A bridge collapse in our town

I cannot even begin to tell you how terrified I was last night.   
No joke.
When your husband is running late and news breaks you go into freak out mode:
This is my town.
This is the bridge my husband & I drove over twice just the night before on our date night.
This is the bridge I drove over to do my shopping at Joanns, Walmart, Lowes, etc.
 This is the bridge my husband drove over last night when he left the house.
Here’s how our timeline went:
Shayne left around 5pm to meet up with a friend for coffee (over the bridge).
He was supposed to be home for dinner by 7.
7pm rolls around and he’s not home, but he’s always running late.
7:06 he texts me “On my way.”
I started feeding the kids and decided to play around on Facebook and wait for him.
Minutes after sitting down to the computer I saw this pop up in my feed:
I saw this the second it was posted and they had no details whatsoever.
He should have been crossing the bridge right around that time.
And he was late.
Panicked, I immediately tried calling him.
My first call was at 7:24 and it wouldn’t go through.
I tried a few times over & over again and nothing would go through.
Then I remembered seeing on the news where they said to text people in an emergency.
7:26 I sent “Where are you are you OK?????”
 There were a few minutes where my knees were shaking, I had tears in my eyes and I was saying “No, no, no, no, no, no….please God, no.” 
Finally at 7:29 he replied “Yeah not on the bridge.”
And that’s when I finally collapsed on the floor and just started crying.
At 7:35 we were finally able to get through for about 5 minutes before the phones went out again. I quickly told him the bridge collapsed and that he needed to find a different way to get home. I hopped online & helped him re-route. It was another hour and a half before he was finally home- a trip that should have taken him about 10 minutes. When he pulled up I ran out to the driveway and jumped on him and I told him I thought he was dead.
Now, that might sound a tad dramatic, but look at the timeline. In the moment, I thought for sure he was on it. They said it collapsed sometime after 7, but I haven’t heard a specific time still. He should have been on it. Thank God he talks so much and got delayed with his friend in the parking lot of the coffee shop. There are a lot more details and crazy circumstances surrounding this and I can’t even begin to tell you guys all of it because I’m still in shock.
Amazingly, no one was killed or seriously injured. It wasn’t rush hour and thankfully only 3 people fell into the freezing water. And thankfully it wasn’t the middle of the bridge that collapsed because the water would have been much deeper and faster moving.
I was glued to the news all night and was so happy to hear that everyone was OK. It was scary to hear how many of our friends narrowly missed the bridge as well! Two of Shayne’s co-workers had just gone over the bridge 15 minutes prior to it falling.
They are now saying an over-sized semi truck clipped the bridge while going across it and that’s what caused it to fall. Let me say this: the bridge was sketchy before! Like majorly sketchy and it freaked me out to drive over it all the time. I always imagined it crumbling beneath my tires when I’d drive over it, but I’m kind of crazy like that. I’m always thinking of the worst case scenario. Hopefully this is a wake up call to Washington state to get our bridges inspected and fixed! I know a ton that aren’t in the best shape.
And also, to the gawkers who flocked to the bridge in droves just to see the “action”- get a life. Shame on you. I’m glad all of the pajama clad people from Walmart herded themselves over with their children to sit and stare and get in rescue workers way. They were saying over and over again on the news that spectators were impeding rescue efforts and for everyone to go home. So annoying.
I’m just so thankful no one was killed and that everyone is safe. This is going to be a traffic nightmare for us, as it’s the main route from Seattle to Canada. All of the ways to get around it are a pain in the butt and super far out of the way, but we’ll figure it out. Everyone is OK. That’s all that matters. Everyone got to return home to their families when it was all over.
Today I’m feeling extremely blessed.
Life is fragile.
Nothing is certain.
God is good.