5 Minute Girls Hair Accessories

Have you ever realized your daughter could use some more hair accessories – maybe because she loses them everywhere or the dog decides they are a fun toy?

When we went to buy some they were cute but seemed super overpriced.  We also thought that even an un-crafty mom might be able to make these.  You probably already have what you need in your house, but if not, the supplies would be very inexpensive at a craft store.  If you don’t have plain girls’ hair clips, you can use bobby pins. Here are some hair accessories that we came up with:

Where to Buy
Chenkou Craft Mix Lots
YAMA Polka Dot Grosgrain Ribbons Set
Glitter Fabric Acrylic Felt Sheets
Hair Scrunchies Knit Elastic Hair Ties Scrunchy Hair Bands
Jili Online 50 Pieces Silver Color Metal French Barrettes Clips
Arlai Silver Rhinestone Jewelry Crystal Flower Button Hair Accessory
Teenitor Ponytail Creator
15 Colors Baby Girls Big Sparkly Sequins 6
Scettar 40 Pcs Hair Styling Accessories Kit


Floral Headband:

This one was very simple.  I found this floral thread in the ribbon section of the fabric store, and just wrapped it around a headband, hot glueing it in a few places. If you don’t find any floral thread around, you can also check out organza made ribbon flowers.

This pack is a bulk lot that contains 40 flowers of different colors. Either you can make your own fabric headbands and glue these flowers on them or use plain white or black headbands available at home to beautify them.

I also tried some cute headbands by four small pieces of tulle. Simply wrap them around each other, and hot glue them to a girl’s hair clip.

Tulle Hair Clip

To make this hair bow, I used two different patterns of ribbon.  I curled them with scissors, and hot glued them to a hair clip. Then I wrapped a small black ribbon around the clip, to hide the place where I glued the other ribbons. You can also try ribbons that we use for gift wrapping such as YAMA Polka Dot Grosgrain Ribbons Set.

This set consists of ribbons in different sizes and colors. The best part about them is that they can easily be washed in the machine and the color doesn’t fade easily. I have made plenty of these flowers of different sizes and my daughter now wears them with matching clothes.

Hair Tie

This one was the most simple of all of them but happened to be my daughter’s favorite.  As you can tell, all I did was tie some different ribbons on to a hair tie. Easy!

Hair Bow

For a hair bow, I only used a hair clip, small piece of felt, and button.  I cut the heart in the felt (you can use any pattern you would like, I chose a heart for Valentine’s Day), and hot glued the button.  Then I simply glued it on to a hair clip. While I had this felt at home, I have also tried a similar bow with glitter felt that I found at home left from some old arts and crafts project. You can buy them from the below link:

I find this set of glitter-based felt paper very useful. You can use it for earrings, crafts and of course in making cute and colorful hair accessories.

Hair Scrunchies

You can also buy a pack of hair scrunchies and decorate them according to each dress. I prefer these velvet hair scrunchies more than the ordinary hair ties because these are gentler on the hair and provide better elasticity. Make them unique by simply glueing a few buttons and ribbon flowers to them.

French Barrettes

If you are in the mood to make hair clips at home with ribbons and leftover fabric, these French barrettes will come in very handy. All you would additionally need is hot glue and you can make prettier clips than one available in the market.

Using buttons to create hair accessories

Alongside ribbons and bows, I also like to use buttons to make hair accessories.

I like this set of Rhinestone crystal flower button accessory that I can use in several ways such as in making DIY  headbands, bridal sashes, hair clip, wedding invitations, wedding bouquet brooch, ring bearer pillow, hair comb, and even as a craft embellishment


Teenitor Ponytail Creator

One of the easiest hair tools is this ponytail creator that makes a topsy ponytail. It comes in two sizes for small ponytails and a large full hair ponytail. This hair braid ponytail creator is a quick and easy tool that works on both short and long hair and you can use it for years. This also comes with a rat tail comb.

Party Hair Extensions for Kids 

These hair extensions will be your daughters next love. They compliment any hair accessories and add give a trendy look. These are very easy to clip on and pretty sturdy on the so you little doll can play around and flaunt hair colorful hair.

Sparkly, Sequins Hair Bows

You can also use these multifunctional sparkling hair bow clips directly to sparkle hairstyle or make any simply headband or hair tie much fancier. One pack contains 15 different colors and they are enough to match most of the dresses. I have bought a pack of plain black hair ties and I simply clip them with these sequins hair ties. A quick easy and inexpensive hair accessory.

Scettar 40 Pcs Hair Styling Accessories Kit

One of the necessary tools I have in my daughter’s room is this high-quality hair styling accessories kit set which can help you make numerous hairstyles in less than 5 minutes. This kit includes needles, hair pads, pins, clips- everything you need for DIY hairstyling! The best part about this kit particularly is the quantity; everything that we need is already in this kit. If you want high-quality and portable hair styling kit, I recommend this Scettar 40 Pcs Hair Styling Accessories Kit. 

I think all daughters are beautiful and helping them get ready for their school and events is a joy we mothers cherish until they have grown big. Try out my DIY 5 minutes crafts and do let me know if your little princess likes them.