Beauty Blog- Black Shatter

It’s finally mine! The new OPI nail polish called Black Shatter is finally mine. I first heard of this polish about 2 months ago and had been eagerly waiting to get my hands on it. After about 3 weeks of searching every beauty supply and salon in my town & calling all of my hairstylist friends, I found that the new color was in very high demand and was going to be something I’d have to put my name on a wait list for. Cosmoprof was nice enough to take my name and number and promised to call me as soon as a bottle came it fore me. Sure enough, Thursday night I got the call that my little black bottle was in and ready for pick up. At last!
If you haven’t heard of Black Shatter, you are missing out! This is it:
It’s a black polish in Katy Perry’s line for OPI that you apply over another color to get a crinkly, “shattered” effect, like this:
Now, let me just say that I loathe Katy Perry (that’s another story in itself!) But I love all of the KP colors that OPI has, & they all look fabulous under Black Shatter. However, the only other color Cosmoprof had available was the hot pink color called The One That Got Away. I really wanted the light pink glittery one as well but maybe they’ll have that another day. Anywho, I have acrylics on so my almost 3 year old daughter eagerly acted as my beautiful nail model!
The application was really quite simple…just start with your first coat of regular nail polish & let it dry thoroughly. Then you have to apply the Black Shatter quickly in one even stroke without having to go back over it again…otherwise it’s going to glop up a lot! If the nail is too wide to go over in one stroke you can do another if needed, just try very hard not to go over the previous stroke that you just did. Within seconds you will start to see the polish give the crinkly appearance that it’s supposed to have. Let that dry very well too and then finish with a nice shiny topcoat & you’re done!
Lily’s turned out so cute! Though they aren’t shiny because she didn’t want a top coat. I did them on my toes the same way with a topcoat and they turned out soooo beautifully, but I really don’t feel like taking pictures of my feet for all the world to see.
So if you’re lucky enough to find a bottle of this polish, snag it! Before they are all gone! 

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