican crema or sour cream. It quickly makes a tasty dressing for chicken.
  • Adding hot sauce to hummus can tantalize your taste buds like never before. A hot chili hummus is something out of this world and makes the best dip. 
  • Add hot sauce to meatballs for whipping up a quick meatball pasta in no time. 
  • You can use hot sauce to make stuffed peppers. Using hot sauce in the stuffed peppers recipe makes it easier to avoid making stuffing from scratch. 
  • Chili sauce adds moisture and flavors to any form of chicken. You can shred loads of chicken and mix in some hot sauce for instilling mouthwatering flavors in the chicken. 
  • Mix hot sauce with mustard, and you quickly have a hot mustard sauce to dress up your chicken with. 
  • Another great way to use hot sauce as chicken dressing is to soften a slab of butter, add the hot sauce in it, and firm it up again. It is best to use with chicken steaks or grilled chicken. 


With this list, it’s certainly the time to revamp your weekly menu. These relishes and sauces will take your weekend parties to the next level and bring new flavors to your dining table. From onions, garlic, and ginger to cherries, cranberries, and green tomatoes, these chicken dressings are a healthy way to enhance your taste buds and give you a variety of methods to cook, marinade, and dip your chicken each day.  

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