5 Items You Should Own If You Have AGreen Thumb

A green thumb means that one has a gift for gardening. These are the lucky folks who seem to be successful in growing plants, flowers, herbs, and generally anything they try their hand at. Others who aren’t so fortunate might carefully plant seeds, water them regularly, and even fertilize according to instructions but not be able to see many results.

If you have a green thumb, you’d know that a gardener needs certain items in order to have a positive and productive experience. Some might think that it’s as simple as getting down on your knees and grubbing about in the soil. However, there are some products that might make your gardening easier and even gain you more results when it’s harvest time.

Where to Buy
iHomey Packable Extra Large Brim Floppy Sun Hat
Spectrum Diversified Wire Basket
Gorilla Grip Original Premium Thick Kneeling Pad
Ruibo Leather Rose Gardening Gloves
JUMPHIGH Garden Tools Set


A Wide-Brimmed Hat


If you’re working outdoors or even just decorating a balcony, chances are that you’re exposing your skin and eyes to a lot of sun. Sunlight is great for our health, but only to a certain extent. If you don’t take steps to protect yourself, too much exposure could result in sunburn, failing eyesight, and several other health issues. Sunblock is one essential that you need to slather on before going out to work in the garden. Additionally, a sun hat is the best way to get some shade no matter where you’re working.

There are now sun hats available that provide an UPF 50 coating to shield the skin and eyes from harmful sun rays. Below is one good example:

1. iHomey Packable Extra Large Brim Floppy Sun Hat

This packable sun hat is not just great for protecting you while gardening, but it’s also packable and easily washable. You can fold this, crush it, and toss it about any way you like; it’s not likely to lose its structure or sturdiness. Pop it in the wash if it gets too dirty to bear, which is probably a regular occurrence for someone who gardens with a passion. Even when the gardening season is over, you can use this hat for hiking, visiting the beach, and several other purposes.

The design of this hat is available in many patterns and colors, including neutral beige and a deep blue with flowers. The structure is also reversible, so you can turn it on whatever side suits your mood or outfit. The cotton lining is moisture-wicking, while the button closure makes for easy handling.

A Harvest Basket


Now that you’ve put in so much effort into your gardening, the best reward is your harvest. Many gardeners delight in growing just flowers and plants, but a harvest basket is necessary for those who also work on growing fruits, vegetables, etc. Collecting all your produce in a bag might spoil them quickly, so a proper harvest basket is necessary. This is especially important if you need to rinse off the produce as quickly as possible and perhaps sell them at the farmer’s market.

There are several kinds of harvest baskets that can serve this purpose. You may go for a straw basket, a plastic one that’s easily washable, or a woven basket with a wire bottom. Here’s one with an iron construction that can serve several roles:

2. Spectrum Diversified Wire Basket

This is a basket with a modern design that’s great for collecting your harvest. You can get this in a small, medium, or large size according to the yield of your garden. The metal work is stylish and long-lasting enough to be functional outdoors. Since the design is an open one, you can see your harvest while collecting it. This will also provide useful air circulation, ensuring the longevity of your produce. When the basket gets dirty, it’s easy enough to clean using a damp cloth. However, you’d have to make sure to dry the basket properly with a towel afterwards or there might be a risk of rusting.

A Kneeling Pad


Gardening can be very hard on the knees, but there’s no need to put yourself through that torture. This might not be such an issue when you’re young, but taking precautions as early as possible will preserve your joints for the future.

Kneeling is also unavoidable in gardening; even if you get a low stool for most of your work, there’s still a need to trim, plant, and weed on a regular basis. One possible solution here is to invest in a thick kneeling pad, much like this one:

3. Gorilla Grip Original Premium Thick Kneeling Pad

This foam kneeling pad is a good way to go easy on your knees. You can utilize this while gardening, painting, or working on craft projects on the floor. The pad itself comes in several color options, so one can get the shade that suits their needs or personality.

Using this pad regularly will give a lot of support to your body and reduce the pain that comes from kneeling. There’s even an inbuilt handle that makes for easy carrying. The whole item is also lightweight, so it won’t be a pain to carry from one corner of the garden to another.

The durable foam inside this pad is high-density, so you don’t have to worry about it wearing away on rocks, rough surfaces, rubble, and moisture. It also won’t absorb much moisture at all, so there should be no worries about mold and algae growth.

Gardening Gloves


Gardening is a fun and rewarding activity, especially if you’re blessed with a green thumb. However, it also consists of a lot of hard work that can be potentially harmful. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, it’s wise to invest in a pair of high-end gardening gloves. There’s also the possible danger of getting pricked by thorns, making this addition even more important.

4. Ruibo Leather Rose Gardening Gloves

These pruning and gardening gloves are thorn proof and resistant to punctures, so they’ll be good for all types of gardening. They’re available at a reasonable price and are made of faux suede. The inside is lined with soft material, so you get comfort along with durability. There’s also another layer on the fingertips and knuckles, so you can rest assured that your gardening experience will be safe and enjoyable. Don’t worry about losing grip on your tool; the design is ergonomical enough to provide a firm and easy hold.

A Set of Gardening Tools


A green thumb can only take you so far, so make sure you have a decent set of gardening tools to see you through. We need the proper tools in order to dig holes, pat down dirt, and even deal with weeds if they have thorns. Here’s one tool set option that has an attractive appearance as well as all the items you need for basic everyday gardening:

5. JUMPHIGH Garden Tools Set

This tool set contains ten pieces, each of which has a floral theme. The items include a pair of shears, a sprayer, trowel, rake, etc. While the material used might be lightweight, this is a great options for a young agree or someone who has a small space to work in.


The above items will be perfect for anyone with a green thumb, so you might want to get some for your gardener friends as well. Some might not work so well if you’re just working on an indoor vegetable garden, so take a look at what you really need before placing any orders. In addition to the above investments, check out these ideas to get the most efficient vegetable garden layouts.