Best Gardening Tool Sharpeners

Gardening is not just a task but a form of leisure activity that can be very therapeutic to other people. Pruning shrubs, tending the flowers, and mowing the lawn can lift the mood. For some, gardening is something they need to do to maintain their home’s curb appeal. Whatever your purpose for gardening is, the task for tending is not enjoyable nor efficient if your tools are dull. Once the sharpness of your tools aren’t the way they were before, you don’t always need to buy a new one. All you need is an effective sharpening tool to keep them useful.

There is a wide range of gardening and landscaping tools, and here are the items you will need to be sharp:

  • Shovels and blades
  • Hatchets and axes
  • Lawnmower blades
  • Digging knives
  • Machetes
  • Hoes
  • Hedge shears
  • Loppers
  • Bill Hook
  • Landscape bars
  • Stick pruners
  • Hand pruners
  • Knives
  • Scissors
  • Box cutters
  • Wire cutters
  • Multi-tools

If you own these things, it’s best to invest in a good tool sharpener.

Best Sharpeners for Gardening Tools

Gardening tool sharpeners are made to keep your tools sharp and clean. Since gardening tools are usually made of metals with sharp edges, it must be kept sharp, so it can dig up the soil and cut off branches effectively. Here are the various types of sharpeners that work best for creating the desired sharpness in your blades:

Where to Buy
Stanley 21-106 8-Inch Mill Bastard File
AccuSharp 006C GardenSharp Tool Sharpener
SHARPAL 103N All-in-1 Knife, Lawn Mower Blade, Axe, Machete, Pruner Shear Scissors Multi-Sharpener & Garden Tool Sharpener
Smith's 50603 Mower Blade Sharpener
Lansky Puck - Dual Grit Multi-Purpose Sharpener - Blade & Tool Sharpener
DMT FWCX Double Sided Diafold Sharpener Coarse / Extra-Coarse
Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition

1. Metal Files

Metal files, also referred to as a mill Bastard file, come either individually or as a set. Metal files are not only useful for sharpening gardening tools, but it has other uses such as squaring off a PVC pipe, removing the end of a bolt down to the nut, and for quickly removing a lot of material from the edge of a landscaping or gardening tool.

Stanley 21-106 8-Inch Mill Bastard File

This flat file provided a fast and easy method of garden tool sharpening. It’s tapered in thickness to make it effective for general sharpening. The single-cut mill pattern is intended to remove the light amount of metal. It also comes with bastard teeth spacing for smoothing the edges during regular sharpening routine. It can be used for lawnmower blades, hatchets, and other general-purpose tools.

2. Carbide sharpeners

If you’re looking for an inexpensive sharpener that does an excellent job at putting a good edge on different kinds of tools, then a carbide sharpener is what you’re looking for. Carbide sharpeners are made with either a single or double set of tungsten carbide inserts that are dragged over the edge of the tools being sharpened. It doesn’t rust, and it’s great for quick touch-ups or aggressive metal removal. It’s also a lightweight and handy tool that doesn’t take much of your storage space.

AccuSharp 006C GardenSharp Tool Sharpener

AccuSharp 006C GardenSharp Tool Sharpener is a handheld manual sharpener that works great for sharpening the edges of a shovel, pruning shears, hoes, limb loppers, scythes, and even lawnmower blades. It comes with a reversible diamond-honed tungsten carbide blade that works to repair edges of the blades for the excellent cutting condition. It has a full-length knuckle guard to protect the hand during sharpening. This tool sharpener is simple and easy to use – you only need to hold the tool and insert the V-notch to the edge of the blade, slide the sharpener across the entire surface, and you can get a sharper edge. Repeat the procedure until the blade is thoroughly sharpened.

SHARPAL 103N All-in-1 Multi-Sharpener & Garden Tool Sharpener

This versatile sharpener is perfect for garden tools. The SHARPAL 103N All-in-1 Multi-Sharpener & Garden Tool Sharpener comes with several sharpening and honing slots for tools like knives, lawn mower blades, pruner shears, scissors, machete, axes, and more. Its main slot is made of tungsten carbide used for setting edges on very dull, double-beveled edges. A flat tungsten carbide sharpener lies underneath the main sharpening notch for use in single beveled-edges. This sharpener also comes with a ceramic rod for polishing edges of all surfaces, plus the wider-angled sharpener at the back is for thick blades. It’s very safe and comfortable to use, thanks to its oversized, rubber over-molded handle that can accommodate gloves. There’s also a large hand guard to protect the hands.

Smith’s 50603 Mower Blade Sharpener

If you’re looking for a blade sharpener that’s specially designed to sharpen lawn mower blades, this one can be the tool you’re looking for. It can quickly sharpen dull lawn mower blades with a few easy pulls. It has a durable head for easy sharpening, and oversized handle to allow use for gloves. The large finger guard can be used for a safe and secure sharpening. Besides mower blades, it can also be used for hoes, shovels, Hori horis, or digging knives – it performs well for these tools.

3. Whetstone

Whetstones are man-made stones with a bonded grit surface. This is used for bringing back the edges of power tools, knives, and garden hand tools into sharpness. It can last a long time, and it’s a more heavy-duty substitute for a metal file.

Lansky Puck – Dual Grit Multi-Purpose Sharpener

Lansky’s versatile and portable stone sharpener helps bring back dull blades into life. This Dual Grit Multi-Purpose Sharpener comes with a coarse side for re-profiling edges of the blades, and the medium-grit for final additions. Whetstone is ideal for lawnmower blades, machetes, axes, shovels, hatches, and other garden tools that are prone to encountering tough subjects that chip away the edges.

4. Diamond Double Sided Sharpener

A double-sided diamond sharpener comes with a coarse and fine side for honing edges and removing material. The surface is impregnated with diamonds for effective edge touch-ups, deburring, and medium metal removal. However, you have to remember that this is not as aggressive as a metal removal tool such as carbide, whetstone, and metal files.

DMT FWCX Double Sided Diafold Sharpener

The DMT FWCX Double Sided Diafold Sharpener is one of the best in this class of sharpening tool, as it is compact. It can be folded when stored, saving you space. It’s also compact when files are folded and inserted to the handles. After using the fine grit, you can have a nice and clean, sharp edge. It’s useful for setting edges, weeded, spade, pruner, trowel, axes, and mower blades.

5. Electric Tool Sharpeners

Unlike handheld tools, the electric tool sharpener is a combination of a belt-drive grinder and a sharpener. It can be an invaluable tool for sharpening knives, garden, scissors, and landscape tools. However, it can be aggressive for fine cutting tools, such as loppers and bypass pruners.

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition is an all-around tool and knife sharpener that’s excellent in producing industrial-quality sharpness. Its variable-speed motor allows it to handle every sharpening task, from grinding to honing. You get the option of slow speed honing or high-speed grinding, depending on the tool you’re sharpening. Its 6,000-grit belt can offer better contact with serrations, gut hooks and other hard-to-reach edges. The angle on its rotating knob has 15″, 20″, and 30″ dials.