Back to School Essentials for Your Kids

The summer vacations seem to fly by, and now it’s time for your kids to head back to school. Many parents actively look forward to this time of the year, craving a few kid-free hours for themselves. However, if kids are not prepared for the school year, they could face a lot more hassle and worries than usual.

The ‘back-to-school’ season means that we should start preparing our kids for an enjoyable and successful academic year. This is why the stores are filled with school supplies of all kinds once the first day of school comes near. The choices might overwhelm you, so take a deep breath and focus on the essentials for now:

Where to Buy
TRENDYMAX Galaxy Backpack
Bentgo Kids Brights
CamelBak eddy Insulated Water Bottle
Lizz Express Paper Organizer Plastic File Folder
Homecube Pencil Case

1. Backpack

There are several sizes, styles, and designs of backpacks out there. Your child might be able to use a hand-me-down from an elder sibling or the backpack they used last year. However, an upgrade is always appreciated at the beginning of the school year.

When purchasing a backpack for school, make sure that its structure lends support for your child’s back. Padded and adjustable straps will take some of the stress of their neck, back, and arms. Plus, make sure your kid doesn’t overburden themselves with a too-heavy backpack. Whether it’s for a hiking trip or the daily school grind, a backpack shouldn’t compromise the wearer’s posture.

The right backpack will also give your kid a lot of space and compartments for proper organization. Below is one choice that can really help any schoolgoing child get more organized:

TRENDYMAX Galaxy Backpack

This backpack measures 16 x 12 x 16 inches, a size that makes it large enough for a standard laptop. It’s simple enough for school, with one large pocket for the book and smaller pockets for stationery. The construction is designed to prevent any confusion, especially if your kid already has trouble remembering where they put their things.

However, there’s also a secret inside this backpack in the form of a hidden pocket. Here, your child can store their personal items or anything valuable that they don’t want to display in plain sight.

Overall, this backpack is a lightweight, cushy option that will make your kid feel comfortable while going to school. The side pockets might be a bit too small for standard water bottles, though.

2. Lunch Box

Whether there are school lunches available or not, many parents are choosing to give their kids healthy homemade lunches for most of the school year. This might be more for the younger kids, especially if we want to stay on the safe side and provide bite-sized pieces of food.

A proper lunchbox will either fit into the kid’s backpack or have an option for strapping onto their front. Ideally, the lunchbox you kids have should be waterproof and leakproof as well. Bento boxes are now a hot favorite among concerned parents, mainly because of the convenient compartments and food-grade materials. Check out one of their most popular options below:

Bentgo Kids Brights

This is a leak-proof Bento Box with five compartments. It will hold the ideal portion sizes for kids aged 3 through 7. All the materials here are food-safe and BPA-free, while the range of bright colors will make lunchtime an additional delight for even the pickiest kids. 

3. Water Bottle

Hydration is an important habit to inculcate in your children as early as possible. Getting them their own water bottle will help to encourage this healthy habit, especially if they’ve taken up a sprit at school. With a proper reusable bottle, they can take a sip anytime without having to look around for a water fountain.

An insulated water bottle will help to maintain the preferred texture of the water. Here’s one good example of a suitable water bottle for taking to school:

CamelBak eddy Insulated Water Bottle

This is a 20-ounce water bottle that should be enough to keep your kid hydrated throughout the long school days. It’s available in a variety of gorgeous shades, including Jade, Fire, Sapphire, etc. The material is BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about toxins leaching into the water. 

The insulated structure here will keep any beverage cool even on a hot day, while the design is sleek and compact enough to carry in a regular backpack. It’s also dishwasher-safe, which should make it easier for the parent.

4. Organizers

Even if your school-gong kid is quite young, they’d need some sort of folders and/or binders to organize their subjects. There are separate worksheets and printables for various departments, so get a few folders in different colors to avoid confusion.

Organizers of any kind will also help kids keep track of their school records. Check out these colorful options and consider buying them for a proper organization system this year:

Lizz Express Paper Organizer Plastic File Folder

This accordion folder has tabs for perfect organization, expanding pockets for all your papers, and quality materials for a durable structure. There are about five expandable pockets, which should be enough to sort out the main subjects. 

The design here is a solid color, while the file itself is resistant to any breaking or cracking. There’s room for about 200 sheets, making this a sound purchase for study sessions, timetables, and any other document needs. 

5. Stationary

A schoolgoing kid will absolutely need a lot of pencils, pens, notebooks, and other forms of stationery throughout the school year. It’s best to go in prepared, so make sure you buy stationery in bulk if possible. This will probably be the most economical option, especially if there are some back-to-school sales going on.

In addition to getting stationery supplies, you should also make sure your kid has a proper place to store them. This Homecube case is one of the most convenient and trusted options, with ample space and durable constriction:

Homecube Pencil Case

This pencil case has a large capacity, with one large main compartment and two big pockets. A double zipper contains everything quite securely, so your kid can be sure of their stationery staying in one place. You can fit around 80 pens and pencils inside, or a few large items if need be. 

This case is also available in a variety of colors, including rose red, black, blue, and shades of green. The range of choices ensures that we have a color according to our preference.

In a nutshell, this is the cube your kid needs if they need to take a lot of stationery to school and keep it safe.  It’ll hold their staplers, medication, hand sanitizer, and many other items in addition to the usual stationery as well. Incidentally, this will also do very well for organizing your home office


When it’s time to go back to school, all those sales and displays might tempt you into making a lot of rash choices and needless purchases. Save your money and make sure your kid is adequately prepared by checking out these essentials first.

Whether, it’s their first-ever day of school or not, every kid probably needs an update on their supplies. Turn out the school stuff you already have, make a list of what you need, and you’ll hopefully be set for the year in no time. Of course, as the kids grow older, you might have to make more lists of essentials, such as what they need for prom night.