A vacation haircut- I finally chopped it off!

I’m updating you all again from my vacation in Idaho. It’s been beautiful here so far!

We got to spend a couple of days at the lake with some friends. It’s been great!
If you follow me on Twitter (you should!), you might remember me talking about wanting to cut off my long hair.Well, I had the opportunity while I’m here- all of my friends here do hair, so I took advantage of that. I think we chopped about 8-10 inches off but managed to keep my hair semi long.
Here’s my before & after:
The top picture shows my natural texture- which is basically a brillo pad. I hate my curly hair!
This shorter style takes way less time to blow dry an style.
 And I love how there is just a little bit of the lighter color on the ends.
Also, I mentioned in my last post that I was stung on the lip by a wasp. You can see my puffy lip on the right side too. It’s still a little swollen and looks like I have an uneven collagen injection. It has gone down quite a bit though. I looked like I got slugged in the face for the first couple of hours! Dang wasps.

Well, I’m back to my vacation fun!
Hope you’re enjoying your summer so far.