Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

People who have flat feet usually experience  a certain level of discomfort while walking, wearing shoes, running, or doing anything regarding these units. Flat feet is a condition in which a person doesn’t have the usual arch on the sole of their foot. This isn’t really a disability, but it can lead to increased chances of pain, discomfort, and injury while walking, running, or standing for too long. 

If you’re a basketball player who has flat feet, you’d know the difficulty that comes with this attribute. Flat feet can cause a lot of pain and annoyance when you’re practicing or on the court; not only this, but they can also cause a player to lose whatever confidence they had in playing the game. 

However, this doesn’t mean that someone with flat feet can’t be a basketball player. Many professional athletes and even NBA players have flat feet, but that didn’t stop them from working on their careers.  

At the end of the day, the shoes you wear while playing basketball are very important for performance, safety, and comfort on the court. Let’s now have a look at what to consider before you order any new basketball shoes for players with flat feet:

What to Consider When Buying Basketball Shoes for Flat-Footed Players

Basketball players with flat feet have to be concerned about several factors when they’re on the court. Whether they’re playing professionally, at college level, or even regularly on an amateur level, choosing the right shoe can be a game changer. Here are just a few of the considerations one should take into account when buying basketball shoes for flat feet: 

1. Ensure that the Arch has Enough Cushioning

Basketball shoes for those with flat feet need to give an arch shaper in order to distribute the body weight of the player as equally as possible. This cushioning is also good for helping people with flat feet stand for a long period of time without going through pain. 

2. A Lightweight Experience

Ideally, those who have flat feet should get a lightweight shoe so that there’s the least possible stress on their limbs and soles. However, many basketball shoes will probably be on the heavier side unless you’re willing to pay top dollar for a quality lightweight option. 

3. Proper Stability and Grip

One of the first priorities for any basketball player is to have grip and stability in their shoes. When it comes to players with flat feet, these factors are even more important. Even one little slip can result in the other side winning, so you don’t want to take any chances here.

4. A User-Friendly Design

Most players would prefer their shoes to have a trendy design that’s also easy to put on and take off. The trendy patterns are not nice to look at, but they will also go with everyday clothes so that you get the most value for your money.  

5. The Right Kind of Sole

Most sports shoes have one of three basic shapes; semi-curved, curved, and straight. For players with flat feet, the curved or semi-curved options make the most sense. They should also have extra arch support so that the wearer can play easily and avoid injuries. 

6. Reinforcement on the Inside

When someone with flat feet wears any kind of shoe, the inside of that footwear is subjected to more wear and tear. This is why basketball shoes for such players should ideally have an outsole coating to reinforce the insides of their shoes. This will limit the degradation caused by the flat feet and increase the overall lifespan of the shoes. 

7. Getting the Right Fit

Flat feet or not, a shoe that doesn’t fit perfectly will hinder your performance on the basketball court. There should be enough room to accommodate your feet both lengthwise and in width, with around a centimeter of space between the large toe and the tip of the shoe. If you want to use special insoles or shoe inserts, which are common for people with flat feet, consider ordering at least half a size up. Remember that shoe sizing might vary across brands and even within them according to the kind of shoe construction you choose. At the end of the day, even the sizing guide may not guarantee the right shape and size. Make sure the company you order from has a decent return and exchange policy so that you’re not stuck with the wrong shoes. 

8. A Good Tread Pattern for Traction

The outsole’s material and tread pattern will both contribute to the amount of traction a basketball shoe gives. Go for the herringbone pattern first; this is the most traditional option and also usually provides the most traction. Some shoe models may have innovative designs based on this pattern, which could enhance the design while giving the same sort of grip. 

Overall, traction is essential for keeping one’s balance and keeping them stable on the basketball court floor. This could be a greater issue when a player has flat feet, so there’s no compromising on traction when choosing a good shoe in such cases. 

While basketball shoes are important for a player, they’re hardly the only item you need for a good game or practice. Here are some more essential items for playing basketball that need to make your list. 

How the Flat Feet Basketball Shoes Can Help

The main reason why basketball shoes for flat feet work is because they provide the necessary arch support for relieving stress on the foot. Many shoe manufacturers are now putting in the research and investment necessary to make ergonomic designs for players with flat feet. In fact, shoes with extra arch support are also useful for other types of activities and professions. People such as nurses, doctors, retail workers have to stand for a long time or rush about most of the day. When they have shoes that provide proper grip and comfort, they can conduct their jobs in greater comfort. 

The Job of Basketball Shoes

Basketball is an especially demanding sport; it requires running, jumping, and other forms of exercise that place constant stress on the feet, lower legs, and ankles of the players. The ideal basketball shoe should then both absorb the shocks from such activities and redirect them to the collect places. In doing so, they can help with the jumping ability, lateral movements, deceleration and acceleration of the athlete. 

