Back to School

I can’t believe how quickly summer went by! My baby boy will be starting first grade & will be gone all day. Weird. It’ll just be me & my little princess for about 8 hours during the day while he’s at school and daddy is at work. I’m kind of sad but I know Ayden is going to love full time school and Lily is so looking forward to getting all of the mommy time to herself. We will have to plan some special lunch and shopping dates & I hope to get a lot of sewing  & crafty stuff done too while I only have one child! 
Speaking of back to school, an old friend of mine who is an elementary school teacher back in my hometown sure could use everyone’s help. Mrs. Lamb had a fantastic idea to reduce the amount of paper that kids use in her classroom by getting each student their very own reusable, individual whiteboard instead. Think of how much funner that would have been in school…I know I used to love being able to write on the board like the teacher and it would definitely engage the students much more in class. The only problem is that Idaho school district budgets have been cut, greatly reducing the amount of money for classroom supplies. Mrs. Lamb is trying to get the whiteboards donated to her class, and with your vote on this website she just might be able to do it. If every one of my readers could just take a moment to help out Mrs. Lamb’s classroom I would greatly appreciate it, and I’m sure the kids would as well! 
You can go to this website: Limeades for Learning to vote for her project. Every vote counts!
And also, you can vote again every day!
So please do. Thanks in advance 🙂
I wanted to just show you all how silly my little male was being tonight. I couldn’t resist taking a few ridiculously funny pictures of her crazy faces she was making for me. Her hair was a mess and she had food & juice smeared all over her face while she made me crack up. Oh to be a kid again & be so easily amused. I love her.









Well, looks like I’m off to bed…I guess Ayden’s not the only one with an earlier bedtime now. His eggs and sausage aren’t going to cook themselves in the morning! Nighty night.
xoxo, Melissa