Are you ready for Game of Thrones?

OK, if you’re not a Game of Thrones obsessed fan, you may want to leave now.
Or if you are and you aren’t up do date on the series, read with caution (spoiler alert!)
I need a moment to freak out and proclaim my excitement.
Are you ready for the season finale tonight?!
 I know I sure am!
Last week’s Red Wedding was brutal. I’ve read the first 4 books, so I knew what to expect, but still…it was a lot to take in. And there were a few differences between the show and the book, so even though I was prepared I was still surprised a few times. I absolutely love how you never know what’s coming next.
I’m excited for tonight because I have no idea where they will end the season. There will be a major cliff hanger for sure, but which one? Book 3 is far from over, but season 3 is coming to an end, so how will they do it? How much will they show tonight? Not enough, I already know. There’s a major part coming up very soon (in the book at least) that I’d love to see played out on TV, but I’m betting they’ll put it off until season 4 just to drag it out even longer. Darn you HBO.
Here are a few of my favorite parts from last week:
The music.
When The Rains of Castamere started playing, you knew sh*t was going down.


 When Catelyn noticed Roose Bolton wearing his armor. Uh oh.


Poor Lady Talisa. She wasn’t killed in the book, so this part was pretty shocking (and especially cruel & gruesome). I guess they are changing things up a little on this storyline.
I hate this guy. I can’t wait for someone to kill him.


This was all heart wrenching!
 When Jon Snow peaced out and left Ygritte.


The part where Bran & Rickon are so close to Jon Snow kills me. He’s right there! Bran controlling Hodor was pretty cool though. I can’t wait for him to use his magic some more, and for the rest of the Stark kids (and Jon) to discover their own magic as Wargs.


I saw this online and it made me sad. This pretty much sums up the Starks! How sad for them.
OK I’m off to not so patiently wait for the finale!
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