Adventures in babysitting and a 16 week baby bump

I got to spend my Saturday night babysitting my adorable niece. My brother and sister-in-law wanted to go on a date, so the kids and I went over to their house while they went out to a movie and played some laser tag (sounds like a fun date, right?!) Sierra is almost 14 months now and she’s the sweetest little thing. She didn’t cry or fuss at all and had a blast playing with Lily and getting smothered in kisses by me. It gave me a little glimpse of what it will be like with three kids, and let me tell you…I was absolutely exhausted when I got home and crawled into my bed. Totally worth it though, because look at this sweet face.

I hit 16 weeks on Monday and I had my monthly check up. I was a little wary to ask my doctor about my weight gain so far- I’ve gained 15 pounds already! That’s kind of a lot for 16 weeks and my pregnancy app keeps telling me I’m “excessive” for where I’m at right now. But I started out being underweight, so my doctor assured me that gaining 15 pounds at this point is perfectly fine for me, and she said she was actually really happy that I have a little extra meat on my bones now. I no longer have a thigh gap and I even have a bit of a booty! I do need to make sure I’m eating a little healthier though. I admit I’ve been going a little crazy indulging myself on every little thing I’m craving.

I don’t have another doctor’s appointment for a month and I have to wait until then to have an ultrasound to find out the gender. We definitely want to know what it is, so I’m anxiously waiting for March 18th to hurry up and get here.

Speaking of cravings.
My husband brought these home from Costco and they are the devil. They are so good.
I blame him for these 15 pounds. He’s definitely encouraging me!
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What did you/do you crave when you’re pregnant?