Best Air Quality Monitors – A Buying Guide

As this world is moving on to making groundbreaking discoveries and inventions that are completely changing the whole outlook of life, little could be done to eradicate pollution from the air. Air is what we breathe in and feed to our lungs. If the quality of air is compromised somehow, you can imagine the amount of filth and dirt and allergens we must be taking into our bodies.

We can only sincerely hope that an invention comes up for ending this hazardous pollution altogether. However, until then, let us do what we can; that is, to monitor the air quality around us. Air quality monitors are sufficiently efficient in their jobs. They are the best things to measure how polluted the air around us is. They can be used in homes as well as offices.

What is An Air Quality Monitor and How Does It Work?

For those of who heard about the air quality monitors for the first time, here is the answer to the question that might be puzzling you; air quality monitors display the level of pollution in the air surrounding you. They do this through tiny sensors embedded in them to track the levels of various pollutants.

Once the levels of various pollutants are detected, the monitor displays a number to you through an LED screen. The number signifies how clean your air is. The newer models of air quality monitors also display details regarding the names and levels of various pollutants. In short, it is an excellent gadget to know how polluted your air is in which you are breathing.

Who Needs It?

Everybody needs it, period. There should be no questions when it is related to yours or your family’s wellbeing. We all are aware of how dirty our air is and what serious threats it might pose to our health.

Top Pollutants

  • VOCs

Most commonly, our homes are filled with VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Molds in homes or wall paints can be the most common source of VOCs. However, the presence of VOCs can also be tracked to some very common household products such as chemical cleaners, hairspray, or varnish.

Low-quality building materials such as plywood or insulation can also be the culprit for letting VOCs pollute your indoor air and rendering you helpless to constant fatigue, irritation, or nausea.

  • PM2.5

PM stands for particulate matter. It is usually present as droplets in the air. The main source of PM2.5 in your house is the vehicle exhaust, fires, smoking, or chemical emissions. This pollutant is known to be the primary cause of asthma and heart-related diseases.

  • Carbon Monoxide

This odorless, colorless gas is quite detrimental to your health. It is mostly emitted by fuel-burning appliances resulting in long-term effects such as memory loss and confusion. However, you should know that the usual air quality monitors are very hardly able to detect the correct levels of carbon monoxide in your home. For its correct measurement, you should get a standard carbon monoxide detector.

Points to Consider Before Buying an Air Quality Monitor

Now that we have briefed you about the most common indoor air pollutants, you might be frantically searching for a suitable air quality monitor if you already do not own one. Do not worry, we have got you covered. We know what it is like to shop for something that is linked to your health. Before jumping on to the list of our some of the top-rated air quality monitors, let us take a look at the points you should keep in mind before finalizing it:

  • Smart Phone Connectivity

Some of the newer and latest models of air quality monitors connect easily to your smartphone through an application. This makes your life tons easier as you can get all the readings regarding your indoor air quality right on your phone via a mobile app. You can even control it through your smartphone. Ever thought you would be living in an era when the Jetsons would come alive? Yes, this is that era.

Make sure you get an air quality monitor that connects to your smartphone. Besides controlling it through your phone or getting the air quality index on it, you can even integrate it with other home applications. For instance, by integrating it with Alexa, Google Home, or other smart-home devices, you can easily turn on the air purifier after knowing the air quality index.

  • Night Light

One of the additional features you should look out for is night light. If your air quality monitor has a night light, it can serve two purposes at a time. This might not be an essential feature, but having it won’t cost you any extra

  • Bright LED Screen

For the not-so-techy people amongst us, an air quality monitor having a bright LED display that can be seen from afar is a must. No need to reach for your phone every time you need to check up on the air quality reading.

  • Air Quality Record

This additional feature proves to be handy. Some of the air quality monitors record the readings so that you can compare if there has been a difference in air quality or not. This is especially useful when you attempt to do something to improve the air quality around you, as you can see the results by comparing with the previous readings.

Our Top Picks

Where to Buy
Air Quality Pollution Monitor by EG Air
Awair 2nd Edition Air Quality Monitor
uHoo Indoor Air Quality Sensor
TVOC Air Quality Monitor
Huma-i (HI-150) Advanced Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Indoor Air Quality Monitor by Yvelines
Pollution & Air Quality Monitor by Santacary


uHoo Indoor Air Quality Sensor 

uHoo indoor air quality sensor is a dream come true for fighting off the pollutants in the air. It connects seamlessly with your smartphone – providing you with real-time readings around the clock. It also easily integrates with smart home devices that work on making your indoor air clean.

