Best Blenders for Tailgating

Sometimes we forget about the little things that make a trip great. And one of those small things is the blender. You are probably asking yourself how a blender can make your trip or camping any better. Actually, it might just be what your camping or tailgating experience is missing. Let’s be honest, being able to blend things while you are on the go can be surprisingly handy. Because sometimes, all you need is a smoothie or some bowl of salsa to make a bonding or a special moment perfect. So whether you’re going camping, tailgating, boating, or you simply want to make a poolside drink, it’s essential for you to battery operated and portable blender by your side. However, there are so many different battery-powered blenders that are available in the market, and it can be quite hard to know which one to pick. That is why we are here to list down the best blenders that can help make your tailgating, boating, and camping experiences great.

Advantages of Portable Blenders

  • Being a wireless blender means you can use it blender anywhere around the house. You can move it around your kitchen, you can blend on the porch, or even blend smoothies right in front of guests’ eyes.
  • Portable blenders free you from the need to be next to a power outlet while blending.
  • These blenders are compact, easy to store, and take less space than the usual blender.
  • Take it for camping or a picnic for a healthy eating experience
  • Enjoy margaritas when you’re on tailgating, by the pool or beach.

Disadvantages of Portable Blenders

  • The motor of a portable blender is not as strong as regular wired blenders, which is why blending could be less efficient with some rechargeable models.
  • This is especially true for very tough and challenging ingredients such as uncooked carrots or raw beet.
  • If you’re into advanced blendings, such as making nut milks and nut butter, then portable blenders are not strong enough, and you should opt for high-performance blenders.
Where to Buy
Waring TG15 Tailgater Blender
The"Extreme" Daiquiri Whacker
Cuisinart CSB-300 Rechargeable Hand Blender with Electric Knife, One Size, Stainless Steel
GSI Outdoors Vortex Blender
BlenderX CORDLESS HOME, PORTABLE & TRAVEL Blender | Xtra Power, Xtra Blends, Xtra Convenience | Xperience the Difference | Cocktails, Smoothies, Shakes & More | By ModernComfort


Things to consider

Type – Portable blenders often come in two different varieties, and these are the immersion and stand blenders. An immersion blender is basically a handheld blender that you place into the dish in order to do the blending. Immersion blenders are perfect for blending small quantities of drinks and foods. Aside from that, they are also ideal for those who are on the go and for people who like to bring blenders when they are camping or tailgating because immersion blenders are a lot smaller and more comfortable to pack compared to stand mixers.

On the other hand, stand blenders live up to its name because it is your typical blender which sits on a stand. Stand up blender usually blends larger quantities of things. Some stand up blenders are also portable in the sense that they are a bit smaller, and you can plug them in your car. That is why the first thing you need to know before getting a portable blender for your next tailgate trip is what type of blender best suits your needs.

Power – Power is an important feature that you should think of when it comes to a battery-powered blender. This is because they usually have less power than your average blender. But a portable blender with 12 volts should be all you really need in battery operated blender.

Charge – You have to know what sort of charge your battery-operated blender has. This is because portable blenders do not usually have a direct power source, that is why you need to make sure you know how long your blender is going to last. This information will help you to see whether you will need to pack extra batteries or if you have a place for recharging the unit.

  1. Waring TG15 – TG15 is a sufficient portable blender we’re sure would be indispensable for your next camping or tailgate trip. Because this blender is made for on-the-go mixing, except that it won’t draw very much power, this means that you would able to use this blender again and again without worrying that your car or boat’s battery will die. It only needs eighty watts to run, and its motor is strong enough to crush ice cubes but resourceful enough to not blow any of your car’s fuses. However, given that this is a portable blender, it has a relatively weak motor, which means that although it is surprisingly good job handling ice, don’t expect it to become the perfect snow you’d see using higher-end and kitchen blenders, but does give ice nice slushy-like texture. This is perfect for tailgaters who want to include some blended drinks to their party.
  2. The “Extreme” Daiquiri Whacker – This is definitely a stand blender, however, the “extreme” daiquiri blender is unlike any other portable blender because this one is gas-powered. This compact blender boasts a two-horse power speed and a Mountain Safety Research aluminum fuel bottle for fuel storage and fuel mixing. Aside from that, it also comes with a can of oil to treat the first gallon of gas. The “extreme” daiquiri whacker is a powerful portable blender where you can control the mixing using the twist-grip throttle. But keep in mind that the added power does come added noise, too. That is why it can be rather loud and attention-grabbing, but on the other side, it can also be swift. This is a blender that you certainly won’t have to worry about running out of battery, that is why it is perfect for camping, tailgating, and even parties.
  3. Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB 300 –  If you like making hot drinks, smoothies, or some powdered beverages, then handheld blender is the way to go. With a handheld blender, you can crush ice as well, but don’t’ expect it to be as even as the ice that you shave using a stand-up model blender. But what sets the Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB 300 hand blender is the fact that it has a rechargeable battery option. This means that you can also use it for almost 20 minutes, even if there’s no power source around. That is why you don’t have to worry about getting a power cord in the way or being far away from a power source. The Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB 300 also comes with several accessories such as a chef’s whisk, measuring cup, a two-cup chopper with a stainless steel blade, and a pouch that helps you to quickly and neatly store the handheld blender.
  4.  GSI Outdoors Vortex Hand Blender – If you want to rough it outdoors, it usually means that you can’t have modern luxuries like frozen drinks or healthy smoothies. Fortunately for you, the GSI Outdoor Vortex Blender is hand-operated, which makes it the perfect camping blender. While it does take some practice to use, this blender comes with a dual-speed gear system to make each turn count. Aside from that, it also comes with an elongated lever that allows you to blend your ingredients in no time. Another great feature is the shatterproof 1.5-liter pitcher, which can help you make enough drinks to can go around the campfire smoothly. Finally, this unit comes with a c-clamp that offers you more stability as you blend.
  5. BlenderX CORDLESS HOME, PORTABLE & TRAVEL Blender – This portable blender can crush standard ice cubes as well as frozen fruits and vegetables. It is six times more powerful compared to other USB powered mixers, and it also has a longer-lasting battery life. Aside from that, it also comes with a water-resistant bag for travel and storage, making this the perfect blender if you are going tailgating, camping, or just lounging by the pool or beach.