8 Combinations to Avoid When Wearing Jeans


    Almost two centuries ago, Levi Strauss invented the first pair of denim jeans in an attempt to create long-lasting and comfortable clothing for workers. Today denim is perhaps the one clothing essential that any wardrobe is incomplete without. This universally flattering clothing piece is a staple for both males and females. Whether you’re headed for a meeting or just grabbing drinks with your friends, denim has got you covered!

    This versatile and durable garment can be worn with boots, sneakers, or heels and easily adapts to environments—day or night. There are a plethora of combinations that you can try with a good pair of jeans, but the truth is that not all of them work.

    While some of these combos may be unflattering for your body type, others can make your outfit look shabby and dated. But don’t you worry, we’ve got your back! To help you avoid any fashion disasters, we’ve compiled a list of some style combinations that you should avoid when rocking jeans.

    1. Loose Fit Jeans and a Baggy Top

    Since Gen-Z has declared skinny jeans as a major faux pas, boyfriend and mom jeans have become the go-to piece for every fashionista out there. Who doesn’t want to rock this chic yet comfy trend? But be sure to avoid wearing a baggy or a loose top with your boyfriend jeans. Opt for a more tailored, fitted blouse instead. It will make you look poised and put together.

    2. Say NO to Tight Boyfriend Jeans

    Whether you have an hourglass, a pear, or a triangle body shape, boyfriend jeans flatter every body type. But to nail this trend, finding a good balance between slouchy and skinny is key. To channel your inner-relaxed girl vibe, purchase your jeans in the right size and shape. For instance, plus size distressed boyfriend jeans are a good option for our curvy ladies. In contrast, our petite fashionistas can consider a tapered or a wide-leg fit. Remember boyfriend jeans are meant to be slightly loose, so buying an extremely fitted pair defeats the purpose.

    3. Don’t Overdo It

    Remember ladies, less is more in the jeans department! Statement jeans are a huge trend, and we are all for it. But remember to keep your top basic and let the jeans do the talking when rocking a statement pair. Also, make sure to avoid over-the-top accessories with decorative jeans. It can make you look like you’re trying too hard. There is a fine line between distressed and tattered so keep that in mind. Yes, rips and frayed hems look cool, but your jeans should look like they’re five years old and not 20.

    4. Choose The Right Shoe

    Footwear can either elevate an outfit or completely take away from it. Not all shoe styles flatter all silhouettes and lengths of jeans.

    • Let’s consider boots. Knee-high boots don’t pair well with jeans because they make your legs look short. With skinny jeans or even mom jeans, consider wearing ankle boots for a full-length effect.
    • Heels pair exceptionally well with baggy, long, and flared jeans. When wearing boot-cut jeans, avoid chunky sneakers. Instead, wear a kitten or block heel to keep the outfit casual and make your legs look longer.
    • Flats, mules, and sneakers look chic when paired with cropped or mid-calf jeans. But when worn with baggy jeans, they can look off-putting and shabby.

    5. Don’t Wear a Belt the Same Color as Your Jeans

    Belts aren’t just meant to be worn when your jeans don’t fit well. They are a unique accessory that can add to your look if worn the right way. They can add character to a monochromatic outfit, add color and emphasize your waist. But never wear a belt the exact same shade as your jeans. It will serve no aesthetic value if you’re wearing a black pair of denim with a black belt. Consider a contrasting color; black jeans look great with a brown belt. Similarly, blue denim pairs well with a tan or black belt.

    6. Do Denim-on-Denim but The Right Way:

    Denim on denim is a tricky trend that only a few have mastered. If done correctly, wearing an all-over denim look can double the wow factor. When creating a double denim look, make sure you opt for pieces that have different shades; a top-to-bottom same-colored outfit is a big no.

    Instead, try considering contrasting washes, maybe even different colors or textures of denim altogether. For instance, a crisp white denim pair of jeans with a blue chambray shirt is a look you can never go wrong with. Pair with some nude accessories, and you’re good to go.

    7. Tunics and High-Waisted Jeans

    High-waisted jeans are all the rage right now, and it’s a trend that all of us agree with. Not only do they make your figure look snatched, but they also elongate your legs. However, wearing a tunic or blousy top defeats that purpose entirely, as the excess fabric of the top competes with the coverage of the bottom. So the right way to rock high-rise jeans is to pair them with a cropped top since your abdomen is covered. Wear a fitted button-down shirt for a more formal look and tuck it in.

    8. Don’t Go Crazy With Color

    A little color goes a long way. However, don’t mix bright-colored jeans with tops and accessories equally bold in color. Also, make sure to avoid clashing patterns. For example, let’s take burgundy color jeans; they can look tacky when worn with a bright blue colored top.

    Instead, let the color be the statement and opt for a muted black or white tee. The same goes for patterns; wearing two clashing patterns can be a huge fashion disaster. Real fashionistas know that less is more. So if you’re wearing bottoms with a bold pattern, balance it by wearing a basic, solid-colored top and vice versa.


    Denim is a fashion staple that has been around for ages, and it isn’t going out of style any time soon. Following the rules means you get an outfit that works every time.

    However, don’t take rules too seriously, and have fun every now and then. At the end of the day, fashion should be fun. Your style should define you and represent your personality. So if a specific combination speaks to you, go ahead and rock it with confidence.


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