This indoor air quality sensor is the best product to help you identify what is polluting your air. It works well all day and records the readings for you. It is equipped with nine calibrated sensors that work together in monitoring the air quality. For your peace of mind, the company also provides a 1-year warranty.

TVOC Air Quality Monitor

Remember those old alarm clocks by your bedside? This TVOC air quality monitor is shaped just like one of those small compact alarm clocks, occupying less space. It has a fairly easy to read LCD that relays all the information.

Whether it is dust that you are worried about or some other pollutant constantly irritating you with headaches or nausea, this TVOC air quality monitor provides accurate readings about all the contaminants. Its sensitive sensors do not let any type of pollutant go undetected.

Huma-i (HI-150) Advanced Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitor

This advanced portable air quality monitor by Huma-i is a complete package with regards to style and efficiency. It comes in black color and is shaped like a pill. Its sleek shape and color signify a style statement that matches elegance. It is operational with the touch of a button. When you turn it on, a fast speed fan quickly draws in air to provide you with updated readings.

Moreover, it easily fits in your pocket so you can carry it with you anywhere. This feature of portability makes this air quality monitor the most convenient one without compromising on the aesthetics of your indoor décor. It is available in three variants – you can choose the one that fulfils your requirements.

It can easily measure the levels of CO2, PM2.5 & PM10, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) as well as temperature and humidity in your surroundings.

Indoor Air Quality Monitor by Yvelines

If you want to have complete detail of all the pollutants infecting your environment, then this air quality monitor by Yvelines is suitable for you. In addition to formaldehyde, levels of carbon dioxide, and VOCs, it records the levels of fog, alcohol, smoke, and other pollutants emitted from paint or ink.

It comes with a portable battery that you can recharge anywhere easily. It has a standby time of 8-10 hours. This feature of the air quality monitor makes it very handy to carry anywhere you want. Be it your car or a picnic spot you are concerned about; you can conveniently take this air quality monitor with you.

This device only needs 2 to 15 minutes to monitor the air quality and show you the results on its LCD Color Screen Digital Display. Additionally, if you don’t like the product, don’t worry as you can return it within 30 days. It is backed by a 12-month warranty as well.

Pollution & Air Quality Monitor by Santacary

If you want nothing fancy but an air quality monitor that is easily readable and can do the job quite well, then this one by Santacary is the most suitable. This monitor comes with a large LCD (6.5 inches), which makes it popular among the customers belonging to an older age bracket.

In a reasonable price, this air quality monitor gauges the level of carbon dioxide and dust particles accurately. This monitor on our list is the easiest to use as it comes with icons that are labeled well and are perfectly understandable by everyone.

Air Quality Pollution Monitor by EG Air

If your home is not the only place you are concerned about having polluted air, then get this air quality pollution monitor by EG Air. It comes with a stand that allows you to place it anywhere to monitor the surrounding air. The laser sensors in this air quality monitor give quite realistic readings about the presence of VOCs, formaldehyde, and dust particles and display them on a 2.8-inch 320 x 240-pixel color LCD.

The package also includes a lithium battery and a 20-page easy-to-read guide so you can get to know more about air quality and the particles polluting it.

Awair 2nd Edition Air Quality Monitor

Are you perplexed about what to do after knowing what is polluting your air? Awair 2nd Edition Air quality monitor does not leave you alone. It provides you with insights about what can be done.  After inspecting your environment for harmful toxins such as VOCs or PM2.5, it gives you tips to help you improve the air quality.

This Awair air quality monitor can be integrated with your smartphone through an app that helps promote a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, it can be paired up with Alexa or Google Home to give you ultimate comfort and ease of operation.

Bonus: If you want to monitor the air quality and purify it from all the harmful pollutants, then you can get a package that includes both an Air Quality Monitor and Air Purifier.

Final Words

Healthy lifestyle and choices should never be delayed as a priority. If you do not keep tabs on what is making you sick or posing severe long-term effects on your health, then you are making a big mistake. Air quality monitors are the best way to know what endangering to your health and wellbeing. However, these monitors are not air purifiers, but you can pair them with one if they support this functionality.