5 Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Working Out

You see people everywhere wearing those Bluetooth earbud and microphone combinations so they can keep track of their business dealings, family, and friends. But, you can’t listen to your tunes and audio from your iPhone or iPad during your workout. That’s all changed now with the new generation of Bluetooth Headphones that provide you with perfect sound and comfort that makes them a joy to wear while you work your body.


Where to Buy
JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Working Out
Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Working Out
Jaybird Freedom Sprint Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Working Out
Plantronics BackBeat Fit Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Working Out
TECNO B1 Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless

1. JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Working Out

JayBird's headphone gives you 8 hours of uninterrupted playing time and you don't have to worry about losing them if you decide to go for a run or following your favorite sport or outdoor activity, as they stay securely in place with their custom grip design ensures a firm yet comfortable fit in your ears.

Technically these headphones are superb examples of modern technology where form, function, and comfort come together. The ear gripping material from which the headphones is resistant to sweat and wouldn't fall out no matter how strenuously you exercise.

The Positives

  • No more tangled cords during your workout
  • You can exercise and as long as you are within 30 feet of your Bluetooth device, you get perfect clarity of music and phone calls
  • After over 2 years of use, I still get over 7 hours of playing time and they still stay in place
  • Amazing sound and durable too!
  • Crystal clear sound and stay put
  • Great headphones, service, and a price I can live with


  • Wish there was a battery indicator
  • They are pricey, but they work wonderfully
  • The noise canceling is too good. I would prefer a bit less to be able to hear my trainer better
  • But the Ultra comfort ear tips and you have the perfect combination

2. Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Working Out

Here is a wireless workup headphone that does it all. Waterproof/sweat resistant, great sound, and hands-free calling & listening

With Powerboats, you have the crème Del la crème of headphones that lets you pump and primp to your favorite tunes wirelessly. Your body will get into shape and you'll enjoy it more as you can customize the sounds to go along with your workout. It has been shown that your body responds better to exercise; you suffer fewer injuries and fatigue if you work out in rhythm to the music. You can get a 6-hour workout routine in if you choose and with the "Fast Charge Option", which lets you get an hour of sound for only 15 minutes of charging time. With over 2,000 earbuds reviews, the verdict is in and...

  • Comes with different ear tips so they'll fit almost everyone
  • Stays in your ear no matter what and you a wonderful addition to your workout routine that makes it seem to fly by and you're done
  • Not only can you play your tunes while running, but also if something needs your attention they automatically let you hear what's going on around you

Into life, some rain must fall Some owners have reported problems with the volume control if they get soaked. Powerboat has replaced these defective units at no charge and quickly as well

3. Jaybird Freedom Sprint Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Working Out

Jaybird is one of the favorites of Amazon shoppers and with good reason. For example, the Freedom Spirit wireless headphones make it simple to get a great workout and have the best in music to make it all go smoothly no matter what sport or exercise system you are following. Even Yoga becomes fun as you can tailor the music as fast or slow depending on the intensity of the postures you are doing. Running, lifting, and playing basketball become more exciting and you get into the “Zone” faster than ever before.

Chosen by the US Triathlon team, so you know they are rugged, ultra comfortable, and will go the distance with ease.

What the People are saying...

  • Jaybird wins hands down the Battle of the wireless earbuds
  • If you run, you need these earphones, as they make all the difference between mediocrity and excellence in sound quality
  • Comfort, quality, and great sound

A sticking point One of the speakers blew after only 6-months of use; however, Customer service came to the rescue and replaced them gratis

4. Plantronics BackBeat Fit Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Working Out

Electronics has been in the headphone game for some time now, their “BackBeat Fit” Wireless headphones are just the thing for you, and whatever exercise or sport you care to name. * hours of playing time and designed to let you hear the world around you so you can run safely and still enjoy your favorite music while doing a few laps around the track or a marathon across town.

Fits your ear just right and wouldn't budge or fall out. The sound quality is what you expect from Plantronics and the controls are easy to use and wouldn't let water or sweat bother them in the slightest. Thousands have been sold and people all agree that...

  • These headphones are awesome, as they give comfort and great sound in one package
  • Durable and sweat don't bother them a bit. Just wipe it off and you can wear them with your street clothes as well
  • Bluetooth earbuds that perform and fit beautifully with a sound that needs to be heard to be believed
  • Gives me three 2 hour workouts before I need to recharge

Some who wear glasses may have a bit of trouble Depending on the style of glasses you wear. This could be a problem if yours are too large. Check the picture before ordering to make sure they are compatible with your eyewear.

5. TECNO B1 Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless

You can be 10 meters away from your Bluetooth tune source and that means you are free to concentrate on your workout and not worry about mangling your iPhone or other handhelds while you are doing reps or sprints.

Introducing the TECNO Bravo B1 True Wireless Headphone, which is entirely cordless. They have a 13.6 mm driver with TECNO Pure Bass sound and a colorful in design that gives them a powerful sound. The earphones, when paired with the attractively designed portable charging case, enable 38 hours of unrestricted audio enjoyment while remaining comfortable. The owners of these TECNO earbuds love them and say the following...

  • It gives them over 30 hours of listening time

  • Music is crisp and conversations are crystal clear, no matter where I am working out, home, gym, or running cross country

  • Low priced but a great buy none the less with comfort and great sound

  • Comes with ear tips that can fit anyone, big or small and in between

The majority of owners love the TECNO Bravo B1 but... Some received units that failed upon receipt or shortly after using them for the first time. Customer service is swift to make sure those users receive replacements quickly and with no hassles.