Best Apple AirPod Accessories

AirPods are the newest type of earbuds for iPhones released by Apple. They are plain white, wireless earbuds. Some find them great, while others find them plain and easy to lose. But you can make AirPods better by using some cool accessories. There are cool accessories for your AirPods to protect, enhance, and prevent losing them.

Where to Buy
EarBuddyz Apple AirPods Covers and Hooks Attachment
Spigen AirPod Straps
Aggice Magnetic Silicone AirPod Strap
PodSkinz AirPod Case Covers
Catalyst Shock Resistant and Waterproof AirPod Case
AirPod Skins Protective Wrap
Spigen AirPod Dock

1. EarBuddyz Apple AirPods Covers and Hooks Attachment

THE ORIGINAL Apple AirPod and Earpod Covers – Tired of your Apple AirPods & EarPods falling out of your ear? EarBuddyz eliminate the fuss and hassle of constantly adjusting your AirPods & EarPods

The design of Apple AirPods are comfortable enough, however, our ears come in different shapes and sizes and sometimes, AirPods do not fit in them perfectly. This AirPod covers and hooks can solve that problem. These slip-on silicone tips can create a soft and snug fit in your ear canal and the wingtips can hold on to the concha of your outer ear keeping the AirPods in place.

This accessory is very useful especially when you use your AirPods while jogging or working out. You no longer have to worry that they might fall off and you might lose them.

2. Spigen AirPod Straps

Fastens AirPods on each mount to ensure stability and security. Ideal for keeping AirPods close by during outdoor activities.

If you’re worried that you might lose your AirPods forever, or if you still prefer your earphones to be wired, then this is the best accessory for you. This AirPod straps are compact, lightweight, and extremely durable. It offers stability and security to your AirPods.

These AirPod straps also have a compact design that is tangle-free and easy to store. It is compatible with all iPhone AirPods.

3. Aggice Magnetic Silicone AirPod Strap

Magnet Design: Anti-lost strap using magnetic principle, and through special design, can be used when not in the two can be adsorbed together hanging around the neck, exercise, walking, car do not have to worry about losing the strap.

This is another anti-loss strap for your AirPods. Instead of clipping your AirPods to it, it has a magnetic design that is best used while exercising and travelling. The magnets also hold your AirPods when you’re not using them, preventing them to be misplaced.

This AirPod strap is made of high quality silicone. It is also very durable and is pull-resistant, meaning, it will not easily break.

4. PodSkinz AirPod Case Covers

AirPods come with a tiny charging case which you can put in your bag and bring with you anywhere. However, this charging case can be easily scratched, and to prevent it from being damaged, using a case cover is essential.

AirPods come with a tiny charging case which you can put in your bag and bring with you anywhere. However, this charging case can be easily scratched, and to prevent it from being damaged, using a case cover is essential.

The PodSkinz AirPod case cover will prevent your charging case to get scratches, bumps, and scrapes. These protective case covers come in different colors.

5. Catalyst Shock Resistant and Waterproof AirPod Case

PEACE OF MIND WITH MILITARY GRADE SHOCK RESISTANCE PROTECTION: Catalyst Case for AirPods exceeds MIL-STD 810G military standard for shocks and drops up to 6.6ft (2 meters). It is made of impact resistant, scratch proof, rugged polycarbonate with a light premium silicone case.

This is another AirPod protective case cover. This one is a carabiner case that has a lot of shock protection. If you’re someone who loves to travel and go on adventures, this is the perfect case you can use to protect your AirPods. It can be more expensive compared to other protective cases, but the quality is worth its price.

6. AirPod Skins Protective Wrap

Minimalistic, beautiful apple inspired design that has been tested and approved by top design publications around the world.

If you do not like the plain white color of your AirPods, you can use the AirPod Skins protective wrap. This are vinyl wraps that can change the look of your AirPods. They cover the stem of your AirPods as well as some part of the pod. It does not cover any sensors on your AirPod and your AirPods will still fit into the case even with these skins.

This protective wrap comes in many different colors. They are easy to apply and remove because of its premium and resistant adhesive vinyl.

7. Spigen AirPod Dock

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) exterior with Polycarbonate (PC) interior keeps the charging case extra durable and scratch-free in everyday use.

Aside from charging your AirPods, its charging case needs to be recharged as well. Others find fussing it with cables kind of annoying. If you’re one of those people, then the Spigen AirPod dock is a great accessory for you.

This item will enable you to charge your AirPods charging case by just dropping it on a dock. However, you’ll need to provide your own lightning cable to use it.

There are indeed a lot of cool accessories you can use to enhance your Apple AirPods. Since AirPods are quite expensive, it’s essential to use the accessories we mentioned, not just to make them look cooler, but to protect them from damages and from getting lost as well.