Even if someone doesn’t have flat feet, they need proper basketball shoes in order to get the necessary support, shock absorption, and flexibility to play a good game. Before we look into the best basketball shoes for flat feet, it’s important to check out the various parts of the shoes, their materials, and how they work together for the benefits of a basketball player. 

Features/Name of Shoe Part Midsole Upper Outsole Insert or insole
Main role Absorbing the forces of jumping and running while playing Keeping foot secure; needs to be snug fitting Usually flat, with a tread for better traction; a heavier material can resist outdoor wear and tear Not available in all shoe models; usually a detachable accessory that provides arch support and a better fit for players with flat feet
Styles Stuff material to enhance performance; soft material for extra cushioning High, middle or low cut Different tread patterns for providing traction on different surfaces Arch support, orthotic, arch support bubble
Additional features Arch support, moisture wicking, provides pain relief Closure system like laces, etc., plus strap for ankle support Arch support, moisture wicking, provides pain relief, May include a  custom orthotic, which is used to correct irregularities in foot or ankle motion
Usual Materials EVA compound, air, gel, different synthetic combinations For athletes, a breathable mesh fabric rubber , PVC compounds, leather, polyurethane EVA foam, gel, high-density foam, carbon fiber, shock-absorbing foam
Benefits Helps the player to jump better and also cushions them from shocks Can provide more flexibility, sturdiness, safety to the player Provides a tread for good traction Prevent strains and aches while also giving comfort and stability 


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Now that we’re all caught up on what a good basketball shoe can do for a player, it’s time to check out the best options out there for people with flat feet. Various sources will claim different shoes to be the best ones for providing that proper arch support and cushioning, but we’ve found the following choices to be the best of the lot: 

Where to Buy
Nike Air Force 1 High ’07
Adidas Dame 5
AND1 Men’s Rocket 3.0 Basketball Shoes
Nike Zoom Evidence
Nike Kobe Mamba Rage
Adidas Originals Men’s Crazylight Boost Low

1. Nike Air Force 1 High ’07

Nike Air Force 1 High ’07

This shoe has been topping the lists for flat-feet basketball shoes for quite a few years, even decades. They’re also a favorite among players who don’t have flat feet. 

The design here has soft cushioning of high quality coupled with a firm high-top for extra steadiness when playing on the court. These shoes have become very well known in basketball circles, even though they’re a bit bulky and heavy. If you prefer to have a feeling of being planted where you stand, this could be the right pair for you. If a lightweight feeling is among your top priorities as a flat-feet basketball player, give this one a pass. Whatever the case, keep in mind to order a size up if you plan to put insoles in your shoes. 


  • High-top design

  • Quality cushioning

  • Heavy

  • Available in many colors


  • Cushioning prevents injuries for all kinds of players

  • Also a fashionable choice for everyday wear

  • Good for keeping a player steady while on the court

  • Classic, well-known design

  • High-top ankle for stability and support

  • Reasonable price range


  • Might be too bulky and heavy for comfort

  • Snug fit; might get quite cramped with insoles

  • Prone to creasing

2. Adidas Dame 5

Adidas Dame 5

Many times, a basketball player wants some cool-looking designs and colors while playing on the court. They also don’t want to compromise on comfort. Fortunately, since manufacturers have been researching shoe designs for flat feet for quite some time, there are quite a few options available on the market today. 

The design here has a wider toe box than usual, which is good for putting in customized inserts or insoles. There’s also a flexible midsole cushion as well as a padded pod system. 


  • Herringbone tread pattern

  • Wide toe box

  • Very firm construction

  • Padded pod system

  • Several unique color options available such as turquoise and shocking pink


  • Color schemes are unique and fashionable

  • Construction is very durable

  • Reasonable price range

  • Cushioning is very comfortable


  • The midsole and cushioning are a bit mushy and might be too soft for certain players

  • Run a little bigger than the regular sizes

3. AND1 Men’s Rocket 3.0 Basketball Shoes

AND1 Men’s Rocket 3.0 Basketball Shoes

These are yet another high-top option, which comes at a very low price. Even so, there’s a lot of stability and comfort here, with a mesh lining and padded insole for extra breathability. This design overall allows for a lot of stretchiness and even some leeway for a customized shoe insert if required. 

The high top here makes sure to provide proper ankle support. It also stabilizes players who are prone to sore ankles.


  • High top design

  • Low price range

  • Mesh inside

  • Padded insoles


  • Budget shoe without compromising on essential features

  • Decent ankle support

  • Design allows for breathability

  • Enough space for orthopedic inserts


  • May not be very durable

  • Lack of color choices

4. Nike Zoom Evidence

Nike Zoom Evidence

This basketball shoe has a minimalist design and is best for those who have slight or moderate flat feet. The cushioning here is very responsive, with a Phylon midsole to make the experience steady yet lightweight. Whether you’re landing suddenly on the court floor or want to take a large jump, the cushioning here will ensure that your feet get the least amount of shock possible.

