Baby Loved, Science Proven

Playtime is such a crucial part of early childhood development. Babies and children learn through playing, so wouldn’t it make sense that we should be picky about their toys? Lamaze Toys are baby loved and science proven, meaning they are designed with every stage of your baby’s development in mind. I’m sharing a few of our favorite Lamaze Toys, as well as a promo code to get 20% Lamaze Toys on Amazon, so read on to see which ones my kiddos and I recommend. 
Octotunes has got to be Josiah’s favorite. This adorable, giant plush octopus has 8 musical tentacles that are made of different textures and patterns. When squeezed, they play a different musical note, so you and baby can make some sweet music together. Josiah laughs when you squeeze them- a skill he’s mastering once he has a little more hand strength. He loves to stare at the big, friendly eyes and smile, which promotes healthy eye development. He loves wrestling around with this thing! It’s fun to watch his face when he falls over and accidentally hits a musical note. 

Cosimo Concerto is a soft, plush zebra that doubles as a piano. Each of the colorful stripes plays a different note when pressed. The bright, bold colors and patterns are great to help your baby focus and stimulate visual development. The crinkles and multiple textures are fun to feel and stimulate tactile senses. There’s also a switch you can flip on the back to play musical tunes instead of just notes, which encourages movement! Josiah likes to rock and sway when squeezes the zebra and turns on the music. 
Lastly, the Counting Animals Book was a big hit for us. Josiah loves things that crinkle, and he loves flipping through books and stares at the pages. This interactive book has high contrast pages for him to look at and work on his visual development. He’s able to grip and grab the soft, crinkly pages and develop fine motor skills. He loves to grab his book and bring it over to me- already knowing perfectly how to climb up on my lap as we turn the pages together and count the different animals. I also love that this book has a little clip on it, so I can easily hook it on his car seat or stroller strap so he has something to look at in the car or while running errands. I can always hear the crinkling from the backseat!  

Right now through August 26th you can get 20% off Lamaze Toys on Amazon by clicking here and using the promo code 20octotunes! If you or someone you know has or is expecting a baby, pass along this code to them- Lamaze Toys make a great baby shower or new baby gift and promote independent learning.