9 months pregnant- let’s hang at the water park!

I’m officially in the home stretch- 35 weeks, or 9 months pregnant.
Kind of crazy to think that I basically have a full sized baby hanging out inside of me.
It’s been getting so hot outside lately. Being pregnant in the summer is no walk in the park, let me tell you. I already hate sweating and being overly hot, and when you’re pregnant it seems like you’re always extra warm. Throw in an extra 40+ pounds, 90 degree temperatures, and no air conditioning and you’ve got one miserable mama. So what’s a 9 month pregnant, hot, sweaty mama to do? Take the kids to our local water park.
We love this place. It’s close to our house, it’s super cheap ($10 for the three of us!), and we always have friends who meet us there. My pregnant pal Jodi and her son Cooper, and my friend Anna her 6 year old daughter Violet have come to play and hang out with us pretty much every time we go. The kids have a blast playing in the water and us mamas get to lounge a bit and chat and munch on our favorite chicken strips and fries from the concession stand. (when we’re not checking on/chasing the kids around, that is!) This water park is small and family friendly, hence the cheap price, so when you’re sitting you can see the whole park and easily keep your eye on the older ones who don’t need as much supervision. They can pretty much pair off, throw on their life jackets, and splash around together without needing mom to hover over them constantly. Of course I get in and play too (and cool off) but I just can’t do the water slide this year. Bummer! Another thing I love? No teenage delinquents running around on their own- this park is strictly for families, so it’s mostly little ones that are my kids’ age and younger.

Mom, can we please get ice cream? It will give me more energy to swim!
We’re trying to get in as much summer fun as we can right now, because in about one month the baby will be here and I expect that our water park trips are going to stop. I think my daily evening naps will probably be stopping as well, so I’m getting in as many of those while I can too. 
How are you staying cool this summer?
Hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you’re at!