A few life changes

I decided that after revisiting my resolutions I made for 2013 that it was time to get my butt in gear. I said I wanted to be more active and I meant it! I’ve been researching a lot about yoga lately and I decided to finally go for it! Here’s why.

In the last year or so I’ve finally accepted the fact that I have an anxiety problem. I found a doctor and went to him about it. After some talk I told him that I felt ready to try some kind of medication to help with my anxiety, and what he felt was a little bit of depression too (I agreed). I tried one medication and right away I hated it. I had all of the negative side effects and I didn’t like it. So he switched me to another one, and that one seemed to be the miracle drug I was looking for. I had energy, I was happy, I felt less anxious and stressed, and I wasn’t blowing up at everyone over the smallest of things anymore. Fast forward to 4 months later and my “miracle drug” crapped out on me. All of a sudden it was like a switch went off in my head and it stopped working. I felt like the old me again, which wasn’t good. Actually, I was worse off. My medication that I thought was a God-send suddenly was making me super emotional and feeling crazy. I was crying for no reason and starting fights with my husband over nothing. He noticed this change in my behavior pretty quickly and suggested I stop taking the medication right away (after talking to my doctor, of course). I told the doctor I wanted quit taking any and all medications and just kind of detox and see what happens. It took a few weeks for everything to balance back out, but after a while I was back to my old stressed out super anxious self.

Sounds like an emotional roller coaster, doesn’t it? That’s what it felt like, and that’s why after my experience I swore off all medications that could mess with my brain like that. I’m not saying that the medications don’t work or that someone taking something for depression or anxiety should stop- this is just my personal experience and opinion. I decided to find another way and began reading up more on diet and exercise, especially after a friend of mine posted this:

I really really do believe that antidepressants and other medications are extremely over prescribed. My doctor was very nice, but I only had a 30 minute conversation with him on my first visit and I left his office with a prescription for a medication that would completely alter my brain chemistry. That sounds little scary when you think about it!

Another dear friend of mine had suggested yoga to me a few times for the body and mind,  so I decided to begrudgingly give it a try. I wasn’t sure what standing around in crazy poses and saying words like “Namaste” was supposed to do for my mind & body, but I figured I’d give it a shot and see what the hype was all about.

I found this beginner yoga video on Youtube and I pinned it to my exercise board
Now I’m going to divulge something kind of embarrassing, so try not to laugh.
After making it through this 20 minute video I cried.
Yes, I cried.
Why? I couldn’t tell you.

 Apparently crying is a very common experience after a yoga workout- Google it.
For me, it might have just been the fact that I was proud of myself for doing it, the stress relief I felt when I was done, or maybe it was the positive energy I felt humming through my body afterward. Whatever it was, it was amazing, and I felt amazing all day. I felt happy and energetic. I didn’t feel stressed out or anxious and I didn’t lose my temper all day (and that’s saying a lot because it was just me & the kids cooped up in the house all day on a rainy Saturday while Daddy worked). I actually found myself smiling while I was folding laundry! I had to stop myself and I thought “why the hell am I so happy right now?” It was kind of a weird feeling. I’m pretty sure I can thank the yoga for my great mood all day.
One surprising thing I learned about yoga was that it was actually pretty challenging. I wasn’t just standing there in weird poses with my eyes closed. All of my muscles were engaged and I broke a sweat. My flexibility is pretty embarrassing, and my balance totally sucked. I was thankful to be doing it in the privacy of my own living room while everyone else slept, because I fell over a few times after losing my balance. However, after only 3 days of doing yoga I realized I’m already more flexible and I’m able to hold all of the poses in the video now.

 Find some more yoga pins like these on my new Pinterest board:

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Along with exercise I’m also taking extra vitamin D. I live in an area that is constantly under a grey, drizzly sky and we don’t get to see the sunshine very often. I really think a lot of people are probably seriously lacking in vitamin D, which you get from the sun and from certain foods. You can read more about vitamin D here and why find out why you should take more than the recommended daily dosage, especially if you live in a very cold and wet climate.
I’m so excited to learn more about yoga and practice some more. I’ve seen some pretty amazing poses I’d love to be able to do some day. For now though I’m enjoying learning something new and pushing myself physically for the first time in a long time. It actually feels really great!