Best Electric Stoves

Gone are the days of gas-guzzling stoves that left a large negative footprint on the environment and exposed small children to open flames. Electric stoves have skyrocketed in popularity these past few years, and now are a common sight in many households across many countries. However, for someone that has spent their whole life operating a gas cooktop who now wants to change over to their electric variant, the shift might require some research first.

In practice, there isn’t too big a difference between gas and electric stoves. Once you get used to operating an electric stove, you will have no issues that might make you regret your decision to make the jump. As with all purchases though, it is a good idea to first read up on just what to look for when buying a new product that you’re unfamiliar with. Below we will discuss briefly the handful of things you should be on the lookout for when making the purchase, and then we’ll list some of the best electric stoves on the market right this moment.

Buying Guide for Electric Stoves

As mentioned above, electric stoves won’t really be that different from your old gas stove. You will have your knobs (or in some models, buttons) that you will use to set a heating cap for your stove, and you will have the cooktop surface where you place your cookware. The first thing to decide upon when buying an electric stove is what kind of stove you’re looking for. There are induction stoves, solid disk stoves, and spiral coil stoves.

Induction stoves are without a doubt the go-to-choice for you if aesthetics is a major concern of yours. They are sleek, smooth, elegantly designed, and contrast nicely with a modern kitchen. These stoves use magnetic or radiant induction to heat up their surface, but also require specialized cookware designed to work with these stoves. Aside from their looks, they are the safest option in a house full of kids, and are super easy to clean.

Solid disk stoves might not be as elegant looking as the induction stoves, but are still quite pretty. These stoves consist of a solid disk that serves as the stove, and are known for being easy-to-clean as well as smooth operation. Solid disk electric stoves were the next step in traditional spiral coil electric stoves. Speaking of which, spiral coil electric stoves are usually the cheapest variants as they consist of a simple assembly and also require less power consumption than their solid disk and induction counterparts. They’re also quite rugged, and can be cleaned with however much force you desire. Understandably, these electric stoves take some time to warm up to your set amount of heating level, unlike gas stoves that can instantly be set at any level you want.

A few other factors worth considering are the size and shape of whichever stove you’re interested in, so that it fits in whichever kitchen corner you have set aside for it, as well as the safety features that a particular model advertises. These safety features can come in handy in households with children.

Where to Buy
Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner, Temperature Controls, Power Indicator Lights, Easy to Clean, Single, Black
CUSIMAX 1800W Ceramic Electric Hot Plate for Cooking, Dual Control Infrared Cooktop, Portable Countertop Burner, Glass Plate Electric Cooktop, Silver, Stainless Steel-Upgraded Version
Ovente 1700W Double Hot Plate Electric Countertop Coil Stove 5.7 & 6 Inch with Dual 5 Level Temperature Control & Stainless Steel Base, Easy Clean Portable Cooktop Burner for Cooking, Black BGC102B
Double Induction Cooktop - Portable 120V Portable Digital Ceramic Dual Burner w/ Kids Safety Lock - Works with Flat Cast Iron Pan,1800 Watt,Touch Sensor Control, 12 Controls - NutriChef PKSTIND48
Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop, One Size, Black
Duxtop Hot Plate, Portable Electric Cooktop Cast Tron Stovetop, Stainless Steel Electric Double Burner with Handles, Adjustable Temperature Control


Elite Gourmet Countertop

To start off the list nice and simple, let’s take a look at the small and portable solid disk electric stove from Elite Gourmet. Obviously, this model is tailored first and foremost for people who want a stove they can take with themselves whenever they go camping, hiking, a vacation, or a cross-country road trip if not an international one. Consuming 1000 Watts, this stove features a handful of temperature settings as well as rubber feet so that it doesn’t slide around. And, the power indicator is a welcome addition; in case someone forgets that the stove is on and decides to touch it.

CUSIMAX Ceramic Hot Plate Electric Stove

Another solid disk electric stove entry, this CUSIMAX stove is a sleek addition to any kitchen with its stylish stainless-steel top, minimalistic design with two knobs each with their respective power indicator lights, and two ceramic hot plates that fit neatly into the whole frame. As evident from its looks, it is also quite easy to clean, and also has the welcome rubber feet that stop it from sliding around your countertops.

Ovente Double Spiral Coil Electric Stove

Clearly exhibiting the stark price contrast between solid disk or induction electric stoves and spiral coil electric stoves, this double burner model from Ovente is a beautiful stove with an all-black frame, two knobs for each of the spiral coils, and the always welcome indicator lights and rubber feet. Ovente promises quick heating and uniform temperature distribution across the coils, and also boasts a strong and durable frame that is built to withstand extreme heat and last for many years.

NutriChef Double Induction Cooktop

Our first induction electric stove on the list is courtesy of NutriChef, who have made quite the looker. No matter what your kitchen looks like, we’re confident this stove will make a fine addition. Its sleek and smooth black surface is complemented by a beautifully realized and minimalistic design that incorporates a modern-looking control panel along with LED displays and the NutriChef logo. And, as is common with many induction stoves, this model also comes with safety features built in that prevent children from accidentally hurting themselves.

Cuisinart Double Induction Cooktop

Cuisinart provides us with a decently-sized double induction electric stove that would look good in any kitchen imaginable. Ditching the all-black look most induction electric stove manufacturers go for, Cuisinart sticks with its recognizable design of a silvery control panel at the bottom with big LED displays and physical buttons instead of a touchpad. The cooktop features multiple settings and modes, as well as welcome safety features including automatically shutting off after 30 seconds of not detecting a pan on its surface.

Duxtop Double Solid Disk Electric Stove

To top off the list we present Duxtop’s double burner solid disk electric stove. Not only is the stove quite the looker with its stainless-steel frame coupled with the black handle supports, the small black knob panel, and the sleek solid disk burners. It also retains a classical gas stove look by placing the burner knobs on the front of a vertical panel instead of a diagonal one or even just straight on to the straight surface the burners are located on. And the super easy to use handles, in case you need to take the stove somewhere with you, are of course a very welcome design choice.


That concludes our brief list of some of the best electric stoves on the market, but obviously there are a lot more available to you too. And if you’ve taken a liking to the induction electric stoves, we have a top 10 list dedicated solely to them so you can find exactly the sort of electric stove you’re looking for. And if you’re looking for some other sort of kitchen appliance, we have a top 10 list of dishwashers that might be of some help.