Basic Equipment for Preparing Raw Food


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    Basic Equipment for Preparing Raw Food
    Although it isn’t necessary, it is convenient to have some specialized equipment available to make raw food preparation a bit easier.

    Raw Milk Maker

    Like many people who eat mainly raw food, you may want to use the Soyabella Soya Milk Maker. You can use it to make raw milk as well as soya milk. It is a favorite piece of equipment, and we use it a few times a week to make delicious nut milk. We have tried a few different milk makers over the years, and many have broken down quickly. Soyabella, however, has been both easy to maintain and clean over the years. There are numerous plant-based milk recipe resources you may read. MILK. VEGAN: 33 plant-based milk recipes for children, vegan, raw, paleo-friendly by Lisa Maites is a great resource.


    Green juices are one of the best things you can drink if you are looking to improve your health. There are many juicers available on the market. When looking for what will work best for your needs, it is essential to consider how easy the juicer is to clean and use. Like the Omega 8004, some juicers can do double duty and can make both excellent juices and delicious desserts from frozen fruit. For more on selecting a quality juicer, see the chapter, “How to Choose a Great Juicer.”


    A good blender is also essential, especially if you love smoothies at breakfast time. Smoothies are a great way to start the day, and having the right blender is necessary. The Vitamix blenders are immensely popular, but the Blendtec range of blenders are also incredible. Get one of those if you can afford it, but a cheaper blender will do an excellent job making basic smoothies. Do not buy a blender that is too cheap, though, as these tend to break down relatively quickly.

    Food Processor

    You may only use your food processor a few times a month and may not see it as such an essential item. But depending on what foods you eat, you may use it more often than some other people. Many raw food enthusiasts have a Cuisinart food processor and are happy with it. But there are lots of great food processors on the market, so look around and find the one that suits you best and fits your budget.


    A dehydrator is certainly not essential, but if you are serious about raw food eating, it is handy to have. It is excellent for making dried fruits, raw cakes, bread and desserts, raw flax crackers, and lots more. An Excalibur dehydrator is one of the best on the market. If you think you will use a dehydrator many times a week, it is worth the investment; however, if you will only use it occasionally, then a cheaper brand will be excellent. There are many dehydrators available, but note that some dehydrators are quite large. So, in addition to costs and quality, you will want to consider your storage space.

    Mortar and Pestle

    Although mortar and pestle are not commonly used among raw food enthusiasts, they come in handy for specific recipes, especially if you are adventurous and enjoy preparing different kinds of ethnic dishes.

    See our recipes, “Spicy Cucumber Salad and Spicy Papaya Salad.” 

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