Amazing Lego Sets

With the latest learning toys, construction toys and more, your kids can enjoy endless hours of imaginative play with Lego sets. Check out these amazing Lego sets for your children that might include their favorite movies or characters, that will surely add fun when they play.

Lego: The Lord of the Rings the Battle of Helm’s Deep


You will surely want this set if you are a Lego collector and is a Lord of the Rings fanatic. This set is large and includes 1,368 pieces which you can assemble and have fun building. This set is very detailed with Lord of the Rings details where you can simulate this famous battle from the movie. But this toy is not just for Lego or Lord of the Rings collectors, this set can also be enjoyable for any Lego fan because of its great features that kids and adults will have fun building.

This impressive set has measurements of 20 inch wide, 9 bag Lego includes a 6-inch high outer wall, 9-inch high tower with horn and an inner throne room. The set also provides special interactive features that were included in the movie like a catapult by the front stairs, exploding wall, bridge gate and hidden doorway. Aside from the Lord of the Rings Set, it also has 8 mini-figures including Aragorn, Gimli, Haldir, King Theodon, Berserker Urukhai and 3 Uruk-hai who are key characters in the movie. These 8 mini-figues are extremely detailed with printed legs and double-sided heads, and you can equip then with a wide range of weapons including swords, single and double bladed axes, shields, bows, spears, torches to completely re-enact your favorite battle scenes.

This set is easy to play because it comes with four easy to understand instruction booklets enough guidance using its colorful and large pictures. The 9 bags are numbered as well with bags 1 and 2 for building the entrance, bag 3 for the construction of the stairs and the left round corner while bag 4 is for the construction of the right round corner. Bags 5 and 6 is for building the tower, while bag 7 for building the wall, and lastly, bags 8 and 9 for building the throne room. Storing them is not hard as well for it includes an orange Lego plastic brick separator which you can use to pull apart any two bricks.

This set is an impressively set with very detailed pieces and fun options which makes it the perfect toy for family gathering where kids and adults can enjoy playing for hours. It is also a very good way of letting you children take a break from using technology or electronic devices.


LEGO The Lord of the Rings


LEGO The Lord of the Rings 9474

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fanatic, this set is one of the perfect ways to re-imagine the scenes from the renowned novel by J.R.R. Tolkien. This set includes a fortress that features the outer ring, tower with horn, opening gate, inner throne room. Some weapons that include sword, double-axed blade, bow, shield sword, and Uruk-hai weapons, a miniature LEGO figures which include Aragorn, Gimli, Haldir, King Theoden, Berseker Uruk-hai and three Uruk-hai warriors, other figures also includes bomb, siege ladder and horse.

With the detailed work of each of these figures, you will be particularly delighted. The modular construction of the components allows a more flexible, versatile and fun playing. With this Lego set, launch a surprise attack from the hidden door, drive the enemies away with the catapult, go up the tower and blow the Horn of Helm Hammerhand and blast off the wall.


LEGO Ideas Tron Legacy Light Cycles



The Tron Legacy LEGO set was inspired by the futuristic box-office hit Tron Legacy  which allows you to relive your beloved sci-fi/action flick. Create your own Tron Legacy world by building and playing this set which includes mini action figures of Sam Flynn, Quorra and Rinzler as well as two light cycles, plus a Tron and grid display base.



Capture the splendor of India’s most famous landmark by building this amazing LEGO Taj Mahal Set! Consisting of almost 6,000 pieces, this set is definitely not for the novice Lego fans! It is rich in details, so it requires a lot of your time, meticulous attention and dedication — not to mention experience — to complete this awe-inspiring Lego masterpiece. Of course, it gives you loads of fun especially if you’re a devoted Lego fan.

Recommended for players aged 16 and up.

With these amazing LEGO sets, make family time more fun by constructing whatever you want and have a great time.