A little trip to Target

Of course, on the day that I don’t want to go anywhere, my keyboard breaks on my laptop. And by “keyboard” I mean the ghetto $10 external keyboard I have plugged in to my laptop because the actual laptop keyboard itself was destroyed by a giant cup of coffee right, remember? Yeah, so for a while now I’ve had this awesome keyboard (with a cord, mind you!) that’s allowed me to still use my computer this whole time. Unfortunately that cord finally broke today. 
Since I can’t blog if I can’t type I figured a trip to Target was a must. So even though it was like 5 degrees out today (I’m totally lying it was like 30-something) Lily and I braved the cold and headed to our favorite place in the world.

Of course we had to make an immediate pit stop for coffee and Icees. You can’t shop without a beverage!
Lily knows how to shop. We started off in the little seasonal area right by the doors and looked at all of the cute Valentine’s Day stuff. Somehow I made it out of there without a bunch of junk I didn’t need.
Next we looked at housewares, where Lily showed me all of the cute bedroom stuff they have that she wants for her big girl room. They have some really cute stuff on the children’s bedroom aisle! Actually, this lamp caught my eye because it’s so similar to one that I made a while back and blogged about.

Remember this one?
This was from April 2011 and I blogged about it here.
Here’s the one I saw at Target:
Kinda similar, huh? I guess I should have tried just the couple rows of ruffles at the bottom like they did.
Then I saw these cute pillows:
Pretty sure I could make something like these! I want to try now.
Love these unicorn banks! I really wanted one until my 4 year old asked for one too.

 We stopped to look at bathing suits (YES bathing suits!)
 Note how bundled up Lil is. It was freezing that day! She loved the blue sparkly one the best. I told her we’d come back for it in August when we get our 2 weeks of sunshine. Of course by then they’ll have Christmas trees out again. Also, my daughter isn’t allowed to wear bikinis.
We got sidetracked and spent a long time on the toy aisle, specifically the Barbie one. Our Target finally restocked the Monster High stuff. Are your girls into Monster High?! Mine has been for about a year now and their stuff is always sold out everywhere I go.
This is a new girl they have named Rochelle Goyle and I think she’s cute!
We finally made it out of Target after about 45 minutes of browsing the entire store with just my wireless keyboard and our drinks. I think that’s a Target record because we didn’t buy anything extra!
This is what my laptops looks like now. Still pretty ghetto, but I splurged. I decided to avoid another broken cord later on and I got a wireless on this time. And by splurge I mean I spent $15 instead of $10…that’s a splurge for me!

So where’s your favorite place to shop? Have you seen all of the cute housewares stuff at Target?