Awesome Gifts for College Students


    Even though many students claim that college is the greatest experience of their lives, it may also be difficult, especially if they suffer from anxiety or homesickness. Finding the perfect present can be the ideal option to express your love and care for this student. Here are some thoughtful, cost-effective gift suggestions for college students that you may want to check out.

    1. Backpack

    College students are well aware of the significant impact a backpack may have. In addition to helping you feel more fashionable and organized as you head to class; a good one can prevent you from experiencing back issues. Since college students need to carry textbooks, a laptop, and perhaps other items like workout attire, the perfect college bag is a necessity. Jansport, Herschel, Carhartt, The North Face, and Fjällräven Kånken are a few of the best backpacks ideal for college students.

    2. Laptop

    Young Man with Laptop

    A laptop is as necessary for students as textbooks and a school ID, and it’s not just for taking notes and writing essays. They should be able to handle their extracurricular activities as well, including streaming movies and music, keeping up with social media, sharing pictures, playing games, and video chatting with their parents and friends. A laptop they can use wherever they are is necessary since more schools and institutions are combining on-campus and remote study. Some of the top-picked brands include Apple MacBook, Lenovo, HP, Dell, and Asus. You may check their specifications and compare them based on the student’s needs.

    3. Headphones

    Black Headphones

    It’s crucial to make sure your headphones are the ideal fit for your environment because they are sometimes a need in the classroom. There are usually more than a few computers in a modern classroom. When there are several computers in the classroom, audio speakers can be loud and distracting for the students. Students who use headphones can concentrate on their assignments rather than those of other students. They assist students to concentrate, they make lectures easier to hear, and they quiet classrooms for greater learning. This could be one of the best gifts for college students.

    4. Laundry Bag

    Laundry Basket

    When one leaves for college, they typically have to learn practical skills like how to do their laundry, or more particularly, how to carry their dirty clothes and detergent two blocks to the closest Laundromat. This is when a reliable, portable laundry bag is necessary. The laundry bag must have all three of these qualities checked: convenient straps, lots of storage, and sturdy material. If they prefer laundry baskets, consider ones with solid handles for simple carrying and ones that might fit under the bed. Plastic baskets are excellent options because they are simple to clean. Make sure the natural fiber basket you purchase includes a fabric inside to prevent clothing snags.

    5. Cookbook

    Recipe Books

    Cooking as a college student aids in their transition to adult responsibility. When they are in college and away from their parents, they have to learn how to cook, fix a meal, make sandwiches, and a lot more. Although there are many ways to learn how to cook these days, including TV shows and YouTube videos, there’s something special about cooking from a book, flipping through pages of lusciously plated dishes for inspiration, and getting to know the author who handpicked and tested each recipe through the introduction and notes scattered throughout. Some of these best cookbooks include:

    • Prep: The Essential College Cookbook by Katie Sullivan Morford
    • The College Vegan Cookbook: 145 Affordable
    • Healthy & Delicious Plant-Based Recipes by Heather Nicholds
    • College Cookbook: Healthy, Budget-Friendly Recipes for Every Student by Tiffany Shelton
    • 5 Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food by Jamie Oliver

    6. Power Bank

    Portable Power bank

    The last thing a college student will need while they are away from their dorm is for their phone to run out of battery. How uncomfortable and troublesome it is to suddenly find a dead brick in their pocket when they have several classes to go to and business to attend. However, purchasing a high-capacity power bank is now more affordable than ever because of the constantly changing tech market. When it comes to keeping one’s phone charged during the day, power banks are a lifesaver. You can get smaller portable batteries with 5,000mAh and 10,000mAh capacities, but those with 20,000mAh will last you longer and should charge your device several times. There are indeed numerous types of power banks available to choose from.

    7. Air Purifier

    White Air Purifier

    Most if not all college students will appreciate an air purifier as a gift. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who has everything, think about getting them a portable air purifier. An infusion of fresh air is more than welcome for college students who reside in conventional dorm rooms. No matter how small the area, an air purifier removes pollen, dust, smoke, pet dander, mold spores, and bacteria for easier breathing. Some of the top-picked brands include Germ Guardian, Levoit, Honeywell, Medify, Pure Zone, and Hathaspace. 

    8. Wallets

    Money in Wallet

    Everybody needs a wallet, but college students may struggle to choose the ideal one that fits their ID from the university, their driver’s license, their debit and credit cards, cash, gift cards, and everything else they need without taking up too much space in their pocket or bookbag. It can be a slim one, just like the Travelambo RFID-Blocking Slim Wallet which has 23 card slots, or the Card Ninja Adhesive Wallet that can be attached to the back of their smartphone. There are a lot of styles to choose from.

    9. Planners

    Diary Organizer, Academic Planner

    Students in college must keep track of their studies, extracurricular activities, aspirations, and other things. Some students use their planners to record non-academic activities as well. All of these things should be taken into account by a good planner. This is also one of the finest gifts for college students because many of the best planners come with extra tools. Planners come in various designs and templates that can become handy for every college student. Contents can either have weekly or monthly layouts, expenses, and/or a class schedule tracker.

    10. Bedding


    College students frequently study until late at night. While staying up all night to study for a test is occasionally important, getting enough sleep is essential for getting through the day. Comfortable bedding is essential for those who live away from their parents to have a good night’s rest. Additionally, dorm beds serve as a place to sit, read, and socialize with friends, so making a comfortable area is important. You should search for breathable, long-lasting fabrics that will keep you warm in the winter and cool throughout the summer months in everything from sheets and a comforter to pillows and throws.


    There are indeed a lot of items to choose from that would help a college student ease his or her homesickness and anxiety. From bedding to classroom essentials, each item can certainly be of use. For sure, it’ll be something that’ll always be met with excitement plus students aren’t difficult to please. We hope that through this article, we have aided you in finding awesome gifts for college students.

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