Best Death Sauces and Other Options for Chili Heads

There are some people who can’t get enough of spiciness. They might want to try an extra-hot sauce for the sake of adventure or just because they like the experience. The hottest sauces on the market are called death sauces and as you will see many are made by Blair’s who specializes in these spicy wreakers of havoc.

Below are the various options available for death sauces on the market today:

NOTE: Be sure to take care with these sauces – they are very hot and can cause injury if you’re not careful!

Where to Buy
Blair's Ultra Death Sauce
Blair's Mega Death Hot Sauce with Liquid Fury
Blair’s After Death Hot Sauce
Blair’s Sudden Death Sauce
After Death Sauce with Liquid Rage
Blair's Pure Death Hot Sauce with Jolokia
Death Sauce with Chipotle
Blair's Original Death Sauce

1. Blair’s Ultra Death Sauce

This is a true hot sauce that’s hotter than most of the other death sauces. It comes with the signature key chain attached, as many of Blair’s death sauce bottles do. While it’s usually not available in the certified kosher form, the sellers can be contacted for other versions that are kosher.

This sauce has ingredients that are up to 750 times hotter than a regular jalapeno chili. It should be used in sparing amounts and with dilution. While it is tomato based, the addition of other ingredients makes the tomato taste almost indiscernible.

2. Blair’s Mega Death Hot Sauce with Liquid Fury

This is a five-ounce bottle that again comes with the signature skull key chain signifying the death sauce. It also contains some of the hottest ingredients known on earth, so it should be handled with a lot of caution. Even the box is in a coffin shape to warn anyone who thinks they can handle this hot sauce without experience.

It’s advisable to have something like milk or bread on hand if you’re going to sample this sauce for the first time. Taking in too much of it might result in stomach cramps and burning sensations. Some customers have reported that the taste of the sauce contains a lot of ginger so it may not suit everyone’s taste.

3. Blair’s After Death Hot Sauce

This bottle contains 5 fluid ounces and includes a gift packaging plus the usual skull keychain. According to the vendors, this sauce was created to get patrons out of the bar when it was closing time. The super-hot flavor worked and is now used very sparingly on meatloaf, death wings, chili, sushi, seafood, cheeseburgers, etc.

Customers have reported that in addition to being hot, this sauce is full of flavor. It can hence add a different experience to burritos, tacos, sandwiches, and wraps if required.

4. Blair’s Sudden Death Sauce

This is reported by some sites as being the most famous sauce by Blair’s. It’s not recommended that you use it without first diluting in some sort of food or other sauce. The ingredients include red habaneros, clover honey, ginseng, lime juice, and cayenne chilies. The combination of fresh ingredient gives this sauce a full flavor that isn’t common for a hot sauce.

Those who are used to a spicy and hot experience with sauces would find this sauce enjoyable, but the pepper extract might not suit everyone. Still, it’s usually considered an acceptable sauce to bring out during parties with a suitable warning to everyone who may have a low tolerance.

5. After Death Sauce with Liquid Rage

The skull keychain and ingredients should warn you that this is one of the hottest sauces you can find on the market. Those who are on a diet would be pleased to know that the bottle doesn’t contain any preservative, calories, carbohydrates, or fat. It uses fresh ingredients and would go well with stews, chili, oysters, clams, and chicken wings.

Customers who are gradually working their way up the ladder of hot sauces would appreciate this one as being very hot while still retaining its flavor. This sauce has been reviewed as an everyday sauce for some, a conversation starter for others. Even a single drop can make a meal too spicy for some.

6. Blair’s Pure Death Hot Sauce with Jolokia

This hot sauce is infused with Jolokia, or ghost pepper, which is one of the hottest of its kind. It can be used sparingly on jambalaya, crawfish, oysters, wings, and clams. Any other meal would also get an extra kick of spice with just a couple of drops added.

The heat level of this sauce is reported to be a balanced one, not over-piercing the mouth or cramping the stomach. It’s hotter than the original death sauce but less than the After Death version. The upside here is that it has a clean taste with no extracts added.

7. Death Sauce with Chipotle

This sauce has won first place in the Fiery Food Challenge 2002, within the Best Overall Hot Sauce Category. We hence know that it’s definitely a sauce that provides a challenge.

Reviews have stated that this sauce provides a balance of flavor and heat. It’s around the highest heat level any sauce can go to be considered a condiment and not just a food additive.

8. Blair’s Original Death Sauce

This is the hot sauce that started the whole trend. It has the signature mixture of cayenne, habanero, chipotle flavors. This makes it a must0have for someone who loves heat with their wings or any other food.

