A different kind of ultrasound tomorrow

I’ve been slightly miserable lately.
I’m still suffering from morning sickness most days.
It should be called all day sickness.
Then I got H1N1. No fun.
We’re also house hunting, which I talked about on Facebook.
And now, to top it off, I have to get a special ultrasound tomorrow. No, not like the fun ultrasound I had last week were I got to see the little gummy bear baby inside of my belly. That one was cute. This one is for a lump I found in my armpit. It’s been there for a few months (I know, I should have done something sooner) and it’s slightly painful at times. The doctor didn’t seem too overly concerned about it, but did want to get it checked out since I have a pretty significant family medical history. Hoping everything is fine and the lump is just nothing- positive thinking & prayers would be much appreciated!
I’ll keep you all updated as soon as I get any news.