All about 5G – Five Incredible Advantages

The hype about the 5G network has been a hot topic for tech geeks for more than a year, but thankfully, now we can see this extraordinary invention stepping into its initial development phase.

5G aims to completely transform our lives by connecting everything, and everyone in our surroundings with the help of its powerful network which is a hundred times faster than our regular cellular connections, and ten times speedier than our broadband services. It features a higher capacity, lower latency, faster speed, and increased bandwidth than 4G. This drastic improvement in the field of data and networking is sure to have a major impact on how we work, live, and travel across the globe.

In this article, we have come up with the top five advantages that the 5G network is going to provide us with. Let’s check them out!

Remote surgery

After its extraordinary speed, the most significant advantage of 5G network is the short processing time between a tech tool/device catching the signals and receiving a response. Although this lag-time is not necessarily noticeable all the time, still we know that 4G tends to lag at times and that’s where 5G comes to the rescue; it practically eliminates the lagging, which in the medicinal field means that a surgeon might not even need to be present at the same location as the patient to carry out the operation. 5G is going to make the ‘remote surgeries’ possible!

The doctor would be able to use a Virtual Reality headset and a special glove to work with a robot arm which will practically operate in another room. Many organizations are labeling this idea as the “internet of skills” that would give you the access to transfer your skills over a huge distance in real-time via robotics and/or haptic feedback.

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Self-driving Vehicles

While corporate giants like Uber and Google have been investing in automatic, self-driving cars for a long time now, still many tech experts in the industry do not believe that a fully autonomous car is possible without the availability of a 5G network.

For example, the president of Samsung’s US unit, Tim Baxter states, “We are absolutely convinced that 5G is the next revolution.”

According to tech experts, the ubiquitous coverage and urban design of the 5G network will enable the cars to ‘communicate’ with each other through the sensors built at different corners of the city, from random electric poles to gas stations, etc.


Up till now, we have heard about war drones or delivery drones, or random camera drones only. However, now 5G is all set to unleash the true capability of drones by taking its use to next level.

According to the director of market development at Intel, Lynn Comp, the 5G network will enhance the drone controls while sending back or recording the high-definition video. He gave the classic example of flying a drone over an oil drill with a video camera.

Home broadband

One of the most significant, and prominent advantages of 5G is the replacement of traditional internet service at home and workplaces. It would be here with us sooner than we can expect, as AT&T and Verizon have already invested in trials in the United States.

Obviously, smartphones will gradually get used to the 5G network and the internet will download, surf, and browse the websites much more speedily than ever. You would be able to download a whole movie, TV serial, or heavy file within seconds.

Speed Upgrades

Each cellular network generation has provided us with a drastic increase in speed, and the strong network of 5G, which is the fifth generation of cellular network technology is going to take you even far beyond 4G LTE.

According to tech experts, predicted speeds of up to ten Gbps represent up to a hundred times increase as compared to regular 4G. In other words, 4G vs. 5G data and speed improvements will result in exciting possibilities for users. For example, sharing a high-resolution TV show, or movie at the highest download speeds will go straight from six minutes to just six seconds! Similarly, all the other browsing, surfing, streaming, and downloading will become much faster than before. With the efficient use of 5G, you can enjoy better signal quality in all types of phone calls too, as it is going to facilitate the users with extraordinarily fast signals.


Although 5G network promises to provide its users with a long list of advantages, here we have mentioned the top ones only. Some other benefits include Virtual Reality, a touchy-feely internet, a greater number of connected devices, etc. However, if you still wish to know more about 5G network features, specifications, and advantages, then you can conduct detailed research on the internet. You can find tons of articles, blogs, and even research papers related to the 5G development stages, their origin, and benefits.

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