The half-length design here secures the foot and provides ankle support. Overall, the design is a classic no-frills one that you can use on the court and off. For those who have a more serious flat foot condition, these shoes might be acceptable with additional adobe inserts. These will provide the extra cushioning and arch support such players require. 


  • Half Length bootie design

  • Phylon midsole

  • Zoom Air unit

  • Classic design available in a few color combinations

  • Bulky

  • Lightweight


  • Comfortable Phylon midsole

  • Lightweight in spite of a bulky design

  • Decent color options

  • Runs true to size, making ordering online easier

  • Easy to pair with everyday clothes

  • Cushions impact with air pocket


  • Some players may need a shoe insert for more comfort

  • Top is somewhat narrow, which might irritate some wearers

5. Nike Kobe Mamba Rage

Nike Kobe Mamba Rage

Nike is a popular choice all over the world; fortunately, this brand has no lack of options for flat-footed basketball players. Their Kobe Mamba Rage is among the best shoes for this condition, especially when it comes to durability and comfort. 

If you’re used to wearing customized soles these shoes can make room for them. If not, there’s already a sole included with an arch in the middle to give those flat feet some shape and comfort. 

Overall, these shoes provide a lightweight experience that’s great for playing any port or even just wearing in your everyday routine. 


  • Built-in sole with midway arch

  • Removable sole

  • Flyweave tech 

  • Snug fitting


  • Sole with midway arch can be removed for customized inserts

  • Breathable, sleek design

  • Durable for the long term

  • Affordable pricing


Sole has prominent arches that might irritate some wearers

Sizes may run a bit small than other models in the same line

6. Adidas Originals Men’s Crazylight Boost Low

Adidas Originals Men’s Crazylight Boost Low

Adidas is known for its budget yet quality shoes; it is also among the most well-known manufacturers of shoes for flat feet. The Crazylight Boost Low is a good option for those who have a low budget yet still want the right kind of shoe for their condition. 

The Boost can absorb most of the impact from the basketball court floor; it then redirects the energy to your jumps and steps while running. 

The design here is an elastic and lightweight one that will allow for easier movement. You can order these in various colors in accordance with your taste and requirements. 


  • Available in around 10 colors

  • Customizable Collars 

  • Rubber Outsoles

  • Bounce technology


  • Rubber outsoles give a lot of grip and friction on hard courts

  • Colors and be customized according to preference and need

  • Durable and innovative design

  • Very comfortable for players with flat feet

  • Also suitable for wearing off the court

  • TPU plate for ensuring no-slip performance

  • Lightweight and bouncy design


  • Laces can be too short

  • Sizes run small

Comparison Table for the Top Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

Choosing between the top basketball shoes for flat feet might become a bit confusing with so many options. To make the final decision easier, here’s a comparison table that lays out the main features of each shoe we’ve discussed above. 

  Nike Air Force 1 High ’07Adidas Dame 5AND1 Men’s Rocket 3.0 Basketball ShoesNike Zoom EvidenceNike Kobe Mamba Rage
StyleHigh-topHigh-topHigh topHalf-length bootieMedium top
MidsolePolyurethane, EVASoft and cushyMolded EVAPhylonLunarlon cushion
UpperFirmMesh and suedeSynthetic leatherMeshFlyweave
Main proSuitable for all playersDurable constructionLow price pointLightweightRemovable soles
Main conBulky and heavyMushy midsoleMay not be very durableNarrow topArches might be uncomfortable
  Adidas Originals Men’s Crazylight Boost Low
StyleMedium top
MidsoleBoost, PrimeBlue recycled material
Main proSuitable for tight budgets
Main conLaces too short


No matter how good the shoes above might look, always keep in mind that flat feet can affect the experience of wearing and playing basketball in any kind of footwear. The reviews and tips above are meant as a buying guide, but some medical advice is necessary before you purchase a final pair. If there are any issues such as pain or discomfort, consulting a qualified specialist for flat feet might be necessary. Not all flat feet are the same; some people may have flexible flat feet while others experience rigid flat feet. Plantar fasciitis is yet another issue related to flat feet, so you may have to look out for shoes that are especially designed to combat this condition’s symptoms. 

We’ve now discussed a lot of shoes and their attributes when it comes to playing basketball with flat feet. There are some big names here such as Adidas and Nike, with price ranges being within a reasonable budget as well as more high-end options. 

For those players with flat feet who need extra ankle support, high-top shoes such as the Air Jordans or AND1 Men’s Rocket 3.0 will be among the best option. Other players may get irritated by these high shoes and need other options without compromising stability. For these players, the Adidas Originals Men’s Crazylight Boost Low might be a better option. In either case, flat-footed players should always have the option and room to put in a shoe insert if required. 

Finally, every player deserves to have a comfy shoe that agrees with their style preference and comfort requirements. Keep looking and you’ll hopefully find that perfect pair very soon! Here are also some gift ideas for basketball shoe and sneaker lovers