A Valentine’s Day Gelish MINI manicure

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?
I may be the only blogger in the world who doesn’t decorate or do anything special for Valentine’s Day. I had never even heard of people decorating their houses for it until I started blogging. I decorate for Christmas and that’s about it. I also buy my kids store bought Valentines for school. For shame, right?!
While my house may not be ready for Valentine’s Day, my nails sure are. I was at home eating chocolates on Tuesday when the idea struck me that I should do something fun with my nails. I got my gel stuff out and got to work.
Here’s what I came up with:
I’m wearing Light Elegant on all of the nails, then I used some loose silver glitter embedded in the gel for the middle, and used Make You Blink Pink for the heart and polka dots (all Gelish MINI colors). Nail art is definitely not my strong point, so I stick to pretty basic designs and just used a pointed orange wood stick to do the heart and dots. I like how this one turned out though and I’ve gotten compliments on them just about everywhere I go. Remember, if you need a good gel nail tutorial check out mine here.
Hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!
We’re probably going to have a relaxing night at home and I might make some cupcakes.
Do you have any big plans?





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