While some customers have reported that the sauce is a bit expensive, they also assert that it’s worth it. It’s also not the hottest in the line, so would be a good starter for someone who wants to start having hot sauce on the regular.

Where to Buy
Blair's Mega Death Sauce
Blair's Golden Death Sauce
Cajohn's Lethal InjestionBhutJolokia Hot Sauce
Hell's Inferno Naga BhutJolokia Hot Sauce
Mad Dog 357 Reaper Sriracha Sauce
Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Wicked Reaper
Bunsters Original Recipe Hot Sauce

9. Blair’s Mega Death Sauce

The heat level of this sauce makes it suitable only for sparing and diluted use. It can give any chilihead the endorphin rush that they crave. The ingredients are also fresh and natural, so the flavor is full without being artificial.

10. Blair’s Golden Death Sauce

This is one of the latest versions of Blair’s Death Sauce. It incorporates a Caribbean-like flavor, with the golden color coming from turmeric and mustard. There’s also a light chipotle taste included. One can get used to it enough to use it on everyday meals. Customers have reported that this sauce is delicious, though not as hot as the others.

Blair’s Death Sauces may hot the spot for diehard chiliheads, but they may not suit everyone or always be available. If you’re still looking for that kick in your food without a Blair’s Death Sauce version, there are still several hot sauces that give a similar experience:

11. Cajohn’s Lethal InjestionBhutJolokia Hot Sauce

This ultra-hot sauce is made up of red Savina habanero peppers, fatalii peppers, and ghost peppers. It’s been rated as a decent sauce with a great flavor by its reviewers. Since it’s quite thick, you want to be careful how much you put on your food. This also means that a 2-ounce bottle wouldn’t go a long way.

The bottle for this sauce is a glass vial, almost like a medicine bottle. It also claims to be the hottest sauce that doesn’t make use of any extracts. This makes it a nice alternative for those who prefer their heat experiences as natural as possible.

12. Hell’s Inferno Naga BhutJolokia Hot Sauce

This is the ghost pepper sauce variety by Hell’s Inferno, a well-known brand for hot sauces. It’s reported to have a slow, consistent burn that still retains a good taste. It won’t overpower your food, you can safely add a drop or two to your dips, chilis, and other dishes.

The heat scale of this sauce is more than 1 million Scovilles, which is understandable since it contains red habaneros, ghost chilies, and the unique addition of cholate. However, many have reported that they’re not really able to taste the latter due to the extreme heat.

13. Mad Dog 357 Reaper Sriracha Sauce

This hot sauce comes packed with Carline Repaper peppers and garlicky accents to accentuate the flavor. It measures 100,000 on the Scoville scale, making it uniquely hot as far as sriracha sauces are concerned.

The Mad Dog brand is known for its high quality, heat, and natural ingredients. It may not be the hottest variety if you’re a serious chilihead, but the kick is still quite brutal. The flavor is the familiar tanginess of sriracha with a hint of heat from the Caroline Reapers. You can mix it up with some regular sriracha in order to enjoy the heat without risking too much.

14. Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Wicked Reaper

This Carolina Reaper hot sauce is made with natural peppers, ripe chilies, and measure over 2 million on the Scoville scale. It doesn’t contain any preservatives, yet has a searing peppery flavor that’s unique and lasting.

This sauce isn’t recommended for those with heart or respiratory conditions, so think carefully before you try it. On the other hand, it provides flavor along with the heat, making it a great favorite with chiliheads. It would go great with sausages, especially as reviews report its taste as being almost soothing. This is because it has hints of flavors like lime and garlic along with peppers in the mix.

15. Bunsters Original Recipe Hot Sauce

This sauce packs a moderate amount of heat without compromising the flavor. It’s still said to be half as hot as the more common Tobasco, measuring around 1,800 Scovilles. The ingredients here are also healthy, being comprised of citrus juices, Birds Eye chilies, Scorpion chilies, apple cider vinegar, Himalayan pink salt, coconut sugar, vegetables, and goji berries.

The superfood combination of this sauce makes it a very healthy way to add flavor on everything. User reviews have confirmed that the flavor is indeed worth trying out at least once. The spiciness level might be subjective, but it’s enough to make a difference.


If you’re on the lookout for a starter hot sauce, the Original Death Sauce or the original Bunsters are two good options. However, if you’re looking for a more hardcore experience, Blair’s Pure Death Hot Sauce with Jolokia would really test your limits.