5 Good Reasons to Switch from Contact Lenses to Glasses

We often hear of people switching from glasses to contact lenses, but not the other way around. However, more and more people are discovering the joys of glasses every day. Many are shedding some of the hang-ups they had about them and choosing to stick with glasses exclusively. If you have had issues with glasses before, it might be difficult to imagine yourself making that switch. But that may be because you don’t realize how much better than can be in certain cases. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why switching from contacts to glasses might be a good idea.

No More Buying Contacts

If you’re buying disposable contacts, you might be spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on them every year. On the other hand, you can now find a great pair of sunglasses for under $200 online or offline that will literally last you a lifetime.

You might not realize how much you spend on contacts because you are only spending a few bucks at a time, but when you have to buy new ones every two weeks, it quickly adds up. Even traditional reusable lenses will need to be replaced every six months or so. If you’re tired of paying and you want to simplify things for yourself, switch to glasses.

The Nerdy Look is In

It’s finally cool to look smart, and pop culture has fully embraced the geek/nerdy style and esthetic. So, if you were afraid that glasses would be a turn-off for people, think again. Some studies have even shown that people with glasses are more trusted, so that could actually give you an advantage in certain situations.

Infinite Styles

Lenses look awesome today and there are so many stylish eyeglass. No matter what your style is, you can find a frame that will complement it. It doesn’t matter if you’re punk/rock, are into streetwear, or have more of a classic look, there is a pair of glasses out there for you.

Some glasses look like pieces of art and could end up being the star of your whole outfit. A nice detailed frame with great colors can help bring out your eyes, complexion, or the clothes you’re wearing. They’re a strong style element that everyone should learn to master.

No More Itchy Eyes

If you’ve been wearing contacts for a while, you may have found yourself not being able to replace them or clean them in time. When this happens, contacts can start to get scratchy and unbearable, and you sometimes will have no choice but to take them off. This means that you could have to deal with bad vision for something that you could’ve avoided had you had a nice trusty pair of glasses.


Another thing people don’t realize is how convenient glasses can be. People will usually be wearing contact lenses all day, while you can wear glasses only when you need to. For instance, you might only need help when driving or after dark. Glasses allow you to enjoy your natural vision when you want and get better vision when needed.


So, if you thought contacts had glasses beat hands down, you now know that glasses can be a great choice also. If you’ve been using contacts all your life, we suggest you get yourself a nice pair of glasses that suits you and see how comfortable you are in them.