All You Need For a Trip to Mountains This Summer

What do you imagine your dream vacation to be like? It probably includes a closer place to nature – freshwater, lush greenery. Many people choose beaches and other similar sites to spend some time away from the hustle of city life. We are here to give you enough reasons to plan your next trip to the mountains to have an experience for a lifetime.

Mountains are a place of serenity and peace. You can feel the crisp unpolluted air just by breathing and enjoy breathtaking views from nature in its raw form, untouched by most humans. A planned trip to the mountains can exactly be what you need for your vacation. 

People are reluctant to plan their trips around mountains because they assume that hiking for hours is too tiresome. They’d instead book a resort on a beach and relax with the family. Sure, that can also be fun. But they would be missing out so much more than they can imagine.

Since mountains are a completely new terrain, the essentials required to pack for the trip might be different from planning a regular trip. You will need a particular set of gear before heading out to the mountains. Mountain trips can be therapeutic, but they can be equally dangerous without proper planning.

But don’t worry, we have got you covered. There is no need to fret over what to pack in your bag for the mountains. Follow our guide, and you will be good to go.

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1. Essential Clothes

The climate in the mountains can vary significantly during day and night. While it may be hot and sunny during the day, nights can get chilly. Add a little rain, and you will need something warm to wear even during the day. Therefore, it is crucial to pack the right kind of clothes otherwise your trip will be ruined.

If you plan to hike during your trip, you need to save yourself from getting sun tan and rashes. It will be best if you pack full-sleeved shirts. Pack comfortable athletic pants or shorts, and do not forget to pack hats and caps for everyone. Buy strong shoes that are good for hiking because regular sneakers and shoes do not go well while hiking on uneven mountains. Following are some hiking essentials:

  • Raincoats – you can’t predict the weather on mountains. One hour it will be sunny and the next it might be raining cats and dogs. In such cases, you must have raincoats to avoid getting unnecessarily soaked. 
  • Sweater and jacket – as mentioned earlier, it can get chilly at night. You will regret not packing warm clothes. Pack a comfortable jacket that you can easily take off and pack away again.
  • Extra socks – it is evident that your feet will sweat more while hiking all day. No one wants smelly socks. Pack a couple of different pairs of socks so that you may feel comfortable all day.
  • Swimsuit – depending on your location for the trip, you may have freshwater springs or lakes nearby that you don’t want to miss. So, pack your swimsuits just in case you want to relax all day by the lake.

2. Backpack


Backpacks are essential because you cannot carry tons of stuff during a hike. Everyone must have a small bag filled with things that they will most probably need, such as snacks, a bottle of water, a pair of socks, and possibly a raincoat. They are easy to carry on the back and shouldn’t be too heavy either.

3. Snacks


It will be best to pack ready-made snacks like crisps that are not wet. Dry snacks won’t ruin your backpack and other things inside. Professionals recommend that you carry sweet snacks like M&Ms or candies during a hike. These sweets give an instant energy boost when you feel like getting tired. 

4. Portable Tents

Portable Tents

If you plan to have an all-outdoor adventure, it is better to get good quality portable tents. These tents are easy to put together and are great to enjoy outdoors. Lodges and cabins in the mountains offer these tents to tourists too. If you don’t want to carry your own, you can rent them from these lodges.

5. Camera


Of course, how can anyone forget this essential item! Everyone wants to capture insta-worthy clicks from their trip to brag on social media later. Smartphones are indeed great for photography too, but they are not water-friendly. Also, they quickly lose their charging and die. For this reason, a back-up camera is necessary. Try getting a water-proof camera like a GoPro Hero 8 for excellent quality pictures.

6. Hammock


This is optional, but if you already have a hammock, there is no reason not to bring it to the mountains. You will find plenty of sights where you would want to swing all day. The hammock will come in handy in such places.

7. Cellphone Chargers and Power Banks

Cellphone Chargers and Power Banks

At an altitude, cellphones tend to lose their charging very fast. You may be staying at a well-facilitated lodge, but electricity unavailability can be an issue. These are mountains we’re talking about – anything can happen. To avoid getting your phones dead, pack fully-charged power banks with you. They are light-weight and portable. You can even carry them in your backpacks during the hike.

8. Toiletries and Bugs Repellent

Toiletries and Bugs Repellent

For obvious reasons, you should have the most basic toiletries and an organizer travel bag to store them. That may include soaps, towels, wipes, and tissues. A day out adventuring can be a bit messy. Since we are treading among nature, insects will be found in abundance. Get a skin-friendly bug repellent lotion so that nothing harmful bites you. It is better to show minimum skin to avoid getting bitten by anything.

9. A Handy Flashlight

A Handy Flashlight

Not that it should happen, in case you lost track of time and wandered a bit too long after sunset, a portable flashlight can come in handy. Pen torch and similar light sources are cheap and readily available. One torch per backpack is a must. 

10. Hiking Sticks

Hiking Sticks

Again, this is optional if you are already pro at Hiking. But if you are a newbie, this will make your hiking experience much easier as these hiking poles are meant to provide support while going uphill.

11. First-Aid Kit

First-Aid Kit

An essential for every trip, this cannot be ignored in any way. If you don’t own a ready-made first-aid kit, make your own. In a small container, pack bandages, antiseptic lotion, cotton pads, and scissors. Also, put pain-relieving and anti-rheumatic medicines. Safety should always be everyone’s first concern.

12. Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Save your eyes! The sunlight can be very sharp and irritating up the mountains, which can be harmful to the skin as it can tan or burn it. Pack a sunscreen lotion and apply generously before going out into the sun.


Vacations are a great way to escape from your routine life and an excellent means to bond with your family. Are you feeling distant with your children due to your hectic routine? Just plan a trip to the mountains with them, and they will love you for it. Mountains can do their magic on anyone who wants to be connected to nature. 

Just make sure to pack all the things we mentioned above, and you are good to go.