Best Children’s Books with a Wildlife Theme


    Children are obsessed with animals and wildlife. From the smallest ant to the biggest blue whale, they like to read about almost everything that involves nature. Plus, the colorful illustrations along with bright images tend to make books more interesting. However, considering the overwhelming variety out there, choosing the best children’s book with a wildlife theme is a bit daunting task. Therefore, we have gathered a list of some of the best wildlife theme children books to consider for your little one. 

    Top Wildlife Theme Books for Children

    1. What To Look For In Spring

    What To Look For In Spring

    What to Look For In Spring by Elizabeth Jenner is aimed at 7-9-year-olds. The book is based on seasons throughout the year, especially spring. Spring is that time of the year when most wild animals wake up from their long sleep. Blossoms, buds, and butterflies begin to appear as the season of rebirth arrives. The author has used informative text and colorful illustrations to keep the children attentive and interested. Following the book, the author has also released What to Look for In Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each book specifically highlights the key features of each season, which is essential for wildlife to thrive.

    • Informative
    • Colorful illustrations
    • Detailed descriptions

    2. Hidden Planet

    Hidden Planet

    Hidden Planet by Ben Rothery is basically a love letter of the author to planet earth. However, his love for planet earth is not hidden as he attempts to share it with young animal lovers and old ones as well. Apart from the spectacular images, the animals in this book are hidden in different ways. For instance, the clownfish survives through symbiotic relationships with other creatures such as sheltering underneath or living inside the poisonous tentacles of anemones. The book is full of animals that can change their colors, sex and even disguise themselves. It shifts children’s attention to creatures that are hidden in plain sight. Such is the magnificence of nature, which otherwise is left ignored. 

    Key Features:

    • Splendid illustrations
    • Value for money
    • Wide range of colors

    3. Hey Duggee: Nature Activity Sticker Book

    Hey Duggee

    Hey, Duggee takes on a different approach to making children understand wildlife. If you have ever wondered the difference between monkeys and apes or why flamingoes are pink? This book is your answer. Since children love to explore and look for new things to excite themselves, this book will take your child on a wildlife exploration journey. And perhaps the best thing about the book is that it contains lots of fun activities that can be carried out at your local park or garden. 

    Key Features:

    • Fun activities
    • Excellent quality
    • Helps explore nature

    4. The Animal Kingdom: Ladybird Audio Book Adventures

    The Animal Kingdom: Ladybird Audio Book Adventures

    The Animal Kingdom is an audiobook that contains engaging and entertaining audio content along with text to learn about the world that surrounds them. In addition to that, the musical and sound effects are exclusive for special stories and perfect for listening during long journeys. Moreover, the book takes children on a ride through time and space including Dinosaur times, Outer Space, and even Deep Sea Dive, etc.

    This book is aimed at children aged 4+ to encourage the learning and development of young minds.

    Key Features:

    • Sound Effects
    • Fascinating journeys
    • Offers great learning and development

    5. Little World: Under the Sea

    Little World: Under the Sea


    Designed for curious toddlers, Little World is an adventure book that allows exploring familiar landscapes and faraway locations. From jungles to oceans and outer space, this book does not leave anything behind. In addition to that, it is the perfect piece for the parents to read out loud and take them on a journey together into the ocean depths and discover the secrets of the sea. The book’s bright artwork and charming characters add to the overall fun along with joy and excitement at every corner. A chief factor that differentiates this book from the rest is that it was created in collaboration with subject experts to provide an accurate representation of the world.

    Key Features:

    • Accurate representation
    • Bright artwork
    • Interesting characters

    6. Sensational Butterflies

    Sensational Butterflies

    Sensational butterflies by Ben Rothery is a book specifically based on butterflies. It dives deeply into the lives of butterflies and how fascinating their journey from birth to becoming full-grown butterflies is. Not only do the children love this book but the adults as well. Thanks to the beautiful illustrations and just the right amount of information, this book is a masterpiece. Additionally, the explanations are easy to understand and the large, double-page pictures make the subject even more captivating. 

    Key Features:

    • Stunning illustrations
    • Informative explanations
    • Detailed drawings

    7. Little World: Jungle Journey

    Little World: Jungle Journey

    Jungle Journey as the name suggests takes curious minds on a journey to explore the ins and outs of the jungle while discovering all sorts of creatures hidden high up in the trees and on the jungle floor. The book also contains narrative text along with tabs to push, pull or slide on every spread. The author Allison Black in her Little World series has covered an ample amount of information concerning the nature that surrounds us. This information has been conveyed interestingly for young minds to grasp and maybe allow them to view and imagine the world from their perspective. 

    Key Features:

    • Jungle exploration
    • Colorful board book
    • Easy to understand text

    Final Word

    Although you might have seen many children’s books with wildlife themes out there, the ones outlined above offer great value and information according to many parents who have bought and read it out loud to their toddlers. Plus, these books have been written by some of the most acclaimed authors who are well-aware of what interests the curious little minds. Finally, the colorful pictures, amazing illustrations, informative content, and interesting titles make them a perfect choice for bedtime stories and regular playtime. 


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